'Advanced' Computer Course for Seniors
presented by Paul and Myrna Goyetche
The 10 Most Important Websites



The only search engine you need Google. It is used by over 75%, Yahoo is a distant 2nd with 15% of searches
Google will detect what language the page you are searching and if not in English will propose to show it English. It's not perfect but it usually works in a pinch.

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Put away the books. If you need information on anything, it's probably here.
The only problem with Wikipedia is that anyone can add information on any subject, so some info may not be accurate. Take anything you see on the internet with a grain of salt

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If you get an e-mail warning you about a disaster or some cancer scare, search for it here before forwarding it.

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Can't remember an actor's name or where you have seen him before? The Internet Movie Database is for you.
It's good for movies, TV shows and a lot more.

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Need someone's phone number or address in Canada?
You will probably find it here.
The U.S. equivalent is www.411.com

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Youtube can sometimes be entertaining but more importantly is can be show you how to do things.
For example, put in your camera model in the search and you will probably get a video showing features of your camera. There are also some good computer courses available there.
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If you travel, this is the first site you should visit. There are travellers reviews of everywhere.

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Can't find the right word? This is the site for you. There is also a dictionary, word games and a translator.



If you really have nothing else to do with your computer you can join Facebook.
Beware of FB as it could be your demise.


Last and probably least and if you really really have nothing else to do

Say no more.....





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