The 2017-2018 Season
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Monday September 11th - Monday Hockey starts

Friday Hockey starts on September 8th at 5:00pm at Patinoire Deux-Montagnes

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Keep your stick on the ice

(March 2007) The North American Cup will be contested for this year without a Boston trip
Yes folks, it's official the 33rd edition of the North American Cup will be occur on Canadian soil for the first time ever. Mark your calendar for April 14th 2007. The game will take place at the Bonaventure Arena on Cote de Liesse in Montreal. As a result, the final Friday night game will be moved ahead to Good Friday (April 6th) instead of April 13th.

The LTHC team will consist of players that have supported the Boston trip over the last 32 years. This game also replaces the annual invitational tournament will held its final event in 2006.

10th Annual Invitational Tournament
April 7 & 8, 2006 Schedule and Results

Game 1 (16:30) April 7
Two Mountains
Game 2 (9:30) April 8
Game 3 (10:50) April 8
Game 4 (12:15) April 8
Two Mountains
13:30 Bill Gill Shoot-out and Free Skate
Game 5 (14:30) April 8
Game 6 (16:00) April 8
Two Mountains

The 32nd and Final Boston Trip
As you read on the front page, Bustin Boston's last hurrah is coming up in 2006. There are many reasons for this decision. Here are but a few:

This by no way means the end of Monday and Friday hockey. That will go on forever as the next generation is slowly filling in the gaps left by our older players injuries. Nevertheless, we are also  announcing the 10th and final Invitational tournament in April. This decision is based on some of the factors above but also that one is getting harder to organize every year as we try to top the previous year. This final tournament will be a doozie as long as we find some entertainment. Johnny Jetblack is not available this year. There is talk of trying to have a Chapeau version of the Wyder cup to keep up the friendships that we have made in Chapeau. More on the Invitational soon.

Remember. we are not getting older, we are getting smarter. Click here for a view at some history of the Boston Trip

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The 31st Annual Boston Trip April 1 - 3, 2005
Game at the Arlington Memorial Arena on
Saturday April 2 at 10:30am New time
Another Red Sox Story - Boston wins 6-5
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The 9th Annual LTHC Invitational Tournament
Chapeau Boys - Champions

Saturday April 16, 2005 

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Jim Stevens 1950-2005
Our thoughts go out to Jim's family and to his former band mates.
Jim played in the band Jigsaw that entertained us at our tournaments in the past.



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'Playing' for more than 35 years!

The LTHC have been together for almost 35 years.
We play every Monday and/or Friday from September to April

There are also 3 other major events in the LTHC calendar.

In late March, since 1975, we play one game in Boston: The North American Cup.
In April, we host a tournament inviting both Boston and Chapeau.


This picture is supposed to hang at the Dockside in Boston but it's not.....

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