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15th hole island green - 139 yards - Guavaberry Golf and Country Club

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In these links you will find my last game played and any other games worth mentioning. The stats in each score card belong to the guy with the lowest score of the round (hopefully me). When only my name appears on a score card, it is because I don't know the people in my foursome enough to ask How many putts?
You can always access my latest game by clicking on the link on the top right. I have been requested on occasion to remove people's score from these cards. Instead of this, I will write someone else's name on the card.
April 14  Deux-Montagnes (the putting horror show)
April 24  Spyglass Hill from the tips
April 25  Pebble Beach from the Gold
May 19  Finally breaking 80 Since July 26 2005 - My birthday round and incredible day at Green Valley
First game of golf of the last 7 years. This usually indicates the weather we have been having in the spring.

Here are my starting round date (excluding vacation):

April 14, 2006 (81) Deux-Montagnes
May 4, 2005   (87) Quatre Domaines 2
April 19, 2004 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 20, 2003 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 07, 2002 (91) UFO Duvernay
April 29, 2001 (90) Glendale Elite
May 12, 2000 (83) Owl Head*
May 1, 1999   (84) Glendale Elite
April 22, 1998 (85) Cardinal

Stories (all true)

Below will be some golf stories and/or events going on in my world of golf in 2006
(May 21) Weather wise, the golf season sucks this year however we are still managing to play. Sometimes we are the only fools on the course, but we can't complain about the people in front or in the back. I have managed to get 10.5 rounds in this year and I think the only round I didn't get rained on was at Spyglass Hill
Click here to see my whole Pebble Beach Experience

My ball on the famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach
Ca-Shotof Day.JPG
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