My 2011 Golf Page (2nd year of retirement) 

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The Year of Golf

(August 26, 2010) This is my first year of retirement so by this time of the year I knew I would have played a few more games than in previous years. As of late August my count is almost at 75 games although this included 15 games in Florida and Arizona. One other reason for so many games is this was the earliest that the season has started and the weather has cooperated especially in April and May. I thought this year my game would improve quite a bit. It turns out that I maybe hitting the ball a little better but that sometimes gets me into trouble. I struggled with putting for the first half of the year and now it seems to have come back. I bought new clubs (Taylor Made Burners) this year, but I had a adjustment period with them. I am still struggling with certain yardages.
All in all, in a year where I thought my handicap would get lower because of playing more games, it's only gone down 1 stroke but I am not getting the blow up games as before. Handicap is based on the 10 best of your last 20 games. The chart on the right tells you how it's basically calculated. The problem with the chart below is that handicap is based on the rating of the course not the par rating. Although my software is saying I have a 7, it's really more like a 9. As you can see August has been mostly a good month for me except for the odd triple bogey that also blows up my score. My software tried to incorporate the real calculation of handicap in their software but the USGA didn't permit them citing that the formula (seriously) should not be in the hands of people who do not understand it. The USGA is a little anal as you can observe.
I will probably update this in September to see if the trend of good games keeps going.....Stay tuned

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My Golf Buddies

I play golf with a lot of different people as you can probably see by my scorecards. My most regular partners now that I play once a week with are Mike McKeown and Mike O'Neil. There are others but I am pointing to these 2 people because our games are very similar. Not in style, but in total score. My forte is the short game so my greens in regulation stat is probably a lot lower but my up and down stats are probably better. Anyway to show you how close our stats are, I prepared a little comparison. Check this out and you will see why we don't give each other strokes when playing for money.

How long is the golf season here in Quebec? 2010 was a new record for every golf course in Quebec

Don't go by me only, but below is a list of my first and last games of the last 11 seasons. This might give you an idea of how long the season is up here. It's actually longer than what I play since I don't like to go out in the freezing weather. In 2010, some courses in the Montréal area opened on March 19 and some closed on November 18. There were approximately 240 days where you could have played golf minus the rain out days which were few.

Here are my starting round dates (excluding vacation):

April 4, 2010 (91) Le Select de Mirabel
May 17, 2009 (84) Le Cardinal (Tartan Tournament)
May 05, 2007 (94) Deux-Montagnes
April 14, 2006 (81) Deux-Montagnes
May 4, 2005   (87) Quatre Domaines 2
April 19, 2004 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 20, 2003 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 07, 2002 (91) UFO Duvernay
April 29, 2001 (90) Glendale Elite
May 12, 2000 (83) Owl's Head*
May 1, 1999   (84) Glendale Elite
April 22, 1998 (85) Cardinal

Here are my latest games of the season
(once again excluding vacation)

October 31, 1998   (86) Glendale Elite
October 16, 1999   (86) Glendale Elite
October 24 , 2000  (87) Montcalm
November 24, 2001(82) Le Versant Braves
October 15, 2002   (82) Oka
October 7, 2003     (84) Montcalm
October 13, 2004   (88) St-André
October 5, 2005     (88) Quatre Domaines
October 27, 2006   (87) Le Boisé
October 28, 2007   (90) Lachute #1
October 13, 2008   (85) le Victorien
September 20, 2009 (82) Lachute #1
November 16, 2010 (78) Le Versant Braves

Breaking 80

Since I have been keeping track of my games with the computer (1998), I can see when the I broke 80 for the first time each year. It's interesting how long this takes every year and how under 80 games I have each year.

1998 - May 20 - 77 Oka 12th game (of year) (9 other times in the year)
1999 - May 2 - 78 Glendale Ancestral 11th game (5 other times)
2000 - June 2  - 79 Glendale Elite 12th game  (4 times)
2001 - June 1 - 78 Glendale Ancestral 12th game (4 times)
2002 - June 23 - 73 Quatre Domaines 18th game (10 times)
2003 - June 23 - 75 Cardinal 20th game (6 times)
2004 - May 5 - 79 Epiphanie 4th game (13 times)
2005 - June 10 - 79 Montcalm - Le Seigneurie 13th game (4 times)
2006 - May 19 - 79 Green Valley 11th game (6 times)
2007 - May 30 - 75 Cardinal 9th game * plus 8 in February  (7 times)
2008 - May 13 - 77 Glendale - Ancestral 2nd game (5 other times)
2009 - June 12 - 79 Deux-Montagnes 3rd game
2010 - May 17 - 79 Deux-Montagnes 30th game (Including Florida and Arizona)