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In these links you will find my last game played and any other games worth mentioning. The stats in each score card belong to the guy with the lowest score of the round (hopefully me). When only my name appears on a score card, it is because I don't know the people in my foursome enough to ask How many putts?
You can always access my latest game by clicking on the link on the top right. I have been requested on occasion to remove people's score from these cards. Instead of this, I will write someone else's name on the card.
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First game of golf of the last 9 years. This usually indicates the weather we have been having in the spring.

When will it be this year?

Here are my starting round dates (excluding vacation):

May 05, 2007 (94) Deux-Montagnes
April 14, 2006 (81) Deux-Montagnes
May 4, 2005   (87) Quatre Domaines 2
April 19, 2004 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 20, 2003 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 07, 2002 (91) UFO Duvernay
April 29, 2001 (90) Glendale Elite
May 12, 2000 (83) Owl Head*
May 1, 1999   (84) Glendale Elite
April 22, 1998 (85) Cardinal

Here are my latest games of the season
(once again excluding vacation)

October 31, 1998   (86) Glendale Elite
October 16, 1999   (86) Glendale Elite
October 24 , 2000  (87) Montcalm
November 24, 2001(82) Le Versant Braves
October 15, 2002   (82) Oka
October 7, 2003     (84) Montcalm
October 13, 2004   (88) St-André
October 5, 2005     (88) Quatre Domaines
October 27, 2006   (87) Le Boisé
2007 ???????

Stories (all true)

The Edge with the Wedge Tee September 27, 2007
On June 19th of this year, I found something that would change my golf game (a little bit anyway). On the 13th tee of the Cardinal golf course, I saw an orange thing in front of the tee box. I picked it up realizing it was a plastic tee. At that moment, I didn't realize how this little find would change a part of my golf game. I have never been fond of plastic tee and never fond of any tee not white or natural wood colour. Anyway, on the next tee, I did not have a tee from having broken it on the 13th just before finding the orange one. So I used my new find. I got a decent drive and kept using it. In my next game, I used it once again and feeling like I was driving the ball better. Since golf is a mind game, the extra confidence of thinking you hit better is good enough for me. But better than the confidence on the tee, I now realized that I was on my 3rd game with the same tee. This was definitely a record as I could only remember once before where I had used only one tee. Fast forward to today as I played my 26th game with the same tee I found back on June 19th. (I have actually played 27 games except that I had forgotten the tee in the house one time and had to revert to the old fashioned tees for that one game). 26.4 games with the same tee! I know I have cursed the streak, but I just had to write about it. I bought 2 packs of 3 at Golftown (for $2) but haven't used one of the new ones. Those 6 tees could last me a season or two. The only thing that may stop this is the fact that sometimes this tee goes 30 feet forward and even 30 feet backwards. So if the tee off faces water there is a chance to lose it.
What is the result of using this tee. For one, my golf bag is growing tees although I have now stopped picking up tee on the tee-offs. The other advantage, not coming home with 10 tees in your pocket and leaving them on the kitchen counter (oh that just me). Here is a link to a picture of these tees that are made in Canada. 

Breaking 80 Since I have been keeping track of my games with the computer (1998), I can see when the I broke 80 for the first time each year. It's interesting how long this takes every year and how under 80 games I have each year.

1998 - May 20 - 77 Oka 12th game (of year) (10 times)
1999 - May 2 - 78 Glendale Ancestral 11th game (6 times)
2000 - June 2  - 79 Glendale Elite 12th game  (5 times)
2001 - June 1 - 78 Glendale Ancestral 12th game (5 times)
2002 - June 23 - 73 Quatre Domaines 18th game (11 times)
2003 - June 23 - 75 Cardinal 20th game (7 times)
2004 - May 5 - 79 Epiphanie 4th game (14 times)
2005 - June 10 - 79 Montcalm - Le Seigneurie 13th game (5 times)
2006 - May 19 - 79 Green Valley 11th game (7 times)
2007 - May 30 - 75 Cardinal 9th game * plus 8 in February  (8 times)