The Spelling Bee Soup Version - This is an hilarious moment from the 2008 Full version which includes a n interview with the guy

Awareness Test - You are good if you get this

My 7-11 Store Funny skit from Mind of Mencia

The Cork Soakers Janet Jackson SNL skit. Very funny.

Amazing Fart Man Mr. Methane on a talk - Not for the faint of heart

Snow in Toronto Funny Rick Mercer News Report

Tell Me Why  by Declan Galbraith Amazing song sung by 10 year old Declan (who is now 16) Declan's website

Paul Potts on Britain's Got Talent If you haven't heard about this guy he's really big now. Paul Pott's Website

A Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly Remember to watch this on Remembrance day this year - Click on about this video for background on why this song was written