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My two 2003 golf  memories

May 26, 2003 (9:20pm) - If you don't know where this is, you need not visit these pages.

Golf Moon

Stories (all true)
Below will be some golf stories and/or events going on in my world of golf. Today is too nice a day to write any of these but eventually they will start showing up.

Here is the link to a golf web site that is great for avid PGA fans. it has unbelievable content.
Also, our friend Scott Martin (PGA Caddy) is on assignment taking pictures for this web site and some of his pictures are starting to show up. Great job Scott!

Below you will find statistics produced by my intelligolf software. They will be of me and guys I play with a lot.
In these links you will find my last game played and any other games worth mentioning. The stats in each score card belong to the guy with the lowest score of the round (hopefully me). When only my name appears on a score card, it is because I don't know the people in my foursome enough to ask How many putts?
 I use Intelligolf software on (version 6.50) on my Sony Clié PDA and hot sync all games to my pc.
04-01-2004 - The final tally is in $3337.17.
This year was my first year since 1996 of not being a member at a golf club. For this reason, I kept a fairly accurate tally of green fees and related cost of playing golf. I played 'only' 60 games this year as opposed to a high of  85 in 1999 (my first year at Glendale).  The final tally.. $2989 in green fees and cart + $348 in equipment.
The high green fee was obviously St-Andrews Old Course at  $245 cdn and the lowest was le Victorien at a 'coupon' reduced price of $17.50. The equipment  high was (bargain)  $230 for a Titleist 975d driver and mainly buying balls from Sonny every time I went to the Tartan. This does not include wagering, gas, food and DRINK. It also does not include accommodation at either the Old Course hotel in St-Andrews or the Moon-Palace Resort in Mexico. Those two hotels would drive my golf costs to well over $10,000 so lets forget about it. All in all, it was cheaper than a membership at Glendale which has climbed over $2000 (5 day membership) on a course that is now open to the public. Part of this exercise, was  done to see if this is a deal. Click here.

16-11-2003 - Just got back from the Mayan Riviera playing golf at the Jack Nicklaus course at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. We had 6 games scheduled. Monday's (Nov.10) was rained out but all the rest were played in sun and WIND. We played one round at Playacar  where the scores were 99-107-11-113. This scorecard will not make its way into this website. All the Moon Palace scorecards can be found on the right including my 80 after starting Triple-Bogey-Bogey. The picture above if from the last day before coming home to 0 degree weather and finding out the Grey Cup is  today not next week.

05-10-2003 - Deux Montagnes - L'Albatros - The foursome of myself, Bernie Goyetche and Serge Larin finally made it into the money of the Ron Kessler Annual Vegas tournament. We finished tied for second place by finally went bogeyless. We had the help of some exceptional putting, especially the 45 foot downhill snake by Serge on 18, we finished at 9 under. Birdies came  on 1, 3, 5 , 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 18. The winning team came in at 11 under.  For the conditions (windy, cold and raining) these scores were unbelievable. We shared second place with Ron Kessler, Richard L'Abbe and Don Smith. We have now finally lost our amateur status by collecting a purse of $325.

29-09-2003 - Le Victorien - Tin Cup revisited - Those who are familiar with le Victorien probably remember playing the 9th hole. It's a 483 yard monster par 4 with almost no room for error. It used to be a par 5 but because it usually plays with the prevailing westerly wind they have made it a par 4 while keeping the 453 yard 5th hole a par 5 because it usually plays into the wind. On the 26th of September the wind was coming from the east therefore making 9 seemingly unreachable. The only problem is that I had one of my best drives on that hole leaving me with a mere 215 yards against the wind to hit it in 2. So I took my longest club (my old driver) and promptly sliced two ball OB on the right . The third landed in the trap. After a visit to 3 of the four traps  then  bad chip I managed to one putt a slick 12 foot downhill putt. I saved my 12 . Yes 12. My worst single hole score in my memory. I am sure I had one in my earlier days but it was definitely the worst in the last 15 years. The game is currently posted but I don't know how long it will remain there.

01-09-2003 Tartan Pub Tournament - Now the Sean MaGill Memorial since he passed away on the 8th hole of the tournament. After stopping play for an hour, we all decided that there was not much we could do but continue play. My foursome, with Stan, Ron and Robert won for a third year in a row. We did everything to make other teams stronger but I guess with the events of the day nobody played to their potential. We shot minus 7 and tied for first but we birdied earlier in the round.

30-08-2003 Le Diable - On a day of miserable weather (again), I played le Diable with Pierre and his father (5 handicap)). We all played lousy but one shot will stand in my mind. Hole 12 (204 yards) playing a bit shorter. 2 iron to 4 inches of the pin. It was really foggy but it looks like it hit the pin and stayed out. That 's two shots this year within 6 inches of a hole-in-one.

12-08-2003 - The CRIM best ball tournament. Serge of Oracle invited me to join his foursome for a tournament at Golf Ste-Madeleine. We won with -12. Three eagles , including back to back ones. We played -3 on our front 9 and -9 on tour back nine. Click here for our picture from the CRIM site

01-08-2003 My luck didn't hold up much longer . It was 76 76 76 77 80 92 (worst game of the year) and 87 today. I am not worried yet at I will start hitting my new Titliest 975s 7.5 degree driver. If it's good enough for Tiger,  it's good enough for me.

26-07-2003 - What's happening to my golf game? My last 6 nines have been 38. That's right. 3 back to back 76's. It's not even consistent golf because I am still double bogeying holes. I will take it while it's there but I would like to know what is making the difference. I made a small change in my swing on the take away but that's it. Sunday I am playing Lachute #1,. We will see if the luck holds up......

27-06-2003 I finally broke 80 this year. It was my 21st game of the season. Last year it took me 17 on June 23 2002. In 2001 it took 18 games and in 2000 16 games. I guess that  practice does help in this game.
My 75 at Cardinal was weird because I started playing well on 11. Went Birdie Par Birdie Par Bogey Par Birdie Bogey. I flubbed 2 chips on the back nine and missed two drives completely but they bounced back into the fairway. I chipped in on 17 for bird. The guys I was playing with were pissed off because I only had 9 putts on the 8 holes I played with them and they 3 putted almost every green.

My final 2003 stats

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My Last Score Card

Moon Palace Cancun Scorecards
My Back to Back to Back 76's
Wyder Cup Le Victorien (15-08-2003)
Le Victorien (18-07-2003) 9 Birdies for the foursome
Cardinal (25-06-2003) My first break of 80 this year
St. Andrews Old Course (27-05-2003)
St. Andrews New Course (28-05-2003)
Bellevue (17-05-2003) St-Patrick's Tournament
Lachute (27-06-2003)
Le champetre (16-06-2003)
The Falcon (16-05-2003)
Le Diable (13-06-2003)
Patriote (18-05-2003) Tartan Tournament (Sorry Mike M)