Janet Martin


Here are some photos of you and me
They show just how things used to be
We were so young and can you believe
That we could have been so naïve?

Small town kids, just doing our thing
Who could know what the future would bring?
Bonds were formed in our teenage years
To last a lifetime, it appears

Here, you’re not someone’s wife or mother
Nor are you someone’s husband or brother
We’re good friends, just you and me
If only together we could always be

Over thirty years, we’ve known each other
We’re so lucky to be here together
You can’t imagine the rare people we are
Our friendship endures tho’ some moved afar

If ever you’re feeling sad and blue
Take comfort, old friends are thinking of you
Elaine once repeated a saying so old
“New friends are like silver, old friends are like gold”.

Pam Rice Pierre
For Janet Martin, February 24, 1995

In November of 1994, Janet Martin was diagnosed with lung cancer, in the fourth stage.  The prognosis was not good – only a few months to live.  This was unbelievable, for Janet and for everyone who knew her.  Janet’s inward and outward beauty belied the fact that she was fatally ill.  Janet began her fight for life, following naturopathy, then chemotherapy and she fought bravely, all the way.  She had one big wish and one small one that I knew of, both of which I will mention here.  She wished to be married to Alan Adams.  That big wish was fulfilled at a small Chapel in St-Adele on January 14th in 1995.  Her small wish was to have two of her girlfriends come to Two Mountains to visit her before her health deteriorated any further.  They were invited.  They said they could come in two weeks.  Two more people wanted to be with Janet, also. Then, two more wanted to be with her. As the date of their arrival came closer, more friends wanted to be there, too.  On the night of the party, as it ended up to be, more than 60 of Janet’s friends were there.  Janet, as beautiful as ever, was the perfect hostess.  From that time on, we have gotten together several times and The Pit Party is an extension of that.

Janet Martin Adams

As soft as a feather
As brave as a knight
These two things together
Describe you, Janet, just right

Good friends gathered round you
The years vanished that night
You brought us all back together
And showed our friendships were tight

We showed up for you
But she did something for us
Love was what we all gave you
But you gave more back to us.

So long, Janet
Pam, Johanne, Cathy & Evie
April 7, 1996