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Again I apologize for the lack of updates 24-03-2004
I have been really busy on a special secret project that will finally finish tomorrow. After that is our annual (30th) trip to Boston for the Laval Teachers Hockey Club. So, I will be only updating this again on Monday or Tuesday Night, but it should be a good update.
I have bad news (maybe good news for the people I win money off of in golf). My wonderful company announced today that we no longer have summer hours. This means that our 1/2 Friday's from Victoria day to Thanksgiving Day are gone and that we now work a 36.25 hour work week year round (as opposed to 31.75 in the summer). This is even more devastating for yours truly because I used to take 20 or so 1/2 day vacations to not work at all on Friday's. You might say that we have joined the rest of the world but it was one of the main reasons that this company, who shall remain nameless (because they search the web everyday), had such good employee loyaltee. At first I thought this is a direct effect of Globalization,. Since our holding group owns companies in a hundred countries, this is part of equity among their companies, but apparently it wasn't a directive from above, it was an internal decision to make non-workaholic's lives miserable. This sucks big time and ask me how I feel when you meet me. This was supposed to be a good year for me as I was finally getting another week vacation. This change represents over 90 extra hours yearly, so my extra week seems pale in comparison. If I start talking about this to you, you might have to shot me to stop.

Weekend report as of Sunday Morning
The third day of festivities is about to start but let me recap what has been  going on so far. Friday was the extremely successful fundraiser to help the Green Phantom with his Louisville Ky tryout with the WWE. Well over $1000 was raised and Commisioner Joe was certainly touched by the support for his client's cause. The only problem is that the Green Phantom has a moral dilemma. Click here to find out what it is?
The Annual dance at the Legion a/k/a Ville de Deux-Montagnes activity hall was a success. Sean and Brendan Magill were appointed to lead the Two Mountains contigency in the Parade in Sean Magill's. memory.
As an aside, Joey won the pot of gold and a door prize. Click here to see three grown men holding their cocks. I'm out of time, gotta to get to the bus, so more pictures to follow when I have more time.....

Let the Games Begin
It's that time of the year again, St-Paddy's day, or should I say St-Paddy's Week.Marshall Actually, it started last Sunday for many of us. Some of us went to St-Gabriel's Mass of Anticipation (see picture past parade marshals). Eventually a few of us ended up at the Claddagh Pub on Crescent Street. There was a (jam) session going on that was quite good. It was there that I watched Craig Parry's miracle shot to beat out Verplank in the golf playoff. I like Guinness very much but I only drink it on special occasions like the Boston trip and St-Paddy's season. My first sip on Sunday really brought me into the St-Patrick's spirit, and that when I said ;let the games begin'.
The 'games' are really beginning this Friday night when the benefit for the Green Phantom takes place at the Tartan Pub (see article below). Saturday evening is the dance at the Legion and of course the 180th annual St-Patrick's Day parade in Montreal. Finally the celebrations will end with the 25th and final celebration of St-Paddy's at Ron and Joan's on March 17th. Next year, rumour has it that the torch will be passed to Michael. We will see where the parade route will be bring us next year.
On a personal note, I just had a wisdom tooth taken out today and had some minor gum surgery. so I am not sure how this will affect my participation in the festivities. Only time will tell and I forgot to ask the dental surgeon what I can have with my medication. I find out tonight at darts. Top o the morning to ye all.

Angel to Perform at The Cozy in Rosemere
On Thursday March 11 around 9:00pm at the Cozy, Angel will be pairing up with Two Mountains' native Rob MacDonald to put on what is surely to be a great show. If you have never heard Angel, she sings a variety of older songs and few new ones with an edge in a Melissa Joplin or Janis Etheridge style. Rob, I hear, plays a mean guitar and she's got quite a set of maracas.This would be a good way to start your St-Paddy's day weekend but don't expect to hear Danny Boy (although she probably could do it).
The Cozy is at 261 Labelle about 1/4 mile north of Grande-Cote on the west side (across from the great Cote St-Luc BBQ where you could start your evening).
Brendan and
Sean MaGill Jr. to lead Two Mountains Irish Society in Parade 29-02-2004
There won't be a Parade marshal, there will be two.
SeanMarshal The Two Mountains Irish Society has asked the lateSeanBoys Sean MaGill's two sons to march in their dad's memory in the 180th Annual Montreal St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 14, 2004. Sean Sr. proudly lead the Two Mountains contingent in 1983. As you probably know, Sean passed away last August during his round at the now-called Sean MaGill Memorial Tournament. I am sure his boys will represent both Two Mountains and their father very well. Congratulations boys! Click the picture on right to enlarge >>>

Two Mountains Boy Named Parade Grand Marshal
Bill Hurley, born and raised in Two-Mountains, has been named Parade Grand Marshal for this the 180th edition of the parade in Montreal. As you know, Bill is owner and founder of Hurley's Irish Pub on Crescent Street. Click here for some background info on Bill and why he was chosen for this honour.

Just When You Thought That This Had Become A Cob Web Page
You are probably saying to yourself that there is not much action going since I have not been adding  to this page. You're right. I don't want to bore you with my little life, so I have been quiet lately. Actually, I have been trying out a lot of new software and the usually frustrating experience leaves me no time to update these pages. So, why tonight do I have time to update this page? You ask. This is a bonus update caused by a disruption in plans. Originally, I was to get home at around 11:00 because we were going to the Centaur to watch one of our subscribed plays. We went to eat supper in Old Montreal as usual. We then headed off to the Centaur to find out that the main actress has food poisoning (Funny I didn't see her next to me in Casa Mateo). So we headed straight home because we didn't want to stand in line to have our tickets re-issued for another date. Hence a free unplanned update (which follows).

Scott Martin Gets Thrill of a Lifetime
As you may have read in my golf page, Scott Martin, PGA tour caddy, photographer for and good old TwoMo boy had been taking pictures and had not had the chance to caddy yet this year. Well things changed last week as he got Jay Williamson's bag for the Nissan Open. The thrill comes from the fact that Jay was paired up with Tiger Woods on Saturday AND Sunday. Sunday, both Jay and Tiger shot 64 to go from 44th place to 7th for Jay's first top ten finish this year and his 2nd in two years. The Nissan Open cheque was his second biggest at almost $150,000. Scott said that the experience of being paired up with Tiger was unbelievable and with Jay holding his own (against Tiger), it made it that much better. I am sure that Jay will keep up the good work and we should see Scott in the last Sunday pairing soon. How about this weekend at the Tucson Open?

Ps. Read the Warning about the snow removal scam on the right a bit below

LTHC 30th Annual Boston Hockey Trip 10-02-2004
The Laval Teachers Hockey Club will be heading to Boston on the March 26-28 weekend for their 30th year in a row. They will attempt to retain the North America cup for the 21st year in a row. The annual pilgrimage has been going strong of late and is back to its original format of 2 nights in Boston. This year we are back at the 57 Park Plaza in the heart of the theatre district. The LTHC is looking for players and fans as injuries and prior engagements have taken their toll. There is a strong feeling that this may be the last such trip, as due to various commitments, it has become harder to organize and participate the annual ordeal. If indeed it is the last one, I think we will make it a memorable one. Everyone who has ever been on this trip is invited to join. Anyone else that is interested, send me an e-mail and I will send you the details. Click on the LTHC hockey link for more info.

Older But Still No Wiser 08-02-2004
Last evening we celebrated the birthdays of two boys who sometimes play together at the local watering hole. Both were born on cold nights in February many (many) years ago. The small get-together was hosted byPaddy Gertrude who put on a great spread and a good time was had by all. Happy Birthday to Paddy Dore who turned 56 not 57 and to Ron Rose who is now a mere 45. Also best wishes to Bobby Fordham on his 55th coming up Tuesday. Bob gets coverage in l'Eveil, Paddy and Ron have to settle for this website. Click on the picture for a blow-up.
Also, check out my favorites, there is a link to the William Hung Website.

Two Local Boys Get a Big Break
Joey Fitzmorris AND the Green Phantom are heading south of the border for a tryout in the WWE.
They have been chosen to attend a training campGreenPhantom where 50 people are trying to get a spot on the Big Show. Last year, 17 of the 50 aspiring wrestlers were given contracts with the WWE. This is a chance of a lifetime and they have 2 chances to make it. I wish them both well.
The trip down south is going to cost a little bit of money so there is a fundraiser at the Tartan Pub to help them out. Click on the poster for full details.
(Date has been changed to Friday March 12) Good luck boys!
Finally an Update 27-01-2004
How can this be? Well. I am off work (on account of sickness) for the first time since the Northridge earthquake. I just looked that up and it was 10 years and 10 days ago (January 17,1994). I remember that morning finally getting out of bed, turning on the TV and seeing the news about it. The time before that I had been sick I think was January 28, 1986, the day of the Challenger explosion. There is definitely a connection here. I get sick in January.
Today I woke up around 11am, checked the news. Nothing...yet. So now I have time to update this page. That is, until the next Neo-Citran puts me out. This is by far the weirdest cold I have had. On Sunday afternoon at 4, I got a sneeze attack, like an allergic reaction to something. It stopped after 10 minutes. An hour and a half later, another one. Half an hour after, I start a full blown cold. No warning signs, no scratchy throat, nothing. I managed to make it to work Monday but leaft at noon since I couldn't function without (or with) Neo-Citran. I have slept (if you can call it that) 17 of the last 22 hours. Today, I will be relaxing and then try to make it to work tomorrow.

Poor Sainte-Marthe sur le Lac - Taxes Going Up 27-01-2004
The 'I told you so' mayor has announced major municipal tax increase. This was following the No vote in the merger referendum. Ste-Marthe already had the highest taxes around and someone told me that this one means about $500 a house. That is crazy and proves that the merger could have never saved them. Now Ste-Marthe is in a Catch-22 situation. With taxes that high, who would build a new house there? The only way is to offer a tax subsidy to new housing which would come from the established tax base yet raising the taxes again.
On the Two Mountains side of things, I hope our mayor remembers that our (city budget) surplus is big enough to offset tax increases for the next 3 to 4 years. Two Mountains was fiscally healthy before the referendum and other than the cost of the vote we are in good shape.

Fred Celebrates the Big 60 with a Big Surprise 17-01-2004
Fred Beaudoin celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday by playing hockey with the LTHC Friday
Fred hockey gang. Big deal, right? The big deal was that his two visiting sons, Randy and Derek and his son-in-law DJ, made a surprise appearance and played on his line. Fred had no clue that they had no clue that this has been arranged and that they had actually brought their hockey equipment with them until they stepped on the ice from the referees room.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is that we won 3-0 although their line was not fortunate enough to score any goals but they didn't let any be scored.
I am sure that this evening will be remembered for a long time, although the later parts of the evening may be forgotten by the soon to be grandfather (again).
Thanks to Ken C. for video taping some of the action.

How Much Did My 2003 Golf Season Cost? 04-01-2004
Check out my golf page to find out.

New Year's Rocking Eve at The Tartan 02-01-2004
The Tartan Pub once again hosted a New Years Eve Bash and a good time was had by all.  Host Garold and Dianne along with bartender Kelly D. served up a great evening capped off by the midnight champagne celebration. An ecclectic mix of patrons were there. This year, the theme was quality not quantity as the crowd was not as big as usual. Click here for a few pictures of the event.

The Vote on Deux-Montagnes/Ste Marthe is Today. 14-12-2003
If you haven't gone to vote yet this is your last chance. We went at 11:10 this morning and were out at 11:13. There were a lot of people there but the new voting system is fast, especially if you have that paper they sent you in the mail. Because there is no district in this vote you go to the next available computer. They read the bar-code on your letter, they give you an electronic card (looks like the smartcard from ExpressVu) you go to one of 6 electronic boards and you insert your card. You make your choice and press a big red button to confirm. It says thank you / merci and you're on your way. In 3 minutes your out, so go vote. By the way, you have 3 choices: Yes No and I don't want to vote. SO if you don't want to vote go there and tell the machine. It will take very little time. The results are going to be posted at city hall just after 7:00pm. If I am awake will go there and immediately post the results on my merger page, so come back tonight to see the future of your city or cities.
The result is in. Click here for the results

In the Spirit of Xmas, I Give This Song
Not for everyone - PG rating (Paul Goyetche says it's funny)

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