February - March 2007

St-Anne's Hospital Veterans Day at the Legion
I apologize for being so late on this story but here it goes. On Saturday March 10 was the annual visit of some veterans that are hospitalized at St-Anne's. It's only the second year that I have had a little part in this day but I am very proud of the job that our Legion did in welcoming these folks and giving them a day to remember each year. They were treated to entertainment by four Irish dancers, the band Stagecoach and the legion's own bucket band. They were also treated to a fine meal and some refreshments. To top off the trip, they each received a bag containing some gifts to remember us by. When you think of what some of these vets did for our country, this a small token of our appreciation from us. It's also nice that our branch has not forgotten them and keep this event going strong. Once a month, some of our members visit St-Anne's to help the vets pass the time. Thanks to everyone who organized this and all the people that volunteered in different manners to make this day what it was. Click on the Legion Icon above for pictures of the day.

A Grand Day Despite the Snow
The weather didn't exactly cooperate but the somewhat smaller crowd made this Saint Patrick's day a memorable one. From the Irish Coffee's in the early morning at Mike and Emma', to a great supper at O'neil's in Rosemere to a Grand finale at the Tartan Pub with Squidjigger leading the way, this was one long day which is the reason I am writing this instead of being in town for the 'Big' parade. The entertainment for the day at Fitzmorris household was second to none. The queen for the day, Lisa Norris and the Irishman of the day Bob Daley lead the parade almost in the same direction around the snowy streets of St-Eustache. This was the first Saturday parade in the neighbourhood so the non-
Irish population were a little perplexed to say the least. Many of them were clearing their driveways and had to stop for the 70 or so walkers. Many people stayed in the warm house instead of partaking in the yearly ritual walk. By late afternoon the weather got better and the evening walk to and from the Tartan was very pleasant. Click on the picture for a slide show of some of the festivities.

Top of the Snowy Saint Patrick Morning
This is the first time in recent memory that it actually snows on Saint-Patrick's day. It should make for a challenging day at the Fitzmorris parade and we will see how the 'big' parade goes on Sunday. The Tartan is setting up for their first live band in a while and the 1st Saint Paddy's live band (The Paddingtons). Squid Jigger promises to deliver an equally fine evening. The band is supposed to start at 9:30 however the snow could affect that start but only by a few minutes. Get out your green and come out an play in the snow.

Two Great Shows Coming to 2 Mo
Believe or not May is just around the corner. Just a reminder about one show and a notice about a new show coming on May 26th, at the Veterans' Hall (Legion). Firstly, if you don't have your ticket for the Phil Collins cover band playing at Olympia on May 5th, there are still some available. It's not the Genesis Reunion Tour but this band has had rave reviews and the tickets aren't 215 bucks. Click here for tickets and the entire Olympia line up for the season.
The other great show that is coming this way on Saturday May 26th is called Rock 'n' Roll Memories featuring the the Star Image Band. This show is for a good cause, the MUHC Youth Oncology Clinic and includes a spaghetti supper. Click here for all the details including ticket info. Anyone willing to help by serving dinner would be greatly appreciated.

You Might Not Have to Change the Time on Your PC!
One of your settings may just be wrong. Just double click on the clock in your task bar and then click on the Time Zone tab. Make sure the check mark in on at the bottom. It should work from there. One hour closer to spring.

Spring Forward - Early
You might be aware of the but the USA Energy Act of 2005 included a change in the Daylight Saving Time for the US which Canada and Bardados also adopted. It basically extends the DST by 4 weeks, 3 in the 'spring' and one in the fall. So technically we can't say spring forward anymore as the DST change will now occur in the winter. It will be beneficial in that we we will have one less hour of winter from now on.
What does this mean to us? Here are 4 things that may affect some of you. 1) Computer systems that have not been altered with a special DST patch may show the wrong time for the next three weeks (until someone manually changes it). You probably won't see anything as Microsoft has patched this in XP and you are probably on automatic updates. 2) If you travel to Mexico in the next three weeks, you will have a time change even to places like Cancun. Mexico is not following suit for this time shift. I assume that Cuba is also not following USA' lead. 3) I will be much harder for Mike Emma to clear their house at 6 on Saint Paddy's day as the sun will only be setting around 7pm. This will leave little time for supper between the Fitzmorris' and the Tartan where Squid Jigger will be playing the night away. 4) and finally for the fall, Halloween will be a little brighter each year. When I was a kid, I remember tat it was almost taboo to go out trick or treating when it was still sunlight. Obviously that will change this year which will mean that the night may not be as scary as usual. One final note, The SOMD Grey Cup celebration will be extended by hour for the people who take the 2nd bus home as that will be the morning that we fall back. This is not necessarily good news.

This Saturday March 10 - Mixed Triples Dart Tournament
If you want a dart challenge this weekend, there is a tournament at Saturday at the Laval West Legion. Mixed triples means a three man team with at least one of the men being a woman. Registration is from 11:30 am. to 12:30 pm and play begins at 1:00 pm. The charge $10.00/player. The address is 861 Blvd Ste-Rose, Laval West. For more info call Robert Michaud @ 450-627-3702 or 450-627-6137.

Tartan Pub Getting Live Music for St. Paddy's Day (March 17th)
This year's Saint Patrick's celebration should be quite special. For one, it falls on a Saturday which hasn't happened since 2001. Secondly, the Tartan Pub has booked a great (Celtic) band for the occasion. The band is called Squid Jigger and have broken through the downtown circuit in the last 2 years. They are an excellent band with fiddle, guitar, bass and Bodhran. They know quite a few Great Big Sea songs and tons of traditional and Newfie songs. They are playing at Hurley's Pub in the afternoon and making their way to 2mo to start at the Tartan at 9:30pm. It should be a blast and a good place to go finish off the day's celebration. Of course, the following day is the Montreal Irish Parade so heads may be a little groggy in the morning. To learn more about the band, click on the emblem on the right. Hope to see you all at the Tartan on the 17th. I am sure you will see pictures of the event on this website in due time.

What NHL Venue Had 20 Moveable Walls On Saturday?
The Answer: The Bank North Gardens in Boston (ex Fleet Center). The full Wall clan watched as the Montreal Canadiens were beaten handily by the Bruins. They even made it to the Jumbotron as the USA Wyder Cup Team. The game was not on regular TV in Montreal which was good considering the result. I am waiting for pictures to post on the website for everyone to see. A good time was had by all as always when the Walls congregate. Here is a picture of some of the pregame activity where the gang hooked up with some Canadiens' 'roadies'.

So You Think You Know Your Geography?
Click on this link if you are Canadian and try it out. Americans, try this one. After that you can try any others you dare. I thought I knew my geography but I scored 38/39 on Canada and 129/150 on USA. That was my first try. I would do better now. It's a great way to learn your geography.

Peter Lonard Comes Up One Stroke Short of Win
Scott Martin will be coming home from Mexico with a smile and some pesos as his player Peter Lonard almost captured the first annual Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera Maya near Cancun. Peter birdied the 18th hole for the 3rd time in 4 days to grab solo 3rd place but he missed the playoff by one stroke. Funk and Coceres went on to the playoffs. I am sure that Scott will be writing to say just how close it was to a win. Peter had missed a couple of putts by inches early in the week, so it was pretty close. Nevertheless is was a great pay day for Peter and I am sure a confidence boost. Congratulation to Peter and Scott and continue the good work in Florida. 

Hey My NL Friends
I know I have visitors from the Rock yet my 'where are you from?' survey says different. Don't be shy. Take the survey by clicking the green tab above. I will leave the survey open until the end of the month.

PGA West Stadium - The Beast Not Tamed
A bad day at the golf course is better than a good day at the office. Today, it was a toss up.

Happy Valentine's Day From La Quinta, CA
I wish you all a happy VD on this day of love. I am saving mine until I get back into the cold on Sunday. I hope you don't all miss me and if you have get the chance to come out here and play golf, do not pass it up. You only live once, so enjoy it while you can. Take it easy with those shovels. I am off to the hot tub. Excuse me for rubbing it in, but I paid big bucks to have that privilege. Warmest regards, Paul..later.. Couldn't resist putting in the picture. Keep warm... If you click on the picture, it will take you to Google maps. The big pool on the top left is right beside this hot tub.


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