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SOMD Touch Football Going Strong After 6 Games 16-10-2004
With only two games until the SOMD Grey Cup on November 6th, the SOMD is going very strong. With the addition of rookies Billy Morris and more recently, Kevin Goyetche, the league has grown to 24 regular players. One of the highlights this year has been the food. With a different theme every week, the players are treated to some culinary delights prepared by the players and ex-players. This year has featured the traditional opening game sandwiches (Mark Larose),  the fantastic Momesso's sub copies (Les Brault), a Mexican treat this week (Fernando) and the usual always ready in case of emergency hot dogs by Earl Macdonald. Next week promises to be a treat with a combination Chef Surprise (Gary Nixon) and the famous chili by Chilian Jamie Gibson. The final regular season treat will a carnivore's dream Jambalaya whipped up by Tom Griffin. This will be the highlight of the Grey Cup picking party along with the new tradition of bottle ends. I will have a full update and pictures after next week's game.

Gender Barrier Broken at Skins Game 11-10-2004
An historical event happened on Monday Thanksgiving day. Patty Humpheys and Lynn Macdonald became the women to compete in a golf tournament that was posted at the Tartan Pub. On what was supped to be a sunny day, the two women teed off with Earl Macdonald and Jean Demers to break the 57 year 'ban' on women competingGirls in an all men's tournament. Does this mean that the end of the male dominance in Tartan Golf. (Un)fortunately not becauseWinners this event was not on the official Tartan tour as it is an independent event.
The eventual winning team of the event consisted of Paul Goyetche, Brian Kane and Clary Potter. Although the turnout was smaller than usual, everyone had a good time despite the cold and lack of sun. Click on the Thanksgiving on the right for more pictures and all the results.
Only 20 Golfers For Thanksgiving Game
Family, injury and fed up with golf syndrome has taken a toll on this year's version of the Thanksgiving day tournament. There will only be 5 foursomes teeing off on what is supposed to be a great sunny day. This low key tournament has hit the end of it's life. This will be last time that it is played. Appropriately, it will be played on holes that will never played again as we make our way through a revised Deux-Montagnes layout that somehow next is supposed to produce a 'quality' 18 holf golf course (instead of 2 somewhat low quality ones). We'll see if next year's prices reflect this 'improvement'. To the players for tomorrow, please be there before 9:00 as the foursomes will be made up on the tee.

Scott Martin Update
As many of my usual readers know, Two mo native, Scott Martin has been living a dream for the past few years as a caddy on the PGA tour. This year has been pretty good to him as his golfers have had 3 top-ten finishes. This was done by 3 different golfers as Scott has had many different bags this year. He has caddied for Jay Williamson, Craig Perks, Geoff Ogilvy, Notah Begay, Tim Wilkinson, Joel Edwards and this week, Steve Allan as Notah Begay has decided to call it quits for the rest of the year. This year's highlights include a number of rounds with Tiger but caddying at the Masters (for Craig Perks) was the one highlight that stands out.
Scott sent me a few pictures this week and I had a good laugh over one of them. One of his caddy buddies, Scott Gneiser (David Toms' caddy) is married to the daughter of a legend of the Chicago Black Hawks. Scott went to Scott's house during the Western Open in Chicago and this picture was taken. In case you didn't know, before his unbridled love for the Philadelphia Flyers began, Scott was a big Black Hawk's fan. Click here for pictures.

October 11th Annual Team Skins Game is ON 03-10-2004
The 7th almost annual skins game is a go. I booked Golf Deux-Montagnes in an attempt to play the Patriote's Number 8 hole one last time. The eight hole is where we payed our respects to Sean Magill who passed away there last year. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be the last day that the 8th hole will be played as Monday the course will be reconfigured as an 18 hole course. The bulldozers will be coming for the expansion of the industrial park and the Odessa Car Auction. This year's 18 hole layout is only temporary as the layout for next year is supposed to make the Golf Deux-Montagnes a credidle 18 hole course. The snack shack will no longer be needed as you will be coming back to the clubhouse after 9. This means crossing the road 4 times in a round. Eventually (when someone gets killed) there will be a tunnel under the road (named in memory of the victim). Click on my Thanksgiving Skins Game links on the right for more info.
As the Tartan Spring Open is in many cases the first game of the year for many casual players, this tournament marks the end of the season for many people. Send me an e-mail ASAP if you want in.

Once Again I Apologize For My Lack of Updates 21-09-2004
I have been busy lately and anytime I have sat in front of my computer, I have had something else to do. So here goes nothing. You will find on my golf page that my team won the Vegas golf tournament last weekend. It was a good one to win and it was a great day. Speaking of golf tournaments my annual Thanksgiving Skins game is back this year after a one year hiatus. It will be on Monday October 11. I am trying to get golf Deux-Montagnes to host it since it will be our last chance to play Sean's 8th hole as almost half of the course is been destroyed for the expansion of the industrial park. Stay tuned for more info on this tournament that usually marks the end of the season for most Two Mountain golfers.
SOMD game 2 was a grand day as we 'lingered' at the park for quite some time enjoying the weather. It looks like Grey Cup day has been officially announced as November 6th. This would mean a 9 game season as opposed to the 13 week schedule we used to have a few years ago. I am not sure if the spousal units appreciate that fact.

It's the 'All Sports' Season Again 14-09-2004
It's that time of the year again. First football game Saturday. First hockey game Monday. Next golf game Friday. First Friday hockey after golf. This is where my trunk get the most workout. This is also the only month of the year that I would consider driving an SUV. Oh yah! In two weeks, I'll need room for my darts. Every September, I get a little depressed as I see the sun going down earlier and earlier. Gone are the after work rounds of golf. Gone are summer hours with Friday afternoons off. Gone are the West Nile carrying mosquitoes (sorry, that's good). Gone are the summer fashions.
Unfortunately, in, are the shorts that Glen Morris wore to touch football. In are the drives to and from work directly into the sun for us people that live northwest of the city. In are the leaves that wait to fall until you have just mowed or raked the lawn.
This also seems to be the time of the year that I try to compensate the depresssion by buying things. Most of my electronic equipment puchases have been in the October-November time frame. No plans yet this year although the Bell ExpressVu HDTV PVR is coming out soon. So maybe that will be just in time for my winter hybernation that will start just after Mexico (mid November).

SOMD Ready for 35th Season 10-09-2004
The SOMD touch football league will be kicking it off tomorrow (Sept 11) for its 35th year. Since 1969, a motley crew of boys of all ages has taken to the football field for a 'friendly' game of touch football. God (Ron Fitzmorris) one of the original members along with Earl Macdonald (the other original) will arrive at the field some time near 10:00am for game that will start sometime around 10:30. What field? you ask. The annual tradition of the first game is actually looking for a field to play at. Our regular 15th avenue pitch is usually taken by soccer players this weekend. As usual, there will be confusion and people driving everywhere to find the game.
No matter, eventually a game will break out followed by the usual beverages and the new tradition of food. 
This year look for a 35th Anniversary tournament with all the ex-players getting invited to play or at least attend. Stay tuned to the SOMD link on the right side.

Great Day for the Sean Magill Memorial Tournament. 07-09-2004
A great day all around for the Sean Magill Tournament. Unfortunately, Labour Day was appropriately named as it was a Labour getting up. I promise that I will have the some photos posted Tuesday evening.
The three-peat Champions were finally de-throned and a team of ringers narrowly beat out two local teams by posting an early -9. The results are posted at the Tartan link to the right. Click here to see the pictures.

Sean Magill Memorial Tournament All Set for Sunday September 5th
The First Annual Sean Magill Memorial Golf tournament is almost here. It's hard to believe that it has been a year since Sean has passed away while playing in this annual affair. ManySean people have expressed their interest in forming their own teams to honour Sean. Sean Jr, has reserved spots for over 30 people, some of them coming over from Ireland to participate,
In the last ten years or so, the fall version of this golf classic has been played in the "vegas" format. This allows for a different kind of golf game and the resulting scores are evidence of some fine shot making. The winning team usually comes in at around -8 or -9 in this friendly competion. Hurrry because registration ends on Tuesday August 31 at the Tartan Pub. The price this year is $65 which included green fees and a supper at the Tartan. Cheers Sean! Go to the Tartan Pub Activities link for tee-times.

Canada Hangs on to the Wyder Cup
Despite a last round surge by Team USA, Canada retains the cup with a final score of 30 to 25. USA trailed by 7 points at the end of the third round but rallied in the singles matches and at one point had cut the Canadain lead to 1 point. Fortunately for the Canadians, the last four pairings went to Canada making it look like an easy victory.
The scramble (aka Vegas) match play was a grueling affair that lasted well over three hours for the 9 hole match. The final round was played in considerably less time but the final foursome just made it in before darkness. The party continued on into the night until the school bus hired for Team USA decided that the evening was over. A few Team Canada members lingered on to savour the victory and the success of the third annual Wyder Cup. Hope to see you next year. Click the link on the right as usual.

Canada Takes Early Lead In Wyder Cup 20-08-2004
Team Canada Has taken the lead after the first day of Wyder Cup action. The first nine was close. Only 6 to 5 for Canada but the Canada put on the after burners in the second matches. The score after one day: 14 1/2 to 7 1/2. There are still 33 points to go for tomorrow, so stay tuned.....

3 Americans Sent to Scout the Golf Course
At 1:15 this afternoon, 3 Americans were spotted at le Victorien golf course. It seems that they were sent ahead of the bus carrying the rest of the Wyder Cup team in order to report on the golf course. They were observed in the parking lot accompanied by what looked to be a Canadian who seemed to hide his face in shame. The bus is expected to arrive later.Wider Americans
Also more good news. Tommy Turnaround has arrived in Montreal despite the slight rain shower that crossed his path on the South Shore. Again, stay posted to this website for reports from the Team Canada meeting this evening and the results of tomorrow's matches
To the right is an unidentified Canadian player, Randy Emerson, Fred Wall and Bob Coll. As usual, click on the picture to enlarge it.

One Day Left to the Big Day
Today marks the last day of practice for anyone involved in the Wyder Cup. The early birds from Boston will be sneaking a game in at le Victorien at 1:15. If anyone goes by there, make sure you spy on them and report to me. There is an unofficial meeting of Team Canada at the Tartan tomorrow night around 7:00pm. Rumour has it that some Americans will be there. The Cup Might make an appearance too. Saturday's breakfast has now been moved to Rosemere at the Cote St Luc BBQ (236 Labelle Blvd both teams will be there at 10:30 before heading off to the Oka Golf Club.

Team Canada Caught Practicing at Night
Team Canada has been caught trying to improve their game at night. This picture shows some Team Canada members at the Victorien in the wee hours long after sunset. The Americans (from Boston) will be protesting this move as practice is only allowed during
Wyder the day. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Also, the final player to be named to the team was announced on Monday. He is Ron Rose (see two articles below). He will be replacing Stan Rose in the Saturday competition at Oka. Welcome Ron, and see you at the driving range this week, if your car cooperates.

Both Team Line-ups Announced in the Wyder Cup
Both captains have announced their intended line-ups for this week's Wyder Cup matches. Captain Paul and Stan shuffled names around during the PGA championship and came up with what seems to be a well balanced arrangement of players to match with Captain Wobbit's selection. The fun all starts Friday morning at le Victorien golf course. More news will follow soon as we announce the 23rd and final player to join team Canada. Click the link on the right for full info.

Ron Back in the Ranks of the Gainly Employed 09-08-2004

This morning marked the return to the workforce of our friend Ron Rose. After an almost 3 year hiatus from the daily grind, Ron cheerfully left his home at 7:18 this morning for his first day on his new job at L-3 Com (formerly Bombardier Defence or Canadair). On his way out of the door, he was surprised by the applause of his supporters (myself, his cousins Stan and Brian, vacationing Paddy, and Gary Mac and Bob Slovik who were returning from working the night shift). We were all happy to see Mr. Mom return to the 'normal' life as was Karen who happens to be on vacation this week.
Click on the picture to see the big smile on Ron's face as he heads out to the rhythm of the Loverboy song 'Working for the Weekend'. In this case everybody's was watching.

Team Canada Now Complete 07-08-2004

It took almost 9 months to hatch but all 22 members of Team Canada have been selected for this year's version of the Wyder cup. The previous 2 years had featured team of 14 players while this year's version has expanded to 22. 14 of last year's player are back along with 1 player from 2004. We have repatriated Gary MacMillan from team USA. Among the 6 first timers are hockey MVP Doug Dixon, ex-hockey referee Freddy Beaudoin, young Brian Rose (Stan's brother), defence Dave Corcoran, and from the Tartan Pub, our youngest entry, Gary Nixon. Of course, may of you have guessed the Mystery Wyder as Tom Edge who will be driving up for the competition from his home in Virginia.  On Saturday, there will also be a Women's Cup with some 30 ladies taking to the course. This, along with a men's alternate foursome. Click on the link on the right for the latest news. Tartan Pub Hot Dog Kicks Off the Shutdown 21-07-2004
Once again the hot dog tournament kicked of the Canadair/Bombardier/L3-com shutdown. This tradition started many years ago. On the first Tuesday of the Canadair shutdown, which usually coincides with the construction holiday, a friendly golf tournament is 'organized' to celebrate summer. Some 27 golfers participated this year and the sausages and hot dogs were flying off the BBQ. Teams of three were drawn at random after the game and their combined score determined the standings. The team of Mike O'Neil, Gary MacMillan and Mike Kane took first place. The low round of the day was a 78 by Mike McKeown who was +1 after 14 holes but finished in a blaze of bogeys (and a double).
The action then returned to the Tartan Pub where Garold cooked up the dogs for all to enjoy. Click here for a slide show and maybe a chuckle.
First 'Real' French Canadian Makes the 2004 Wyder Team 19-07-2004
SergeFinally some Pepsi to go with our fries. Serge Larin, Monsieur e-Bay, has accumulated enough points to be reinstated to the 2004 edition of the Wyder Cup. The craftsman club maker will once again proudly wear the Team Canada colours and will try to match his 3 for 4 record of last year when he was paired up with Mike Goyetche (who has yet to be named to the team). Bienvenue Serge and bonne chance!

Two More Canadians Make the Wyder Cup Team 16-07-2004
With only 6 weeks until the showdown at the Oka Corral, two more golfers have accumulated enough points to be officially named to Team Canada 2004. The first is the Captain of the LTHC Bernie Goyetche BernDougwho got a critical point in the final round of last year's edition. He brings with him an immaturity beyond his years.
The second inductee is a rookie to the Wyder Cup and has promised a strict regiment of driving ranges for the next 6 weeks. He is Doug Dixon. He too will bring an unprecented level of immaturity to the proceedings.

The Odd Couple Captures Two Titles at Benefit Golf Tournament  10-07-2004Kalina
The weather almost cooperated fully at the 4th Annual Kalina Mitchell Golf Tournament for the benefit of the Lamplighters of the Montreal's Children Hospital. For the 3rd time in the 4 years, I shot the lowest round of the tournament. This year was a 76 at the Bel-Air golf course in Mirabel to win by 1 stroke over Mike O'Neil, last year's winner. On the other side of the coin, my wife, Myrna captured the most honest female golfer award with a 162 in her first time out this year.
Except for a 10-minute torrential rain shower, everyone had fun and raised a hefty sum for a worthy cause. As you can see by the picture (11th hole at Bel-Air), the umbrellas were out despite the blue skies.
Dave Mitchell thanked everyone for another succesful year and is already planning the 2005 edition. Thanks to all volunteers, sponsors and golfers. 

After 3 Months Our House Is Finally Painted 04-05-2004
On April 1st , I signed a contract with a painter who said that he could paint our aluminium siding that had faded from sun and acid rain over the 17 years of living in our house. This painter specialized in wood but was said he was ready to tackle our siding. A good wash, a coat of primer and two coats of acrylic paint was the plan. He was to start 'as soon as the weather would co-operate'. Well apparently it didn't often as he showed up only three times and always blamed the weather. Finally he was not returning his phone calls. I frantically looked for a painter to finish the job but no one was ready to take on the task. Last week, I saw an ad about guys who only do aluminium. They were a little pricey compared to my original estimate but our house was 1/3 painted and it looked like Mr, Denis Dupras of Beau Bois would never show his face again to finish.
In 3 days, the 2 young guys from with Dura-Tech restarted and finished the job. They supposedly guarantee their work for 10 years, so if it lasts it will have been a good investment. Click here for before and after pictures.
Wyder Cup Fever Strikes Boston 30-06-2004 Torphy
The Wyder Cup is heating up as the Boston Boys (and Girls) have rallied the troops and will be setting a new record of participation. At least 20 men will come north in August to try and recapture the cup that was strongarmed away from them in 2003. The Lady Wyder will be even wider this year with a dozen women making their way to the Great Green North to slap our balls into submission. Our advantage this year; none of the American players will be driving because they are all coming in by bus. If you can't figure out the advantage, you don't know our friends from Boston.
Stay tuned to the Wyder page for a profile of the Canadian team and the official announcement of the Yankee team.


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