November - December  2006

Mark Your Calendars For Saturday May 5th.
On Saturday May 5th, 2007 a Phil Collins Tribute Band (I think it's called In the Air Tonight, will confirm) will be playing at Two Mountains Olympia Theatre. Tickets are NOW available to Two Mountain resident only and will be offered to the general public stating this Friday December 15th. Get you good seats now. $30. It should be another Two Mountains event that shouldn't be missed. This could be their website. It's not.

Funny Web Site
Mike McK sent me this link Try it out as the Fitzmorris' did. Kieran, Quinn and Mike

Rumours of Varadero As Wyder Cup Venue
By clicking on My last golf games or here you will see that the Wyder Cup felt at home in Varadero, Cuba. This would be the ideal venue for the Wyder Cup as Canada would be assured of victory (by default) unless Fidel passes away and the USA decides to exploit the beaches this nearby country. The date has not been set yet so we will wait for Captain Wobbit to agree on the venue.

We're back!
Regular visitors may have seen very little activity on my site in the last few days. The reason is that we just got back from Varadero Beach, Cuba. This is probably why you will not see me at the Santa Claus parade today. I don't think I could be standing in the snow after being in 28 degree weather for 7 days. I had hoped to update my site from the hotel's internet access but found out quickly that it was not an option. 3 reasons for this, 1) the two computers were very old and slow. 2) internet access was painfully slow. 3) the computers were locked down where you could not even open Explorer. At almost $4cdn for 15 minutes I got to read 3 e-mails, send 2 tiny messages and found out that my website update site was locked down so I couldn't access it. Anybody going to Cuba better not have too many plans to access the outside world. I am very happy I didn't bring my laptop hoping to find wireless access somewhere. It was a real holiday and I recommend Cuba for anyone that is on call at work. There is no way you will be reached and you can have a real holiday like in the good old days (the twentieth century).
Anyway, I put a few (~70) pictures of our golf/beach trip together. If you want to see them go to my Cuba trip link (here).

Please excuse the broken links.
You may notice a few broken links on these pages. The transfer of servers did not go as smoothly as expected and I had to revert to strong arm tactics to get this to work again. Thank you for your patience in these trying times but it might take me a week or so to recover.

You're Number 1
You may have noticed that you are my first visitor. Actually you are around my 45,000 visitor but since I have been on my new server, my counter is broken. If you are familiar with Front Page Extensions, they seem to be broken. That's probably why my last update date doesn't work. I am trying to iron this out, but my guess is that it won't be fixed for a week because I may not be able to update my site for a bit. Speaking of Christmas, just kidding, the Santa Clause parade is just around the corner. At least, in 2Mo they wait until December. It's on Sunday December 3rd. The Montreal one was on November 19. I heard my first 'holiday' song on November 6th at Sears. It did everything but put me in the holiday spirit. At least in the USA they wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start their festive music. I think they do anyway. And by the way, although I did it in this article, I will not use non-secular names to call a spade a spade. Christmas is coming and so is Hanukkah. I hope no one is offended.

Click Here for a Chance at Kim's Pussy

Dog Owners of 2 MO, Any Suggestions?
Read this blog. You may not recognize that it is about Two Mountains, but it is. Click here if you have any suggestions on what to do.

Legion Slide Show Part 2 Click on the Legion Emblem

Here is the link to the Australian Open: Australian Open Golf
Lonard shoots a 3rd round -2 to tie for 9th place going into Sunday. Good luck Peter and Scott.

Legion Branch 185 Celebrates its 60th Anniversary
The Royal Canadian Legion in Two Mountains held its 60th annual Remembrance day supper on November 11th. Click here for some pictures of the event.

Speaking of Veterans. There are still 3 Canadian Veterans of World War One alive to day. To sign an online petition calling on the
Prime Minister to offer a State Funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada . They are 106 and 105 years of
age, so hurry up and click here to sign. The goal is 100,000 signatures and they were at 65,000 on Sunday afternoon.

NOTE - Interruption In Service (eventually) will be unavailable for 6 hours some time over the next few days as I migrate to a new more powerful server. This should allow me to use new features and increase my space. The new contract that I have signed with my provider,, gives me 10 times more space and 15 times more bandwidth. For those who have been visiting me since my geocities days (2003), I now have 3000 times more space than I had back then. Look for more video content and maybe a complete redesign. It depends on the weather and the tools I acquire to update it. Just to give you an idea of the size of this website now. It contains over 9550 files and is 200 meg. My new space would allow me to grow 250 times over. I won't do that but I won't remove stuff as it grows. Since I will be moving servers, I will have to reload all those files so it could take more than 6 hours to get everything back up. Latest word is that it will only be happening Monday and there may be little interruption.

Legion Members - Click on the Legion Emblem to find out about the Poppy Campaign, To see Terry Kelly's video a Pittance of Time click here and click on Video. Take the 4 minutes to view this before Remembrance Day.

Jacques 'Bo' Legault Passes Away
Long time resident and city councilor 'Bo' Legault passed away on Sunday November 5th after a 6 year fight with cancer. Bo was always actively involved in the city and the youth sports programs. The final arrangements have not been made but will be appearing in the Montreal Gazette later this week. A Monday service at St. Agapit church with visitation at Guay Funeral home on Sunday are the most likely possibility. I will keep you posted. Sincere condolences to the Legault family. Posted in the Gazette below:

LEGAULT, Jacques. 1932-2006. In Deux-Montagnes, on November 5, 2006 at the age of seventy-four passed away Jacques Legault. He is predeceased by his daughter Jo-Anne. Beloved husband of Arlette Dupont. He leaves to mourn his daughters, Eileen, Francine (Jean Demers), Celine, (Ron Ehlers). Will be missed by his five grandchildren, his sister Leona, also his brother-in-law Robert, nieces and nephews, family and friends. The family will receive condolences on Sunday, November 12, 2006 at Salons Funeraires Guay Inc., 1004 Chemin Oka, Deux Montagnes. The funeral will take place at the St. Agapit Church of Deux-Montagnes, on Monday, November 13 at 11 a.m., followed by interment at the Deux-Montagnes cemetery. Visitation hours on Sunday, November 12 from 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 p.m., Monday from 9 a.m. Donations to the Montreal General Hospital Hematology Department would be appreciated.
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 11/11/2006. Sign/view his guestbook

O'Neil's and Friends Shave Their Heads in Support of Jan
As many of you know, Janice (Norton) O'Neil is going through radiation and chemo therapy right now. The doctors told her she would likely have lost all her hair by now. Other than Makayla, Jan is the only who hasn't lost it as we see in the picture below.
Good luck Jan and we all wish you a speedy recovery hair or no hair. To send Jan an e-mail click on this address


SOMD Grey Plans Finalized
The SOMD Grey Cup field has finally been confirmed. We are playing in Forbes Field (the practice field for MgGill)  Click here for an aerial view of the field before it was all redone with field turf. The bus will be leaving the Tartan Pub at 11am sharp as the game starts Noon and must finish by 2pm. For those of you interested in breakfast, some of us will be at Golden BBQ at 10am. The first bus will return to 2 mo at around 8pm while the second load will be driven home at around midnight. This year's viewing of the game will be at PJ's Pub on upper Lachine Road at around 3:30 when we will be arriving there. There may be a pit stop on the way to PJ's. If you are interested in joining the trip, the bus will cost approximately $20 depending on the number of people on it.

Scott Gets the Job with Peter Lonard
Great news. Scott Martin has been offered and has accepted the job caddying for Australian Peter Lonard. He will be carrying the bag for Peter in a few upcoming events in Australia where Peter has played well in the past years. Read the latest update by Scott who is on his way up for a visit to 2 Mo. He's bringing good weather up with him. He will probably be dropping in at the Tartan on Wednesday night during darts. It will be nice to see him after a long absence.

SOMD Grey Cup Teams Picked
On another miserable day on the field, we managed to play and continue the 'playing' while picking next week's Grey Cup teams. Go to the SOMD link for pictures and the teams.

Golf Season Comes to an End
Many golf courses are pulling the flags out after this weekend as the season draws to a close. I probably got my last licks in on Friday. Click My latest golf game for a picture of the leaves. This has been the worst autumn in my memory weather wise (especially weekends). We have had one decent Saturday since Labour and maybe 3 Sundays since August 19th. Today (Oct 28) is one of the worst but the SOMD touch football will still play on what is surely to be a very wet field. Today we pick the teams for the grand finale next Saturday. Maybe we will get lucky next week. The odds should be in our favour. Click on the golf ball in .com for an inspirational message sent to me by Jean.

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