August 2006 - October 2006


3rd Annual Holy Family Car Rally - Cancelled
The HF car rally originally scheduled for today October 28 has been cancelled. I will keep you posted on when it will be held'

Lion's Club Book Sale This Weekend Oct. 21-22
Need a book or two for the long winter ahead? Why not drop in to Veterans Hall (the front part of the Legion that the city now owns. (I was asked to make this clear)) this Saturday and Sunday Oct. 21-22. To give an idea, last year, the prices were .50 for paperbacks & $1.00 for hard cover.
They do have a more expensive sections but great deals are to be had. Thanks to everyone who donated books. Come out a support a good cause. Help feed the Lions. In case you wondering if there will be any books there, there are over 21,000 with about a 50/50 of English and French.

Another Good Cause on The Following Saturday Oct 28
The Joe Boch Christmas basket fund raiser Blind Draw Dart Tournament at the Senior Men's Club on Cedar in Two Mo will be held on Saturday October 28th at 1 pm. Registration is between noon and 1. All proceeds go to the Christmas Baskets. $10 a player. For more information, contact Robert Michaud at 450-627-3702 or 450-627-6137. I usually stay away from blind dart players but this is for a good cause.

2 MO Halloween Game
Kevin Deschamps went around town one day last week with his girlfriend and had her pose in various locations. The result: 17 pictures of her in various places. His idea was to show a small picture of the lady and you have to guess where the pictures were taken. There are 17 pictures worth 1 or 2 points. If you get even close to 20 points you are doing really good. For you people that have moved away from Two Mo, you'll get to see a few new things that probably weren't there went you left. Click on the tab above to play. Get a pen and paper to add up your score. Send me your results. Click here or on top.

23rd Annual Happy Gang Golf Tournament
It was a miserably cold day but 63 golfers (instead of the original 78 from the first attempt 2 weeks ago) competed for the honours. The winners JB's team shot an impressive 7 under. 5 teams tied at -5 and one more at -4 one at -3 and two more at -2. All the teams were 'in the money' as organizer Ron Kesseler handed out the prizes to the 7 top teams. I will have a couple of pictures to post but it was so cold, I don't remember taking many.

Great Day At Carling
The weather cooperated as 19 of us made their way to Carling Lake. With no wind to speak of, some of the golfers went pretty low for this time of year. The closest to the pin prizes went to Brian(5), Mike G(7), and Bernie(15). Low score 77 by moi. More to come later.

Make the Long Weekend Even Longer
Here is a lesson on how to make the long weekend even longer. Take Tuesday off, and come play Carling Lake for $30 with cart/tax included. That is what is happening on 10-10-2006. So far we have at least 15 of the 20 spots I reserved taken. Through Can-Am golf there is a great end of season deal at Carling Lake golf course. Shot gun start is at 10:30 am and we will leave the Tartan Pub at 9am. Car pooling will be the order of the day. I will post the confirmed players on Friday. Sent me an e-mail if you are interested. First come first served unless I can get more spots. Here are the confirmed people: Me, Mike McK, Brian, Stan, Maurice, Ron, Glenn T, Mike Carp, Boutch?, Bernie, Earl, Richard, Mike G, Gary C, Darrin. Still waiting for confirmation from others . If the weather cooperates it could be a great day. If not some people will have to revert to working.

3rd Annual Holy Family Car Rally
Get your motors running as Saturday October 28th has been chosen for the 3rd annual car rally. For only $40.00, which includes supper for the driver and navigator and prizes and door prizes, you can enter your vehicle in this fun day. For more info and / or tickets call Lynne Fougere at HOLY FAMILY church. 450 473-2163. This has been a popular event, so join up soon.

Opening of Season 21 of  WNDL Darts delayed one week
The WDNL will postpone the beginning of Season 21 by 1 week and will start regular season play on Wednesday October 11th. October 4th will be another small tournament for anyone who would like to warm up for the year. Please pass the word to other's and hope to see you Wednesday. Last week's mini tournament was won by yours truly and Tom Murphy who qualified for the semi finals in the last wild card spot. btw, Why hasn't anybody ever changed their name to Yours Truly.

New Section on 2MOPAUL.COM
I am going to try something new on my website. A few people have approached me to tell people that they have certain things to sell. Heck, I may want to get rid of stuff too. The new section will called the 2MOMart. Simply send me an e-mail describing what you are trying to sell (or give away) and I will post it on my 2mo-mart page. The listing fee will be cheap. Free if no one is interested and if you are lucky enough to sell it through my site the fee will be 'buy me a beer' next time I see you. Of course if you make a lot of money, two beers could be in order. To get to it, simply on the on 2MOMart above. The first item is now up for sale. I don't want to post names and phone numbers on-line but when you send me an email on any item I will provide you with the contact info for that item.

Looking for an autumn deal on a golf game or are you going to Florida to escape the impending weather?
Check out CanAm golf website by clicking the logo on the left corner. The membership is free and you will have access to a multitude of golf, hotel and sports event in Florida. The site is divided into a Canadian section and a Florida section with many deals in both. Whether you are a snowbird or you just want catch one last round before the snow falls, check them out. If you register, tell them 2mopaul sent you and you will get a 100% discount in the membership fee.

End Of Summer - Darts Begin
The 21st season of the Wednesday Night Dart League is about to begin with its annual kickoff tournament on Wednesday September 27. The venue will once again be the Tartan Pub. The 32 player league will start the regular season on October 4th with the playoffs ending around April 1st. This year we will be recruiting a couple of new players, so this is the time to join the league as a regular player or a spare. Drop in for the fun night this Wednesday and see the boys back in action. Registration is at 7 and the action starts at 7:30.

Scotty's Got A Brand New Bag - Almost
Finally some news from Scott Martin. He has left Mark Brooks and has been hired by Notah Begay the third. There's a whole new update on how this happened. Scott has caddied for Notah before so I guess Notah's brother is out of a job. Notah is struggling this year with only 2 out of 9 cuts made, but he is confident that better times are ahead. I am not sure if he still does this, but other than winning 4 PGA events Notah is known for putting right AND left handed on the greens depending on the break.Go to Scotty's page for a full story.

LTHC Hockey Marks End of Summer
Unfortunately, the beginning of hockey marks two things; aching muscles and the end of summer as we know it. Where did it go? On September 11 at 5pm the LTHC will Don their skates and start yet another new season. It will continue on September 15 with the Friday version at the same time (5pm). Sharpen your sticks and get your equipment cleaned and play the greatest game on ice.
Yet another end of summer sign is with us. The start of the 41st season of the
SOMD touch football kicks off this Saturday at 10:30ish. Yes it's the annual ''where is there a park with out soccer on it?' game. We will be searching the area code for a free football field. Join the fun. Visit both the LTHC and SOMD links on the left for more info on both leagues.

Sean Magill Memorial Tee-off times My Accu-Paul Forecast - light rain windy. Better weather than the last 3 Tartan tournaments. Click here to see for yourself. Never mind. The overnight rain has made the course too wet to take carts therefore it was decided to cancel the tournament. This may be a first in the 58 years of this tournament. The meal at the Tartan will still be served but will be moved ahead to 3:00pm. Ernesto got the best of us this time, so see you next May.

A Hole-In-One for Wyder Cup Member
August 31, 2006. Team Canada member Mike Goyetche accomplished  the dream of every golfer by acing a hole in his round at Lachute on Thursday. Not only was the feat a remarkable one by itself, but it happened on a very unlikely hole: hole 5 on the Lachute #1 course. What is special about that hole you ask? It plays all of 222 yards off the regular tees and to hit the green is a major accomplishment. The staff at Lachute don't remember ever hearing about an ace on that hole. Mike did it with the only club that he has to reach that far, his trusty driver. Congrats Mike, I don't know his final score but who cares? Actually it was a very good 78. Click here to send Mike an e-mail. Yes, he can read and he now has entered the computer age. By the way, there were 3 witnesses Bernie, Serge and Richard. They also witnessed all the free beer that Mike bought after - not. Here is a picture of their foursome - sort of.    

4 Korners Family Resource Center Announces Fall Program
As many of you know, the 4 Korners Family resource Centre situated just above the Tartan Pub has been running some interesting programs. They have providing excellent services to the English community of all ages. They have just ann
ounced their fall programs. Click here for more info.

Tartan Fall Classic Almost Here
August 23, 2006 - I really hate to say this but we are only 10 days away from the unofficial end of summer. Not really, but it seems that after Labour Day everything goes downhill. On the bright side, we are closer to the start of next summer. No matter, it's time to sign up for the September 3rd Sean Magill Memorial Golf Tournament. The sign up should be posted at the Tartan soon. Sorry if the Wyder Cup has taken from row center on these pages but that's mainly due to work which has been taken up way too much of my time, with no end in sight. This week my visit counter did hit 1 third of 100,000 visits. That's in 20 months. Thanks for your support and keep visiting. There's some big news coming up in the next month or two so come back often.
A lot of people have commented on my welcome page that some of you skip by book marking this page and wonder where these pages go. Frankly these 'splash pages' are just replaceb by doing a save over the old one. But I have kept the originals and I am providing you with a link to see them. These pictures or montages are usually seasonal or topical or sometimes just stupid. Click here to see the old page images.

Canada Reclaims the Wyder Cup
Click here for Detailed Results

Click here for an 80 picture slide show - Click here for a 40 picture slide show by Kevin Deschamps


Canada leads Wyder Cup after day One

Click here for Saturday's final pairings


2 Days to Wyder
August 16, 2006 - Still another scratch on team USA. Artie (Abdelahad) has had to pull out of the competition. Yet another Canadian has been recruited for the Americans. No other than junior golf champion Ron Potter will be donning the Red White and Blue to battle the Canucks. Although  a little nervous about the yipps, Ron has agreed to fill Art's shoes for the 2 day competition. The final pairings are hopefully final, although there may be some changes tomorrow as Team Canada meets at the Tartan (at 7pm). It looks like there may be a few US'ers that will also be joining the team Canada meeting. Also, right after Friday's round, the Team USA bus will be heading to the Tartan for a snack and a few malt beverages..

August 14, 2006 -  Another scratch on Team USA will have Team Canada move at least 2 players to back to the Minutemen. The final line-up will be made official on Tuesday evening, so stay tuned. The first tee-off time on Friday will be at 7:00am. A Thursday practice round has been arranged by Ron F. There are still a few spots around 9am. Call Ron to book one of them. Saturday's action will start at noon on both courses. The Ladies' Wyder also tee-off at noon. There will also be an unofficial Team Canada meeting at the Tartan on Thursday night around 7pm. A curfew will be enforced due to the early tee-off Friday morning.
Come back Wednesday to see the team line-up and pairings. Friday Pairings are now in posted follow the Wyder Link.

Friday Wyder Cup Moves Again
The venue for the 1st round of the WC has once again been changed. Not only the venue, but the tee-off times have been moved ahead so that we can all finish on the 18th hole. Our new venue is le Cardinal which is also hosting our Saturday's round. This year, the men's competition is up to a high of 30 players per team. That's up 10 from last year and a new record.  We are expecting 100 people for the banquet on Saturday evening. Initial team line ups are posted. Go to the Wyder Cup link on the left. For those who did not get my e-mail, the official team Canada practice and qualification round will be held at Cardinal on Friday August 11 at 8:00am. Contact me for more info. Here are the confirmed players for the practice round.

My Picture of the Month
am starting a new feature called my picture of the month. It will be available by clicking the POM logon on the top. Remember all logos on my menus are clickable not lickable. Did you know that lickable is not a word? Yet I know many things that are lickable. Let's start a petition to Webster to add that in. As usual I digress. I have allowed myself the use of the POM bakery logo for my new feature. Some of you may not know that POM is an acronym for Pride Of Montreal (now you know) but in my case will be Picture(s) of the Month. I didn't like POTM. Anyway, hopefully every month, I will take a picture that is worth a click. This month's was taken on the Oka ferry on the way to the Hudson Theatre. If you like dogs, I think you will like it. If you like cats, go to the bottom of that page.

Do You Have Your Power Back?
If you are reading this you the answer is probably yes or you don't live in Two Mountains. Last night, we were hit with a violent storm that knocked out power to most of 2 Mo. We didn't have it for 23 hours and the neighbours still don't have it. Most of Oka road is still out including the Tartan, the pool hall and the Pleine Lune. No bars in downtown Two Mountains. What to do? Anyway, the weather's been quite something this year and last night was especially bad. Our little sector took quite a beating. Many trees down. 2 of the 3 ways out of here were blocked. A wire in the middle of Lakebreeze and a tree across Crescent. Click here for a montage of some of the damage. 

Anne-Marie Pierre Holds A Drama Day Camp
Don't know what to do with your 'yute' between 7 & 13 years old. Why not enroll him/her in a 2 week Drama Day Camp at the Cliff Parr Library in Two Mountains. They will learn everything from voice to improvisation. Register now as it starts in less than 2 weeks. For all the details, click here

Little Joey Fitzmorris Turns 30 Say it ain't so, Joe
Joey Fitzmorris celebrated his 30th birthday on the 30th of July. He gave himself a surprise party on Sunday the 30th. Yes Sunday at Brutopia where is is gainfully employed. The surprise was how many people showed up on a Sunday or how many people don't have to work on the Monday morning. Commissioner Joe was impressed by the turnout including many people that traveled a long way to celebrate with him. I was one that couldn't stay around for the festivities as I was working early Monday morning. Nevertheless I did get a few pictures that you can see by clicking on Joey's picture on the left.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Café Lola!
Next weekend, August 5 to be exact, is the 1st anniversary of Café Lola on Oka road in Two-Mountains. The very successful venture opened a year ago by
Cathy Rickert and Kate Baldwin has attracted many people. The quality of food and service is exceptional and you'll always bump into friends when visiting. Keep up the good work and we wish you many more years of excellence. Flashback to opening night.

Annual Hot Dog Tournament Just Days Away
Many of you are familiar with the Annual Tartan Hot Dog golf tournament. Actually this tournament precedes the Tartan by many years and has been a long standing tradition. It has been held every year to celebrate the summer break mostly from Canadair people however it has spread to many others by now. It has always been on the first Tuesday of the break (this year, July 18th). It is called the 'hot dog' as the golfers traditionally returned to their favourite drinking hole (the Tartan) to scoff a couple of hot dogs and down a couple of beer to celebrate the 'real' start of summer. This year there is a twist as instead of playing the local course (Deux-Montagnes), we have a special deal with cart at the Falcon. The cost will be $45 plus $5 for a little cash prize for the winners at the end. Unofficial tee-times and foursomes here. Please wait until Monday night for tee-time and foursome confirmations. Registration is now full. Carpools will leave the Tartan starting at 6:45 for the earlier times.
For pictures and results of the Hot Dog Tournament click the 'My latest golf games' icon at the top right

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