Archived News - July 2003 - August 2003
A Very Sad Day at the Tartan Pub Golf Tournament 01-09-2003
This is a very difficult thing to write as these pages are usually about fun stuff. If you are from Two Mountains you
Sean have certainly heard this news. Our good friend Sean MaGill passed away yesterday during his round on the Deux-Montagnes golf club, victim of a massive heart attack. Despite the unrelenting efforts of a few fellow golfers and eventually police and paramedics, Sean could not be revived and eventually was pronounced dead at the St-Eustache hospital.
We then made the very difficult decision of continuing play after a long delay. Everyone was hoping and praying that a miracle would happen at the hospital but as the foursomes came in to the 18th hole, they were all informed of the outcome. We then slowly made our way back to the Tartan in somewhat of a daze. We all believe that Sean, being THE Irish guy of Two Mountains, would have approved of our decision to continue our day and 'Celebrate' his life. The Fall Golf Tournament has been officially renamed the Sean MaGill Memorial Tournament and a trophy will be commissioned by the Tartan Pub.
Ironically, Sean was planning a trip to Ireland to bury his recently deceased sister. They are now together and may they both rest in peace. My sincere condolences to Sean's family and to his many close friends.

Country & Rock Around the Clock in Memory of Rollie Meilleur  28-08-2003
On Sunday October 12, 2003, the Upper Pontiac Sports Complex will be rocking in memory of Rollie Meilleur who passed away last summer. All proceeds going the the U of Ottawa Heart Institute. Click here for more details.

Tartan Foursomes Set

The August 31st Tartan Vegas foursomes are set. Click on the Tartan link on the right to see them. This year we will feature a pool where you pick the top 5 teams. The top 5 teams will be awarded from 5 to 1 point and the person with the most points will win the pool. Ballots will be available at the Tartan Friday evening and at the golf course until 9:15am Sunday.

Team Canada Comes from Behind to Capture 2003 Wyder CupLifting the Cup 17-08-2003
The close competition experienced on Day One continued through the third round of play. Team USA took a 1 point lead going into the individual matches.  With team USA taking the first 4.5 of the next 5 they were now leading 15 1/2 to 10 1/2 with 9 matches remaining.
They only required 2 points out of the remaining 9 to keep possession of the coveted cup. Team Canada rallied to win ALL remaining 9 matches capturing the Cup with an impressive 19 1/2 to 15 1/2 point total. It was an incredible comeback effort of the likes we may never see again. Click on the picture for all the results and pictures from both days competition and post game revelry.

Wyder Cup 2003 Off to a Great Start!
After a grueling Day One of competition, the Wyder Cup is all tied up at 7-7. Today's round will be prove to be the deciding factor as both teams battle for 21 points. Click on the right for the latest.

The Midas Touch 05-07-2003
Are you like me? Did you think that there was no difference between Midas and Mister Muffler. Well this could change your mind. It did mine. Saturday morning I brought my wife's 1997 Mercury Mistake to Midas (beside the cop shop in St-Eustache) because it was making a lot of noise. The guy put it up on the lift and made one phone call. He then said, 'Bad news, it's the exhaust pipe which includes the Cat (catalytic converter) and the flex pipe. The part is $475 (for a rebuilt piece) and with installation it will cost around $700. Wow I thought, but I was ready to have it done the noise was really bad and the better half didn't want 'that' kind of attention.
On my way home, I pulled a huey and went to M. Muffler (Laval West) for a second opinion, just in case they was some difference. I didn't think there was but I didn't have anything else to do. The guy says to wait about 30 minutes and that he would check it. I told him that he didn't have to because I knew it was the exhaust, the cat and the flex which is sold as one piece. So he looked it up and said that it would be hard to find it new but that he could get it rebuilt for... ready for this? $295. That's $175 less than Midas. So I told him that I would leave the car there first thing Monday morning knowing that I would save $200 on the piece alone. I leave it Sunday night, Call him in the morning and tell him to call me if there was anything different or unexpected. He calls me 5 minutes later and says: we just looked at the car (now I am waiting for bad news) and he says only the flex is gone and that he can just fix that and it will cost just over $200 tax in. From a $700 job to a $200 job. Now I know who has got the Midas touch. I am thinking about a formal complaint to Midas head office but I have already spent too much time writing this. My warning to you, get a second opinion (you're ugly too).

The Martians are Coming. 25-07-2003

As some of you know, I am not a one-dimensional person. Golf is not the only activity in which I have a handicap. I am also a casual observer of the sky and I own a startup telescope. I cannot call myself an amateur astronomer. I am more an immature astronomer. One of the reasons, I don’t take it too cirrusly (ha-ha) is that I can’t stand the disappointment of planning a star or planet gazing expedition only to experience an overcast evening. You can play golf in the rain but looking at the sky while it’s pissing on you isn’t very enjoyable and ranks up there with watching the movie Signs for a second time because you thought you had slept through it the first time.
This month however there is an event that has not happened in over 57,000 years. On August 27th, Mars will only be 34 ½ million miles from Earth. It should be at its brightest ever and it should be there all evening since it is at opposition with the sun. On top of that, the 27th is a new moon. That means no moon so it will be the brightest object in the sky by a long shot. I will have mine out that night. Maybe I 'll even take out my telescope.
Don’t worry if it’s overcast on the 27th, the days before and after will be almost as good. Here is a good website to visit to learn more.
The globes show the changing size and orientation of Mars's disk during its close approach to Earth in 2003. It's angular diameter ranges from 9.5" on May 1st to 17" on July 1st, 25.1" on August 27th, 21" on October 1st, and 11" on December 1st. Celestial north in up. Sky & Telescope illustration.

Avon Calling. Kelly T's Last Call at the Tartan Pub 12-07-2003
Friday (July 11) was the last call for the lovely Kelly at the Tartan Pub. Her four years at the helm of the taps will be remembered by all her customers Many regulars came in last night to say goodbye. She served up shooters until the wee hours ruining Saturday plans for many of us. Actually the weather was crap anyway.  She is moving on to a 'position' closer to home (now Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue) at Avon Kelly Cosmetics. This will be a stepping stone to what is surely to will be a successful career. The career path at the Tartan had proven to be somewhat limited. The search for another Kelly was difficult as there are not that many Kelly's left in 2MO. Although kelly will be hard to replace, Jamie Fiset has been added to the Tartan line-up. During last night's training, Jamie proved that she will be able to handle the rowdy crowd. Next Friday night will be the first real test.

We all wish Kelly much luck and happiness but the Tartan won't be the same without her welcoming smile, great service and her easy-on-the-eyes demeanour.
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Two Mountains Restaurant - Rebirth. 12-07-2003
You may remember (see archives) me mentioning that the Two Mountains restaurant was under new management and that it was becoming a Piment Rouge. That was sort of true but the same management has re-renamed the restaurant to Amarosa. We finally got around to go there last Thursday.
We both had the Surf and Turf
($19.95 which is only 8.86 British pounds) so we can't evaluate much of the menu.
The service was excellent and the new owner, Bharat Mathur (no relation to Jean-Guy), was very accommodating. All and all is was very good and tonight is Giant Lobster night (No lobster less than 2.5 pounds.) I think it deserves a visit and judge for yourself.


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