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2013  - A late start for golf

Unlike last year March start, the snow took it's toll this year on a early start. Lachute opened on April 26th and they had to push back the first week of B52. Instead of an April 20th the first B52 date was pushed back to April 28th and only Lachute # 1 is open. Victorien still has some snow on it and there are still some tarps on Lachute #2. St Andre is not part of group Beaudet anymore. Deux-Montagnes opened on April 25th and Cardinal opened on the 18th. For a chart of first and last games of the my seasons since 1998, click here.

Breaking 80 first time out

As I have mentioned in my golf pages many times, every time I go out to play golf my ultimate goal is to break 80. This year, for the first time ever I broke 80 in my first game. All the bad habits from the previous year had not kicked in yet. The first time I swung a club since December 4th was on the first tee at Lachute. I was striking the ball well but I think (or hope) that the change is coming from my new grips that I had put on in February. These grips are larger and seem more comfortable. I have kept track of all my games since 1998. I have a chart of how long it takes me to break 80 every year. Click here if you are interested.

An Early Golf Weekend (May 3-4, 2013)

At the end of April, I was asked to fill in for someone as the Bombardier late shift boys needed a sixth player to fill in for someone who had forgotten about an important appointment. It was an overnighter at the Saranac Inn Golf and Country Club with unlimited golf and cart for 2 days with one night in the motel. All this for $155. To be honest, I thought it was a bit early to plan a golf trip to upper New York state but the weather turned out to be amazing. The early start had another bonus as the black flies had not yet rallied their troops for the massive people attack that usually happens in mid May. The sun was blaring and the temperature actually reached 27. The only spray you needed was sunscreen as many of us had part that had not seen the sun for at least 7 months. The highlights of the weekend included:

- Three sub 3 hour rounds of golf plus one round where we played a six man Vegas in just over 3 hours to finish off the trip.
- The great shape of the greens that two weeks ago were covered with snow.
- A supper of prime rib at Charlie's Inn that busted the belt but not the wallet.
- A Friday night Habs-Sens playoff game where Montreal won game to tie the series.
- Two days of clear blue skies where we were actually wishing for a few clouds to cool us down
- Clean rooms as we were the first guests of the season
Click here for pictures and a video of some of the swings that were part of the overnighter in the Adirondacks. 

Year 2 of the B52

We are in our second year of our B52 membership at Groupe Beaudet. Although the price went up $20 this year, it is still a real bargain if you use it to its fullest. At $518 with tax by September 1st, we had almost 40 games played. We should get it down to less $11 a round by the end of the year.

ClubLink Experience

On August 26th, I received an email that I had won a 30 day trial Gold membership at all the ClubLink courses. This will effectively reduce the number of B52 games I will play and will also boost my total number of games this year by about 15 games. To read all about what I did with the 30 day membership, please click here for the entire story.