June 2006 - July 2006

This has to be a record for developing a game
It only happened yesterday, yet someone has already come up with a game based on the World Cup event. Click here to be Zidane.

Canada Day Slide Show - Click here

Wyder Cup Saturday Venue Confirmed Tuesday July 4, 2006
As some of you may know, the St- Andre Golf Club will not be able to host our Saturday Wyder Cup because of prior commitments. Although the Friday venue still has to be finalized, the Saturday action will be taking place at the 'le Cardinal golf club. This course is less than a 15 minutes drive to the hotel where the Americans will be invading. It is also very close to Two Mountains although we will strongly recommend the use of cabs or other arranged transportation. Click here to find out more about the Wyder Cup 2006 edition.

in Two Mountains

Weather almost holds out for the festivities. The rain put a little damper on the final events of the evening however the show and the fireworks went on anyway. I will post some more pictures later on. For now, here is montage of some of the events. 





Stay tuned for more pictures

Birth Announcement
Emma and I are happy to announce the birth of our new baby boy.He was born June 28th 2006 at 5:49 Am at the Royal Victoria Hospital
He was is a big boy at 9lbs even and 22 1/4 inches long. Emma will be home by tomorrow afternoon she is doing very well. You can be
sure pictures will follow. Mike (Fitzmorris).
OK Mike forgot to give us the name in the first e-mail. His name is Quinn Lawrence Fitzmorris. Here are the first pictures.

Terry Collins
passes away after 2 year battle with cancer. Click here for details and link to guestbook
Peter Johanson
passes away after lengthy illness. Click here for details and link to guestbook

Canada Day in Two Mountains
Remember last week I was talking about inflatable games for the kids. Part of the program for Canada Day mentions Adult games AND inflatable rides. I say why not combine both. Get you mind out of the gutter and check out this site sent to me by Larry Bisson. It's a great idea and it's for real.

2 Mo's - 2 Cultures - 2 Celebrations:
St Jean Baptiste or la Fete Nationale:
Unlike in Saint-Eustache where the party was last night, 2mo celebrates St-Jean Baptiste (the 'p' is silent for you English people) on June 24th. The activities are held at Olympia park this. Opening ceremonies start at noon. The inflatable games start at 12:30 whatever that means. Musical entertainment starts at 3:00. The end of activities is at 6:00.

Canada Day:
Canada Day celebrations are making a comeback to Central Park (15th avenue) this year.
Personal comment follows: I never liked the LTM venue. Probably from the time we had to wear winter coats and the wind almost cancelled the fireworks. Also, it's a lot easier for me to walk to Central Park than to drive to the top of 20th.
Anyway, things get started at 11:00 with the Citizenship Ceremony at the City Hall and the traditional pledge to the Canadian flag at noon. The park activities start at 1pm and the bands go from 1:30 to Midnight. This year's bands include Tempest, Special Opps,
The Dukes and 2nd Thought. The Two Mountains Idol winners will be taking the stage at 9pm before the fireworks at 10. See you there. For more info go here and click on the Express link. It doesn't work today but hopefully they will fix it Monday.

Grand Prix Fever Hits Montreal Friday June 23, 2006
I had the fortunate luck to win a pair of Elite Loges tickets for the practice sessions of the F1 Grand Prix on Friday. Myself and 44 other winners from work were whisked away from our work parking lot by 20 odd vans from the Honda Racing Team.  Even without actual races going on it was quite a day being at the exit to the pit area and seeing these monster machines pull out of pit row and racing around the course in 80 seconds. I have put together a slide show of some of the day. Click on the Honda Logo for the slide show.

Wyder Friday NOT Confirmed yet Sunday June 18, 2006
The venue for Day one of the 5th annual Wyder Cup has been confirmed. Drum roll please ........... We will be playing the Friday portion of the Wyder Cup at Green Valley Country Club. With only two months exactly to the first tee-off, the good news came that we can get consecutive starting times for the whole group at this private golf club. We played this course earlier in the year and it was in impeccable shape as you can see by this slide show. The only compromise we had to do to get consecutive times is teeing-off starting at 8am instead of the usual 10 am which should change the Americans curfew on Thursday evening. Hopefully it won't. We will definitely try to get a practice round at Green Valley for Team Canada. Keep in touch by clicking the Wyder Cup link on the left.
Speaking of practice rounds, some of the boys from Boston are coming up early for the St-Patrick's Irish Society Golf Tournament and we will be playing on Monday afternoon for a warm up round. Unfortunately, I could only get 3 starting times at the Falcon Golf Club in Hudson. The confirmed players are: Fran and Wobbit Wall, Dave Pendergast, Bernie, Mike G and Kevin, Mike M, Richard, Stan, Ron F, me and Fred Beaudoin..

For Our Two Mountains and Yours Wednesday June 14, 2006
A message from Lee-Anne Hogan
Hello everyone, just wanted to give an update on my fundraising efforts for the walk. With just a little over 2 months left of training and fundraising I am becoming more and more excited about the weekend. Last year's walk was an unforgettable and amazing weekend. 3000 people who all came together with one goal in mind- to help end breast cancer- was extremely powerful. Everyday at work in the ER I am faced with so many woman who are affected with this disease. I actually chose to write this follow-up while on break at work this evening as one patient that I have today has significantly affected me...This lady is 45 years old diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.They thought they got everything. 2 weeks ago they found a mass in her right lung and tonight returns to ER. in extreme pain and difficulty breathing. X-rays show the mass has grown significantly taking over her right Lung.. now into the left...prognosis is horrible for her. Just way too young.

So I write you today to thank you for all your support...I have managed to raise over 2500$ with the help of our fundraisers "For our Two Mountains and Yours" and by some personal donations from you. I hope to surpass last year's total of $3250...so if you believe in the cause and can help, every dollar counts ..it doesn't have to be much.. donations over $10 are tax deductible...Cheques have to arrive at headquarters mid July to count for the walk, online donations can be made until the night before the walk. If you have any questions please email me or call at 450-974-7238...
Take Care and a million thanks for all your support .Boobies everywhere thank you too....Lea Anne Hogan
Go to this link if you would like to sponsor me or know more about where I am in my goal.

The Dukes' New Page.
The Dukes rocked the Pleine Lune last night. Click here for their revamped page with a slide show from the show.

It's Graduation Time Monday June 5, 2006
It's that time of the year when all the grad dances are happening and you been saving your money for the big night out. Some of you sold chocolates, washed cars, or mowed lawns to get enough money to buy a grad ticket for you and your date. You also saved a couple of bucks to bring your date to the Kon Tiki (where they don't check id). Just to let you know, it was really hard for us to save up the money back when we graduated. Check out my grad ticket from 1973 by clicking here. Enjoy the advanced graphics and the outrageous price.

Finally a Few More Pictures from My Surprise Party
I finally got to post a couple of more pictures from my party. 17 to be exact. If you saw the first twenty you can skip those by clicking here. If you want to see all 37 pictures click here. With over 300 pictures to choose from, it's hard to pick just a few dozen.

World Cup Fever Sunday June 4, 2006
The biggest event in sports is starting this week, the FIFA World Cup in Germany. If you don't know about this, then stop reading. If you do, you know it's soccer's (football) big showdown. As is the tradition to bet on all sports events (except wrestling), 16 Tartan patrons randomly selected their 2 teams for this year's grand spectacle. Since all the matches will all occur in German venues there will be a six hour difference in time. Most games times are 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00 which means 9, 12 and 3pm here in Two Mountains. For the NON-retired people of the community, there may be some sneaking out of the office for some games. Fortunately, the final is Sunday July 9th. Click here for the pool or go to the pools page.

Help Melanie Make Cancer History
Want to be part of a community that takes up the fight? Help me (Melanie) support the fight against cancer by pledging me for my participation in the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life.

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is an overnight non-competitive relay that celebrates cancer survivors and pays tribute to the lives of  loved ones. It involves teams of 10 people who take turns walking, running or strolling around a track to raise money to support the work of the Canadian Cancer Society. It's a night of fun, friendship and fundraising to beat cancer.

Funds raised through Relay For Life make a difference. They help the Canadian Cancer Society fund the most promising research projects in the country, provide information services and support programs in the community and advocate for public policies that prevent cancer and help those living with it. Help me support the fight against cancer by pledging me for my participation in the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life. It's easier than ever - just click here to pledge me.
Melanie Hutchison-Rose

Double 'Play" for the Pierre's
Pam Pierre is now a proud grandmother and mother. Firstly the grandmother part. Lucy Pierre picked such a great day to have her little girl. Miya Francoise Grimard was born on Friday, May 19, 2006 at
1:31pm. 9 3/4 inches 6 lbs, 11 oz. Congrats to the parents and the grandmother. Just think, I will be 100 for Miya's surprise 50th. Click on the picture for more pictures. To view or sign here on-line guestbook click here.

Secondly, Anne-Marie Pierre is directing another play. After her successful directorial debut of last year in See How They Run, she directs another play called  Pools Paradise which will be playing this week (June 1 thru 4th) at 214 14th avenue in Two Mountains (Christ Church Hall). The play written by Philip King is about Reverend Lionel Toop and his wife Penelope in quandary over her involvement in a football pool. Curtain time is at 8pm on Thursday to Saturday plus matinees on
Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. Ticket prices are $20 ($15 for Seniors and Students, $12 for groups of 10 or more) and the price for the matinees is $15. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Come and enjoy the show!

Four Korners Family Resource Center Holding Benefit Golf Tournament
On Saturday June 3rd, the Four Korners Family Resource Center will hold a benefit golf tournament at Le Victorien Golf Club. For more info click here. Your support would be greatly appreciated. You can also call Bob at 514-324-2229 who is helping organize the tournament.

The Dukes Makes Waves in 2MO.
If you attended last year's Canada Day celebration, you will probably remember Garry Anthony and his band now called the Dukes. Garry has been living in Two Mountains for many years now and has made a name for himself in the local (and Montreal) music scene. If you want more info on the band and its members simply click here. They have an upcoming gig on June 10th at the Pleine Lune and will be performing on Canada Day evening just before the headline band. More info on Canada day to come.

Sorry not lots of updates as promised
Although had planned a lot of updates today, my backlog of PVR saved television events got the best of me. So only updates are the pictures and results from the Tartan Tournament and an update to the coming events calendar of Legion Branch 185 which you can also get to by clicking the Legion logo on top.

I Have A Question Why do some people pronounce the make of this memory card Scandisk? If this stops one person from saying it that way, it was worth the entry. 

Paul's Weather Prediction for the Tartan Open
The sun was actually shining this morning just to prove that it is still there. Unfortunately, it will disappear very soon. Therefore is the PaulAccuGolfTM weather forecast. Almost everyone will tee-off in the rain. This means it will rain on and off between 9:30 and 11:15. By noon (or a bit earlier) everything will clear up for the rest of the round. The wind will definitely be a factor in this tournament. Keep your yours low and dry. It may rain later in the evening but we won't care. Anyone not leaving the Tartan on foot should be very careful as there are many road blocks set this weekend.

Tartan Tee times for the Spring Open Today

Mike & Jan O'Neil Proud Grandparents Monday May 15, 2006
The family is growing! On May 15th Mike and Jan's daughter Shannon gave birth to 10lb, 2oz (ouch) Makayla. Needless to sa
y all are brimming with pride. Congratulations to the happy parents and grandparents and welcome to Makayla. Click on the picture for some pictures.

Wow! Sunday May 14, 2006
What a night! The on again off again party for my birthday happened last night. I really thought that it was off and in complete surprise and shock when I arrived at the hall. The Mike Fitzmorris and Stan Rose get me to the senior men's with some story about Steve and somehow it never even came to my mind that that's what they were doing. I feel really dumb about not catching on and I couldn't believe that this party was actually happening. I will post a lot of pictures soon. If you saw my welcome page picture, you saw the banner (Less Miserable) . I will explain the significance of this later. Here is a general thanks for everyone that came to celebrate with me. I will certainly thank you personally for making my day...although it is not here yet technically.
My friend Murray had my camera all night and took almost 300 pictures. It's taken me a while to put some together but here is the first batch. Others to follow.  

Latest Golf Game Now Under Witness Protection Program Sunday May 7, 2006
There is something in the air this year. Let's say some of the play has not been up to par. The season is still very young so there is hope. From now on however, anyone playing with me and getting their score palmed will have the opportunity to remain anonymous. As you can see by my latest game (top right link), you can now camouflage your score by using a pseudonym for the scorecard. This will hopefully take the pressure off anyone playing with me. Of course, if you like your score, your name can remain unedited. You decide. I however will always appear as the first score, so if I change the name you will still know it's me.

Tartan Staff Shuffle Saturday May 6, 2006
There's been a lot of changes in the staff at the Tartan Pub lately. Yesterday, two new bartenders had their first solo flights. On day shift, was Kat (I believe short for Katherine) and on evening shift was Lesley. They both pour a mean beer (you will see later when I post the pictures of the beer). The patrons (or should I say patients) are very happy. For now I will post both pictures, but later this weekend I will tell you where the exiting staff is off to. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Go to the Tartan link for the whole news. Click here for a montage of the evening.

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