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A Slow to Start 2016 - 2016-06-13
The weather hasn't really cooperated this year yet. We are in June and there are still some mornings in single digits. Add a few games cancelled by rain and the season is getting off to a slow start. As far as B52 dates are concerned, since they are not moveable, you get what you get. I have already manage to squeeze in 2 golf weekends which made me miss a couple of B52 dates. This year I won't be playing all 52 of the B52 dates as we are planning a road trip to Eastern Canada including Newfoundland. I will be lucky to get to the high 30's in B52 games and it's that high because of the double rounds we play at Lachute once in a while.

My first game in the area was April 21st (the first open B52 day). Only Victorien as Lachute opened a week later. On April12th, the large garage in Lachute burned down destroying lots of equipment, flags and tee markers. They had to scramble to make new markers but the conditions were not that good on the greens becuase they no longer had rollers to flatten the greens. The greens at Lachute looked good but didn't putt well. The opposite was the case at Victorien. Now, in June, everything has recovered. Click here to see how the start of the season compares to previous years.

Season Wrap-up 2016-12-12
The year started off with a bang with 2 holes in hole at Victorien, one for Don White at Victorien's #3 followed by another a week later at the same hole by Mike McKeown. For me, my highlight was breaking par on Lachute #2 which is a course that I don't particularly like because I never shoot well on it. I guess I can't say that anymore. This was my first year of using my new Callaway XR irons and 2 hybrids. They worked really well at the beginning of the year but in mid season I was having a hard time scoring low. It could be due to my month away from golf while in Eastern Canada. That's also the reason I barely played 70 games if you count the 5 rounds in Hawaii. Another highlight was winning the Ron Kesseler Happy Gang tournament with a score of -8 at Glendale's Ancestral course. Our 3 man team, Bernie (my brother) and Mike Nabozniak won by one stroke. We avoided bogeys this year. Our playing partners, captained by Gary Campbell took the prize on the other side of the spectrum with a +10.
Our B52 package was once again fairly good. I missed a lot of 'free' games due to vacation and 2 weekend golf trips but I still got to play 39 games. This means about $15 a game before taxes. This year, the price went up again but everyone bought in. We even have 4 new players that will be part of B52 in 2017. To learn more about Groupe Beaudet's B52 membership, click here.

Mike, Mike and Me
Similar games of Mike, Mike and Myself. Below, you can see a chart of the % of pars, birdies and etc... You will see that there is not much difference in our games. The average game is less than 2 strokes apart.

Where I have played since 1998....
I was looking through my golf software and sorted a list of the golf courses I have played the most over the last 17 years. It's an interesting list since some of those courses will never be played again like Deux-Montagnes and probably Playa Grande as it has become an exclusive destination. Below is an image of the courses I have played more than 7 times. The 123 and 108 rounds at Glendale are from the 3 years I was a member there. Cardinal would be up there at 98 but when it became a par 72 in 2014, it shows up as a different course.