June - July 2005

Canada Day One Week Late Friday July 8,2005
Thanks to Kevin Deschamps I got a couple pictures of Canada Day celebrations in 2mo. Thanks KD.


The Boys Are Back From the Rock Tuesday July 5, 2005
 The boys are back from their first visit to Newfoundland. Steve, Mike, Dale and Joey are seen below enjoying one of the attractions. They are actively promoting my website. Thanks boys. The arrow in the pictures is obviously pointing in the wrong direction. Dildo coincidently is not that far from Come-By-Chance. Maybe one of the boys can send me a brief description of their trip so that everyone can read about their adventure.


Sorry About Missing the Canada Day Celebration
 I apologize for not getting to the Canada Day festivities and taking pictures to post. Next year, I will try to get more involved. On all counts the entertainment and fireworks were very good. If anyone has a good picture, send it to me and I will post it.

Check Point 1 of the Year Long Challenge Friday July 1, 2005
July 1st is the first in 12 checkpoints for the Weigh To Go challenge. 2 out of 3 ain't bad as Slim drops 4 lbs. As usual click on the scale for the full update.

Coming Soon: My 10,000th Visitor Tuesday June 28, 2005
It's been just over 6 months that I have got my own website with my own domain name and no pop-up adds. (I was using free Geocities before). Although June is obviously slower than May, I think that my 10,000 visit will be coming up soon. Officially I am over 12,000 but the counter on my front page doesn't seem to work all the time. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to be my 10k visitor, I may have a special prize for you. (Mike M won my 1000th prize which is still accessible under the counter.) No cheating though as I can trace if you are doing refreshes to get to 10,000.
If you are visitor 10k, drop me an e-mail and not that I don't trust you, but a screen capture would be nice. Alt-Prt Screen puts the active screen in the clipboard that you can paste into an e-mail. Good luck. Below is a chart that I don't really understand but it shows that I had 2665 visits in May. 



Summer's Finally Here But You Don't Know Where To Go? Saturday June 25, 2005
If you are like Bernie, Mike or Richard, you probably don't know where to go to this summer. Click on various parts of the sign for a few suggestions.

This year, the 15th annual softball tournament will be for charity in memory of 'Rocky' Holt. For more info click here.

If you know someone with an LG cellular phone that uses a 3.7V Lithium battery like this one, drop me an e-mail. I found one and you can have it, free.


My Team Wins The Our Company Golf Tournament Friday June 17, 2005
It's hard to believe, but our company golf tournament was played on Friday. As I drove up north to the tournament in a constant downpour, I was wondering what we were going to do for a whole day being rained out of the tournament. Miraculously, the rain stopped as I arrived at Gray Rocks' La Bete course. Although it did eventually rain on and off, it wasn't enough to stop anyone. It didn't stop our team from squeezing to a win by beating two other teams by one stroke at minus 6. The tough part of this tournament is the maximum 5 drives per player. Our drive strategy obviously worked and everyone contributed towards the win with our bogeyless round. Though I have teamed up with Ed to win many times in the past 12 years, this is a new team and we'll have to defend the title next year. To make things even sweeter, Chantal won the big evening door prize of $2500 to fly anywhere Air Canada flies to. 

Tartan Pub One Night Lobster Festival a Hit except for the lobsters Thursday June 16, 2005
I promised you an update soon. Here are a few pictures of the lobster supper at the Tartan Pub.

It's Been a Slow News Week (2 weeks actually) Wednesday June 15, 2005
If you are a frequent visitor, you may have noticed a lack of updates. I wish I could say it was the weather that was to good to be inside updating my web site. Well the last couple of days have been horrible. On the positive side, the flowers are doing well. btw my link to Montreal weather is now the Environment Canada logo at the top. Don't forget that the icon on the top have links attached to them. The city logo for example links to the official Two Mountains web site. Tonight is a lobster night at the Tartan with two full steamed lobsters for $25.
Friday is my company golf tournament at Gray Rocks so I will be away and you probably won't see another update until late Saturday or Sunday. I promise some news regarding the Wyder Cup as Wobbit is visiting from Boston next week and should be announcing his Team USA line up. I will try to post more pictures on Sunday. For now, get your bib ready for lobster and browse the archives.   

Mike McKeown Aces the Tremblant Weekend Sunday June 5, 2005
Mike McKeown's ball on the 135 yard 5th hole at le Manitou touched three things. 1) It was sitting on a tee. 2) It got hit by a very good 8 iron. 3) It hit the bottom of the cup (no bounce). From the tee, the ball just disappeared, so no one knew it had gone in until we stepped up to the green and only saw one ball (don't ask about the other 2). Mike's ball had landed straight in the hole and broke the plastic cup liner and had made quite the ball mark on the way down. This is Mike's second career ace, the first one at le Victorien on November 5, 2000. Congrats to Mike and here is his scorecard. Stay tuned for pictures of the weekend to be posted on the My Golf Page link or click here if you are lazy.

The Stevenson's Reunite To Celebrate Lana's Milestone Thursday June 2, 2005
It was a family reunion that you don't see very often. When Alicia arrived in Two Mountains tonight, it completed the set. Everyone will be partying this weekend with the highlight taking place on Saturday. I won't say which birthday is being celebrated but Garold just hit the same milestone back in December.

Happy Birthday Lana!


Lana, Sparkle, Bobbi, Casey, Elayne, and Alicia pose by the Lake of Two Mountains - Photo by Paul Goyetche


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