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Happy Retirement, Mike 15-06-2003
After my two day weekend of golf, I hurried back to attend my brother's retirement party. A great time was had by all and some might not even remember they had a good time. Mike had been waiting for this day for about 30 years so it was well deserved. Thanks to everyone who showed up and joined in the fun.

Golf Mini Weekend a Smashing Success 15-06-2003
Our golf weekend in Mont-Tremblant was short but, by some miracle, Mother Nature was on our side. While everybody back in Two Mountains was drencing in torential rains the gods kept that inclement weather away and we managed to get in 36 holes in on Friday with only a couple of holes of showers during our Le Diable round. That was soon ended with the help of a few rounds of Appleton Juice and Coke. The weekend was great and thanks to everyone who came and thanks to the boys for the Strata Tour Ace balls. More news on my brand new golf only page (link on the right).

I'm Back!!! 03-06-2003
Just got back from Scotland. Promise to myself. Never complain about the price of golf in Quebec. Soon I will post my two golf games at St-Andrews. One on the Old Course and one on the New course. You will see what it cost to play golf in Scotland now. Our little weekend of three rounds, supper, breakfast and hotel will cost the same as my one round on the 'Old Course'.

It's a Falcon Lot of Money 17-05-2003
It took me a while to post this as I was very sick when I finished my round at the over priced Falcon Golf course in Hudson. When I came home, I immediately went to bed and did not even get up for almost 15 hours. I got into bed at 5:00pm and finally got up to go #1 at 7:45am. After sweating the night away, I think I am ok now. It's amazing how sick you can be after shooting a 52 on the back nine. The score is posted on the right. Congrats for Mike M on the comeback. I hope a played that bad cause I was sick. We'll see Sunday.

My Best Golf Shot Ever 14-05-2003
Today, I played Ste-Rose Golf Course after work. I was playng like a tird (I don't even know how to spell tird) My golf partner, Sebastien, left me after 121 and then I crossed the road to 13, a par 3 about 140 yards. The four guys on the green waved me on so I could pass them. What they were about to see was a shot that would easily make the highlight reel on any sports broadcast. I hit a very high 8 iron to about 20 feet past the hole. It then back spun to within 4 to 6 inches of the hole stopping just short of dropping in. The four guys could not get over how much the ball had come back, The secret: the Strata Tour Ace ball (This one was Clubs). This ball is incredible. It may back spin too much if anything. On 9, I hit the green about 15 feet from the edge. When I got to my ball it had spun back to one yard off the green. A sleeve of these balls costs $15.95 + tax at the Victorien. Thanks to my friend DS, he sold me a dozen for a very reasonable price. It really hurts when you lose them, but I will probably never hit another shot like that one.
My best shot ever should be my hole-in-one from August 1999, but that shot was lucky and I didn't really hit that well, This shot was one for the ages.

Golf Mini Weekend a GO! 13-05-2003
Both Friday Tee-offs have been confirmed. Now looking for a hotel and Saturday's Round. Click on the link on the right for more details.

Another Windy Day at Le Victorien 11-05-2003
It was a mother of a day once again at Le Victorien. The course was in pretty good shape but the weather was very nippy with fairly strong winds, the usual fare for spring and fall golf at Le Victorien. Hopefully I will play another game soon to wipe the one posted on the right. Sorry partners for posting the scores to the world.

The Last Supper at the Tartan  09-05-2003
Last year, 'Thursday nights' at the Tartan Pub has been a new tradition of good (and inexpensive) food.  However, as last year, this tradition is one that lasts through the late fall, winter and early spring. May 8th was that last.....more.

Two Mountains' Restaurant now a Piment Rouge 04-05-2003
Restaurant Deux-Montagnes, these days better known as the thing on top of the Coyote, is now under new management. If it really has become a Piment Rouge, were in for some good eating. Le Piment Rouge is a great Szechuan restaurant in the old Windsor hotel downtown. The one in town is expensive but really good. The Hunan dumplings in a peanut sauce are amazing. If they have those things here in TwoMo, the only thing that may be able to compete is Tartan Thursday's. After you've enjoyed your meal, you will be able to join the Mega-Jam downstairs with Mimi and Yvon (and all the guys that got kicked out of the Legion).

Hopefully, This Weather is Here to Stay. 04-05-2003
This could be it. The golf season should be officially open (although it usually only officially opens with the Tartan Pub Spring Classic). 
Last Friday, some fool hearthy (or just fools) actually tried to play golf at the Cardinal. If you don't remember the weather. it was 5 degrees and raining. They managed 9 holes and then the authorities (from the Douglas Hospital) came and got them off the course. They were granted a rain check (for 9 holes) but I think I would've gave them a Brain Check.
I played today (sunday) with a guy from work who started playing golf in July of last year. He's already a member at the golf course we played. I putted like crap missing 2 downhill 2 footers but I liked my game, especially that I usually play bad in the wind. I was hitting the ball really well. As usual, my score is posted on the right.
Our OLD friend Dennis Has Made the Ottawa Citizen 02-05-2003
Check out this article in the Ottawa Citizen about Dennis Skrastins and career shifts at an older age. You are doing us oldtimers proud, Dennis!

I am Ashamed to Admit it 22-04-2003
By Ashamed, I don't mean the guy from Iraq. You know Mohammed Ashamed. I mean I feel shame and I only realized it after I had done it. Yes, I played golf on Sunday (April 20). A gorgeous day (23 degrees). I am not ashamed of my score of 91. I am not ashamed of my 5 three putt greens (three of them in a row) although I should be. 
What I am ashamed at is paying almost $60 to play a round of golf (without a cart) when I was only originally going out to drive a bucket of balls (that cost almost $7). This price was with 20% off!! 
Compare this our le Diable date at 62.50 with cart and the Tartan Pub tournament with meal and prizes for $60.
The course (4 domaines) was in fair shape although many traps had snow in them and some ponds were still frozen over. The weather was fantastic. It was like mid summer. I didn't pay extra for that. 
Anyway, I need my head examined to actually support a Clublinks establishment. I may play some twilight games there, but I will never pay that price to walk a course. Of course, I will wave that rule in Scotland next month. I have a feeling that $60 will seem like a bargain when I am in Scotland. I will keep you posted on the current price of golf in Scotland when I get back.

When Will the Golf Season Open?. 18-04-2003
I know, I know. Some courses are open on the South Shore. I mean when will it be warm enough AND all courses are open without a hundred people trying to tee off at one time. This year, I am a golf wanderer as I did not renew my membership at Glendale. So where will I play? Since I was playing two nights a week after work, I think it will be hard to find a place to be able to walk on within a reasonable driving distance. We will see. If you have suggestions let me know. I think I will be playing 4 domaines often.

More People Sick of NO2 .Poisoning 16-04-2003
On Monday April 7th, two days after our tournament, Graham N, who we all know, played a game at the PDM. Overnight, he started feeling sick with the same symptoms we all experienced. Of course, he did not know we were all being sick so he went to the clinic complaining of shortness of breath. They took tests and found nothing. After asking questions, he said he had flown back from LV, they then suspected a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the leg that makes it to the lungs - the thing that killed the NBC reporter in Iraq). They did more inconclusive blood tests. They kept him in the hospital for two days. Sent him to St-Jerome for nuclear tests (the test with dye to see if the lungs were blocked). They finally sent him home having not figured out what was wrong. 

How many other people has this happened to?. I am not stepping back in that arena until it is fixed. I hope the local clinics and hospitals have been notified. Has the CLSC continued its research?

Tests are in! Illness No Longer a Mystery. 11-04-2003
Tests conducted by CLSC officials at the Patinoire Deux-Montagnes found that the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide were at a level over three times the allowable level. This was with very Zamboni activity in the arena. There is speculation that levels may have been up to 10 times higher than permissible. So far, we have found at least 20 players that suffered some of the symptoms. There are plenty of documented cases of this. Most related to Ice resurfacers that lack proper maintenance. A Nitrogen Dioxide detector should have been in use at the arena. Was it? Stay tuned.

More related stories: Here , and here is the good source of info

Mystery Sickness Strikes Many Players of LTHC Tourney . 08-04-2003
Many participants of last weekend's tournament complained of a dry cough on Sunday. Some even spitting up blood. The difficult breathing persisted on Monday where many people, including myself, did not go to work. It wasn't until Tuesday, that people started talking to each other and realizing they had had the same symptoms. We are now trying to contact the Chapeau and Boston team to see if they have had the symptoms. As of Tuesday, we know of at least 12 players affected. Some even visited doctors. My work doctor was not there today but I made an appointment to see him Thursday. I feel a lot better now but I still cannot take a deep breath without the urge to cough right after.
Could this be Zamboni Sickness? After all we were exposed to the arena air for many hours during our three games. Someone found this article that mentioned similar incidents. If you played that day and you had or are having these problems, please e-mail
Does this invalidate the results of tournament? There will have to be tests done at the Patinoire Deux-Montagnes to make sure this does not happen again. Stay tuned for more on the situation 
Update: At least 5 Chapeau people have been affected and tests were done today by the CLSC. I will keep you posted as things develop. I didn't go to the doctor today because I am feeling a lot better and I will let everyone else get tested. French people may not have been affected. Theory: Pre-election gas.

Two Mountains Finally Captures Title. 06-04-2003
The 7th Annual LTHC Invitational Hockey Tournament, saw the carefully compiled Two Mountains claim their first title ever as they downed Chapeau in the final game which was. Of course, the after tournament party was another success with the band Jigsaw perming well into the night. A full report and pictures will be posted on the link at the right .
Of course, the was plenty of free libations provided but everybody drank in moderation. The main factor could have been this government warning.
We also apologize to the Boston team who came in last with 0-2-1 record. While we are on apologies click here for Rick Mercer's apology to the U.S.A.

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The 15 lucky people who participated in the cruise all agree…..what a blast!
It was great fun to share a cruise with such an enthusiastic group. Full story and pictures


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