'Advanced' Computer Course for Seniors
presented by Paul and Myrna Goyetche
Connecting to a Wireless Network


Once you click on the Wi-Fi Icon in the task bar, you should get a screen like this

Make sure your switch Wi-Fi is on on your Laptop.

It may be off because it takes more battery life to have your laptop constantly searching for a Wi-fi signal

Once you choose a strong network it may be secured or not.

If so ask the owner of the network to give you the password

If not secured as in the case of most MacDonald's, Starbucks and many airports,
 you will be asked to open your browser and asked to agree with the usage.


You click on the free connection button and there may be a following screen:

You have to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
Usually means you promise not to use it for terrorist activity, child pornography or downloading copyrighted material.
Some will even tell you you can't use it for Skype or anything that uses a lot of bandwidth.


Sometimes there is only one screen to connect and agree like Starbucks.




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