About 2 Mo
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2 mo is short for Two-Mountains. Two Mountains which is officially called Deux-Montagnes due to the language issues in Quebec is located about 24 km (16 miles) northwest of downtown Montreal, Quebec Canada at the point where the Lake of Two Mountains turns into the Mille-Iles (Thousand Island) river. For those of you with GPS units, it is at N45 32.153 W73 54.033. These particular co-ordinates will lead you to the old steps of the Tartan Pub or Marquise which was considered by many as the center of Two Mountains the universe. The original Marquise premises have now been put to new use while the Tartan migrated two blocks west and now has been transformed to the Pub Deux-Montagnes.

The train is the most direct link to Montreal as it is only a 24km ride while the drive can be anywhere from 30 to 45 km depending on the roads you choose. Its population is around 17,000 with about 27% Anglophone. Until 1963, it was called St-Eustache-sur-le-lac (on the lake) and it was mainly comprised of cottages for people of Montreal. Since then, cottage country has migrated north quite a bit.

For more information go to the official Deux-Montagnes city site.
There is also another site containing a lot of Two Mountains Info: go to 

In case you are from real far away in space here's a better map. Point your spaceship to the middle of the star.


Check this out: If you want to know what Two Mountains looks like from a satellite click here. You can then zoom in or out on any part. Click and hold on the map to pan around. The Google maps feature will leave every other map web site in the dust when it reaches its final release. Try the directions tab. This was written in 2007 when Google maps was in beta release.

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