September - November 2005

Apparently My Web Hosting Problem May Not Be Behind Me
 My saga may not be over. As I mentioned earlier, my ex domain 'owner' could be a holding the name hostage for a while in the hope that I go back and deal with them. So when my contract expires on December 5th, you might not be able to access this site for a while. Maybe it won't happen but the site is always available at This bypasses the domain name server. You should not need to use it but if my site looks down on Monday or Tuesday and you need your fix of Santa Claus parade pictures then jot that address down.

Good News - Bad News for Oka Golf Club Thursday December 1, 2005
The good news for golfers and bad news for the golf course is that next time you tee it up on #1, the big bad old tree just left of center is now gone. The tree fell a few weeks ago in the wind storm. I am sure the character and look of number 1 (and 10) have changed quite a bit. Another tree might be planted to replace it but it won't be big enough in my lifetime to make a difference. A thank you to Mother Nature for looking out after us an thanks Kevin for the info. Speaking of golf, you may want to look at this picture from the St-Eustache Sur Le Lac Golf Course in 1971. You might recognize someone.
Thanks to the Darlene Gaffney who sent it to me.

Welcome to the new website hosted by StartLogic Wednesday November 30, 2005
No more downtime. Let me know if it happens again because they promised 99.9% availability. The other neat feature, is I can access the editor from elsewhere and since I just bought a new laptop, I will be able to keep you posted on my whereabouts. Maybe not in Mexico and the Dom Rep. but anywhere else that matters. As promised, I will add more content like pictures of this weekend's Santa Claus parade and maybe even a video for you who are homesick or home sick. Tomorrow is the half way point in the weigh in's so stay posted. I am on the plus side but the last 6 months are what counts. Last weekend (November 25) the ice had almost completely covered the river. This has to be the earliest ever, although it's all gone now. Next time you see me, ask me about the new mayor surprise.

I Think Everything's Back to Normal with my website
Thanks for your patience during this week of transition. Here something sent to me by Don Michaud. Kiss this frog and make turn into something else. You have to kiss the screen to make it work. If you missed the house with the Xmas light show it's here and it's something else. It takes a little time to load but worth seeing.

I Am Now With My New Host
No more downtimes. My hosts have promised me. I am still trying to iron a few little thing. What you will now start to see more are videos and larger files. My new host will allow 5 gig of space and I am only at 2% usage. Room to grow and hopefully more content, more often. This doesn't mean I will put things here that can easily be linked to.
Well the Als tried hard on the weekend but it didn't work out again. The CBC Sports coverage however was great. HD cameras everywhere and the flying camera and 5.1 sound. Too bad the commentators were so bad. I am not sure which game they were watching. Till next year Als and shut up Jack Todd. 

As You May Have Noticed
My web site has frequently been down in the past few weeks. If you are reading this, it's is up. My current hosts are not providing very good service so when my contract expires on December 5th I am switching to a reputable host. I did some research on the best web hosts and took one that seemed pretty good. Only problem is that I am trying to set it up and I have been on hold for 51 minutes as I am typing this. Here is the scoop so far on domain and host transfers. Domain names are intellectual property of the owner (me) and you basically sign an agreement with somebody that puts the your domain name on the Domain Name Server (DNS) (more info) with a pointer to your host. The problem with some companies is that when they expire they keep them for a while. expires on December  5th. If my new host tries to get that name from Registerfly but for some reason they don't release it, then I have to get a new name. So in case doesn't work after December 5, my new website name will be That name is available today so unless someone registers it in the next ten days, that's what it will be. NOOOOO 67 minutes on hold and my cordless phone's battery went dead. I am back on hold. So far it doesn't look that I am going to have problems keeping my name. I finally got an answer 40 minutes more on hold.

Still Nothing Happening
November has been a slow month in the way of 2mo news and I have been busy. So this page has been turning into a cob web page. Add to that the fact that my page is unavailable because of my web host and what you have is what you get. I am going to try doing the switch Saturday but I am probably in for a big challenge. So here the Alouettes but they are there and that's 7 ninths of the battle. The following weekend is the annual Santa Claus parade. Unless the weather is really bad, I promise to go and take pictures and post them for you folks who like me have not been to the parade for many years. I will will you know on the morning of the parade (Sunday December 4th) and the pictures should be there that afternoon. For now, go do some Suduko here. Here is something you might not know. When you type a website in the url box in Explorer, if you type just the the name of the web site, like just google and press ctrl-enter, this will fill in the dot com and the preceding http://. For you slow typist this is a good trick.

Had a Rough Week
and working all weekend, so don't look for an update until maybe Sunday. Have a great weekend in the cold and Go Als Go!

We're back!! Monday November 14, 2005
Hi there. We just got back from a four day weekend in Chicago. It's a great city. Clean, safe and lots of stuff to do. I took a lot of pictures and I will post them some time this week. Right now there are 4 of them in my wallpaper section. Let me know if you like them.
On the Two Mountains front, there's not much is happening. I didn't hear yet if the request for a recount in the municipal election was granted in Sector 2 and 3.  There were a lot of mistakes being made when I voted during the advance poll. I got the wrong ballot and had to argue with them to give me the right one. Many other people had the same problem. I will try to find out if the judge allowed the recount. (Just heard and the answer is no)  

My website has been down all day (November 7) - My hosting company to be named later when I find someone else has pathetic service and is often down on Monday mornings. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully this nightmare will end soon.

Marc Lauzon Elected In Deux-Montagnes Sunday November 6 2005
Click on the Deux-Montagnes logo for full results Click on picture to enlarge.
Only 2 of the Citizens' Party were elected Nathalie Chayer and Gilles St-Marseilles. There was some confusion over Pierre Lapare. It was announced that he won but now it looks like a he lost by 11 votes. They did have problems with the machine at the polyvalente but it is not known if this is what caused the change in results. As you know I was backing Stephane Plante as I thought he had a very good understanding of the English community in Two -Mountains. He was gracious in defeat and obviously disappointed but said that it was a great experience for him even if the results were not what he wanted. He hinted that he will try again in 2009. Now we just have to wait and see how Lauzon handles his new responsibilities. It looks like his last ditch efforts by putting out a mud slinging flyer late last night and early this morning may have worked. Anyway we have 4 years of Marc Lauzon coming. We have no choice but to give him a chance to prove himself and prove that he knows what is right for this city and the English Community. If we hear any talks about a merger with Saint-Eustache than many of us will be able to say I told you so and we will have to fight to keep it from happening. Mr. Lauzon, the ball is now in your court, show us why you have been trying so hard to get it there.

Biggest Comeback Ever in SOMD Grey Cup
It looked like a washout for the Green team. Click on the SOMD link to find out what happened.

Get Your Election Results First on 2MOPAUL
I guarantee* that on Sunday November 6 at 8:30pm I will have the Two-Mountains municipal election or your money back. Simply click on the Two Mountain logo on top and you will get all the results in all the sectors within 30 minutes of the closing of the polls. The ballots are now being counted electronically and there is almost no possibility of human error. Unless there is no electricity, the results should be available and I will strive to be the first to post the results. Pictures may follow later in the evening.
not responsible for my web hosting service being down.

SOMD's Grey Cup Teams Are Picked
At the annual picking party, captains Jamie Gibson and his Tenille Ron Fitzmorris and Glen Morris and his Tenille Stan Rose (with his proxy Tenille, Gary) picked the next week's match up's for the SOMD Grey Cup to be held at the McGill practice field (Forbes Field)  which has had FieldTurf since 2002. Read about this and the amazing young-old game of this weekend on the SOMD link on the left or on top.

Doug Dixon and Family Brave Out Wilma
As many of you know, Doug and his family had moved down to the Naples area on a year round basis in July. It didn't take long for the Dixon's to experience a hurricane. Wilma passed over his new home without too much damage however some places around him were flattened and many trees were uprooted. Unfortunately, due to bandwidth, I cannot post the video footage but here are a few photos that he took of some of the damage. On Friday, the telephones lines and electricity were finally back for Doug and everything's back to 'normal'. As he says, we're here for a good time, not a long time.

Cascades Fire Sunday October 23.
I was asleep at the wheel on (not) reporting this fire on my website. I guess it's because I didn't have exclusive pictures. The news made the Globe & Mail but not my website.  The building won't re-open for many months as the whole first floor was quite severely damaged. All residents made it out safely thanks to the DM volunteer firemen and others who helped the evacuation. One of the residents Diana Jean McHarg would like me to pass this message I' d like to give praise and honor to our local fire fighters for their brave and dedicated work on October 2nd. Diana Jean is temporarily living in Chomedey until she moves back into the Cascades but would like to come back to 2 Mo earlier if she can find a ground level 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 apartment in Two Mountains. If you know of anything, send me an e-mail and I will forward her the info.

Municipal Elections Are Almost Here Sunday October 23, 2005
Now, all municipal elections in Quebec are held at the same date every 4 years. Only one week until the advance polls and two weeks to Election Day. The hours are noon to 8pm on October 30th and 10am to 8pm on November 5th. If you live near the water (Districts 1, 2 and 6) you are voting at the Legion and if you are in the center and north (Districts 3, 4, and 5) You are voting at the Polyvalente Deux-Montagnes (the campus). You don't need an excuse anymore to vote in the advance polls. As they say:  Vote Early and Vote Often but don't forget to vote.

SOMD Season Two Big Games Left Click on the SOMD Link

Sorry About The Down Time Tuesday October 18, 2005
Once again my wonderful web hosting company has screwed up my account. It was paid for until January but somehow the billing department forgot to tell the hosting department. I will not identify the company yet as I don't want them to unplug me, but their services are really bad. They are cheap but really bad at customer service. Plus they are in the USA and if I didn't have unlimited long distance, I would be spending a fortune on the phone with them. The good thing is they had me back up in only 45 minutes on the phone and 30 minutes wait time. The site was down all day though.

The Beer League Sunday October 16, 2005
Anybody who plays hockey in a 'beer' league (Toronto doesn't have these) should go this website and check the video. It's pretty funny and it could make for a pretty funny TV show for us guys to watch, This is reality TV.

Guess who this is? It's the same guy as in these wedding pictures.

Happy Gang Tournament Enjoys A Great Sunday Sunday October 2, 2005
Ron Kessler's 22nd Annual Happy Gang 3 on 3 Vegas was another success this year as the weather could not have been more perfect. With barely a wind to speak of, the 66 players set out to destroy the newly designed 18 hole Deux-Montagnes. The course conditions were perfect, the greens were fast and some of the holes were placed in precarious positions. Nevertheless, one team managed to score a minus -9 to take first prize. I had their names on a little piece of paper in my wallet. I remember it falling out when getting my Metro pass out. So if anyone know who they are, write me. Here are a few pictures of the shoot out. This is when I finally found my camera in my golf bag.

W.D.N.L. Kicks Off 20th Year Wednesday September 28, 2005
The Wednesday Night Dart League will start its 20th season on Wednesday September 28 with its regular fun night. Everyone that wishes to play or spare in the league is invite to join the tournament as captains scout the talent for the draft. The draft, currently scheduled for 2pm on Saturday will see that the 8 teams are formed in the best possible way. The year started in 1986 as a 4 man league when the new owners of the then Marquise Bar set up 2 dart boards for the friendly competition. The league then made it to the Legion where it eventually expanded to 6 teams and to its current 8 team format.
It now has been playing in the Tartan Pub for the last few years and is still going strong. There will be a new captain appointed this week as Mike Benk has left 2Mo and will probably not be playing. Keep up to date on the standings and the action on the WNDL link on the left.

More Stephane Plante News
Here is the latest communiqué about Stephane himself. You can visit Team Plante web site at I have been a hard time accessing it but it should be back up soon.

I might not be able to update my website until Thursday so here are a few things to keep you occupied.

  • The latest Stephane Plante communiqué about his party and the promise of no tax raise for 4 years. Click Here,

  • If you are having problems with the English language, this might explain why.

  • If you want to see a funny video, try the Black and Gus one on this page. It's the second one in the new section.

  • If you read this article in the October 2004 National Geographic, you will think you are reading the news of the last three weeks.

Happy reading and see you next week. Thanks for everyone's contribution on some of the links above.

The Wait is Over
Here is one picture of the wedding and here is the 40 odd picture slide show of Emma & Mike's wedding and reception.

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