Hola Amigos y Familia,

Bienvenida tiene Nuestro Viaje a México

del 24 de enero al 31 de enero

As you probably guessed, we are off on another escapade. This time we are off to the Mayan Riviera which is the newish name for the area that used to start in Playa Del Carmen and end South at Tulum. It has now expanded North to the airport. It is a beautiful place even without the catchy name that was coined in 1999 to promote tourism. We are staying at the Riviera Excellence which I hear is one of the nicer resorts in the area and is near the town of Puerto Morales. We did not pick this resort by chance as the main purpose of our trip is to attend the wedding of our friends Chantal (Chibok) and Gary (MacMillan). The wedding is on Tuesday and we are really looking forward to it and the whole trip should be fun.

Although more people were invited to the wedding, the cost of the resort did have an effect on the number of people that could come. This 5 star resort is popular and rarely makes it into the last minute deals of travel agents. Nevertheless, the dozen people who could make it will enjoy it live, while you folks, through these pages, can come along for the ride.

One of the differences about this trip is the fact that I  should be able to access the internet for free from the room everyday. If this works as advertized, then I will be able to provide daily updates with pictures and you should be able to get the weddings pictures some time on Wednesday as I am the official photographer. Of course, the speed of posting the pictures will depend on a combination of factors including the effects of the all-inclusive formula on my brain and other parts of the body.

The following people are travelling together to meet Chantal and Gary who are leaving 2 days before us; Myrna and I, Casey and Stan, Paddy and Gertrude, Bob and Mimi and last but not least, Rita (Chantal's Mom) and Stephane (her brother). We are on a very early flight on Saturday morning so we should be basking in the sun not long after noon. It will be quite the experience especially for Paddy and Gertrude who have never been to an all-inclusive resort. The only problem is that they are starting at the top with this resort and they surely will be spoiled. On tripadvisor.com you have to look very hard to find a review of less than 5 out of 5. Usually people always find something to complain about, yet reading the resort's reviews, there are very few negative comments.

So if you are ready for an armchair ride to the Mayan Riviera and to virtually attend the best wedding of the Obama era so far, simply keep this e-mail and come back to this link. The diary and the pictures will be updated in the mornings depending on the access to the internet and my brain. So use the icons above to get the latest update.

Finally, if you lose this e-mail, there is a secret link on top of my home page at www.2mopaul.com. If you click on the m to the right side of the earth in 2mopaul.com, you will reach this page. Clicking the Earth gets you to previous voyages.

Paul and Myrna