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Last Updated on September 05, 2014
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Second hand songs - Covers of old songs - Interesting site
Greg and Darrin King; New Branding and Company website : King Sound Works in Hollywood. Check out the latest movies that these ex 2mo brothers and their crew are working on.


Mon Chez-Moi - A non-profit organisation dedicated to providing permanent housing and support to young intellectually challenged adults (in 2mo)

Great mini games - Very original and different
Panda - Local Support group that deals with ADD and ADHD
JP Bonnet - The Comedy Broker - Let JP organize your next event...
The US Debt clock - Interesting link (Sent by Mike C)
Unclaimed property register - Revenu Quebec may have some money that belongs to you. Money in a bank account you or your parents didn't know about. At the moment, there is almost 237 million dollars laying unclaimed that Revenu Quebec- Some of it may be yours
Want to reserve a parking in in Montreal before getting downtown? - Check this place out - Link from KD
Colleen Baxter New Website- Colleen is a Two Mountains now Published Author with a soon to be released novel called Lil's Way
Free 'customizable' music to listen to over the internet
Some amazing photography from Carlos and Jason Sanchez
People who deserve it - Socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face.
Colleen Baxter Sullivan's Blog - Colleen is a Two Mountains now Published Author with a soon to be released novel called Lil's Way
A fun relaxing game with a nice piano tune with a not so relaxing game
My record score was 2039259
Quebec Insurance board 2008 information Campaign and a great home inventory spreadsheet
Do you have stuck Pixels? I personally don't, but Kevin D pointed out this little application that could fix you problem.
A catchy little helicopter flying game that been around for a long time
This site features Mosaic Mural designed by Lewis Lavoie. One of them has been erected in in Cochrane Alberta 15 miles from Calgary. It is quite extraordinary how these come together. Thanks to Donna for pointing this site out to me. You can click on each tile to see the details. Click on the horse's eye.
Want to know how fast your internet connection is? Check this site out
Giveaway of the Day - Free software - Completely legal - A different one every day. Some Good - Some Bad - Worth the daily visit!
A little fun game that will test your logic (Balls to you!)
Can't open a spreadsheet or a Powerpoint presentation? Don't want to put the money out for the full Microsoft Suite? Open Office 3.x is the answer. This software is completely free, with no strings attached. Go to the link and click on download Open Office.


Neat clock with lots of (frightening) statistics
Need a spell checker in many languages?
If you are into Podcasting or want to know more about it or listen to some cool shows about nothing and everything featuring some pretty good music, visit my nephew's home page.
Test you power of Observation (sent in by Mike C) I got 23 of 25 so I don't believe that the average person only gets 7. It doesn't work with FireFox
Neat Jigsaw Puzzle (sent in by Tom E)
Ever wonder how your pointer moves around on your screen when you move your mouse? The secret has been revealed through Japanese magnifying technology. After the page has loaded, slowly move your mouse over the magnifying glass. The sound is also interesting.
If you really have lots of time, try this. I got 46 in a row (somehow)
Funny Video from the Man Show (Submitted by Tom E)
lf you really have nothing to do one day go here. The guy who designed this site must have had nothing to do for several days (Submitted by Kevin D)
Here is a visual list of many of the websites that people in Quebec go to often
Need a relaxing weekend getaway in the Laurentians Check out Hannes Lamothes' Inn, Spa and Restaurant in Ste-Adele
This is a tough little puzzle game - Level 16 is a little tough.
Here's a little addictive game. Warning: It's NOT easy.
If you can't get past the first hard level KFFK level code will help you and good luck with 2 levels after that.
The 2 Mountain Panthers are a PeeWee B team that are lucky enough to have a great web site with highlights from all their game. The videos are set to a different song every game and they are pretty good. A lot of work goes into this site.
Some really neat then and now pictures of St-Henri
If you are interested in the history of Griffintown, here is a site to visit
This is a funny little site brought to my attention by Kevin D.
How good are you with your mouse? Try this maze.. I got to the third level. It easier in full screen mode.
This is a neat live webcam on an eagle's nest on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada (Sent in by Kevin Deschamps)
Two Mountains Country Singer Eileen Wilson's new web site
You have probably seen these puzzles around. Now you can play them online instead of using the cards that come with the board.
Julian Beever's work. You know that art that looks like it's coming out of the sidewalk. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see one from another angle.
Here is a little addictive word game from yahoo My new best score 43,020 but you can do better because I am not that good at scrabble. If you are two people, you have a better chance at a high score. Our's is 47,200
Here's one for the ladies to practice in the safety of their own homes. My record score is 65.79 (7.6 seconds)
Here's is a simple game that will test your mousing ability (sent to me by Tom Edge). My Record:
Ever wonder how you would react if you farted while broadcasting the news? Fart
Here is a couple of games you might enjoy, the bomb one is a pretty good little puzzle Managed to get it opened the first time but cut the wrong wire. The other one is like the drunk walker Bomb Beer
This is a great optical illusion. It is amazing and it's not one of my jokes.
You may have heard of these airport announcement recordings before. This entire website if filled with funny stuff. (Thanks Donald)
This is a web site with a couple of great pictures of naked Firefighters (you can choose Male and/or Female)
18 years and over only please
This is probably the best online free encyclopedia there is. You can click on many words to get more information. You can also contribute to it as you can add info.
Some amazing programming here. When she stops just click and drag her.
Want to know how long you are expected to live? longevity_game_popup.html
Birthday Calendar = After you've finished reading the info, click again, and see what the moon looked like the nite you were born.
A new mapping website that promises to be pretty good when it is out of beta release. When you find the address, click on satellite on the top right.
Also if you click on Directions, they are usually better than MapQuest. Instead of pressing buttons to go up or down, just click and drag the entire map.
A new addictive game
This is a most amazing collaborative graphic art project. It's a loop where you can zoom in or out in this piece of 'art'. It takes a little time to load but it's worth it to see the effort that has gone into it.
Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or The Moon? Here's your chance to find out.

Here is a good game to practice for the long walks home from the Tartan. Use your mouse to keep him up. I made to it to 83 meters.
One of the best places to debunk urban legends including pictures that come out on the internet and supposedly true.
This is an optical illusion, nothing on the picture is moving. To prove it. Print it out
My record at this game is 28 seconds only did it once under
It's almost happy hour - I got 201.02 in this game  - Try it. Drink a tea almost right away and then one with 10 minutes left and one with 5
Links to good news stories - The Bourque Report
Here is a site with lots of real fun short games.
This one is field goal and my best time is 32.4 seconds. See if you can even get to level 7. New Record Mike McKeown 26.1
Mike has eclipsed his own record to an amazing 16.3 seconds. WOW!
Here is a site with a couple of fun mini games (Best Games Below IMHO):
Matchcar is hard (my record 33 feet)
Shuffle the Penguin (My High is 18)
Egg Run (My low scores in 1 & 2 is 25)
Here is an interesting little game with some good music on the way to reunite the three people with their friends. A real neat way to advertise the release of a new CD.
See if you figure how this is possible. It's pretty simple. Don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.
Try out this little puzzle
Try this 3D cross your eyes thing. Don't blame me for the headaches.
Try this game out and let me know if you beat my h- score of 316.7 - New high Score 319.1 who else? Mike McKeown
Newer Hi Score 320.9 by Bernie
Newer mark to beat Gary Nixon 322.9 (witnessed by me)
Newer record still Glen Morris 323.4 (04-04-04)
New Record by Ex-Record holder Mike Mckeown 323.5 (02-05-04)
Pierre Dubois has tied 323.5 (24-01-2005)

Team USA's Randy Emerson has tied Mike M at 323.5 (04-09-04) unfortunately the record must be broken to claim the prize.

If you want beat the record, go to the second link and beat 578.1

Do you know William Hung? You will if check out this site dedicated to his unforgettable audition on American Idol (Season 3)
Ever had an argument over whether someone was alive or dead?
This site will settle it (Also lots of neat searches on the left)
If you are looking for Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) this should help you see if it worth going outside
Here is a little flash that is interesting and imaginative
Mini putt game - I got 18, so it's possible to get all holes in one. Here is my scorecard Game has been removed, Sorry  
Goyetche family web site
Great Currency Converter
Looking for Lyrics to a song - this is a pretty good start
LTHC's Favorite International Band
Check any world time zone
If you have to jump out of a plane - This is the best place - Tell 'em Myrna sent you
The Age gauge - interesting facts based on you birthday
If you like Gordon Lightfoot
If you need to translate something - Really funny when you enter a web site
Weather Radar of Montreal Area - High speed recommended
If you are looking for a cell phone or cell phone service, this is the place to compare features (Canadian data)
If you go to a lot of meetings, go here first