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Summer is Coming to a Close
Only a dozen days until autumn officially kicks in and all the signs are here. SOMD Touch Football started it 42nd season on Saturday. WNDL darts will start early this year with the regular season starting on September 19th (the draft will be held on the 12th). Finally this week is the start of both Monday and Friday hockey leagues. This once again means that my trunk will be multitasking as both the softball and golf season are still not finished. Legion Softball is winding down with only 3 games left. Check the Legion site for more info. As far as golf is concerned, there remains a few tournaments and for the die hard golfers, this is just mid season. Last year, some people played into December. The extra week of daylight savings won't really help things but it will surely make a difference at Halloween in previous years the sun would set at 4:45 and this year will be at 5:45. This will cut into the scary evening slightly. On the bright side the weather is pretty good as you may have noticed by my lack of updates. This also has been due to a couple of video projects I have been working on.
Don't forget that if you are into 2 mo nostalgia, I am adding to the Bob Normoyle scrapbook fairly often, it's now a link on the left and it contains 25 pages of old clippings from the victory. To anyone else with scrapbooks that would be of interest to everyone, I will gladly digitalize and post them and provide you with a CD containing all the pages when they are restored. I also will have a couple of fun links for you soon. Also coming soon is an interesting story (I think) about the Auberge Beaux-Reves that is owned and operated by Hannes Lamothe (ex St-Eustachian).

Ernie Butler - 1949 - 2007
All of you that played in the 4 Korners golf tournament remember the emcee Ernie Butler, founder of the Comedy Nest. Unfortunately, that will have been the last time most of us will have seen him. Ernie passed away after a short battle with stomach cancer. The Comedy Nest will be closed this week but at Ernie's request will re-open next week. The obituary will be posted here in a little while.  

While You Are Waiting
For more news from me,
Here is an interesting game that could keep you busy for a while. I am on Stage 15 of 33. The instructions look difficult but it's really not that hard to play. If you need the codes for each level they are here. (Don't cheat).

Lunar Eclipse For Early Birds
If you are an early riser, you have a chance to enjoy a full lunar eclipse in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Back in here in the east the moon will set during the full lunar eclipse while on the west coast you should be able to see it all. The totality will start around 5:50am EDT. If the skies are clear, it could be quite a sight since it will probably orange. Check this NASA site for more info and pictures of what to expect. 

Finally, Wyder Cup Pictures
With over 600 pictures to choose from I managed to select about 150 pictures for the slide show. They are mixed up order because I used the date and time the picture was taken to sort them. Obviously, some people don't have their cameras set to the exact time. Thanks to all the photographers for their contribution. The slide show is here.

Here is an Interesting Video That Showed Up in the Internet Thanks to Kevin Deschamps

Follow Stephan On The Iron Butt Rally Starting August 20th
Remember one of my colleagues training for the IBR back in May. He raised over $20,000 for charity in the training run. This time he is doing it for 'real' and his 11,000 mile journey starts tomorrow. He's ready to take on the challenges of this grueling test of stamina. You can follow him through this web site that I am updating for him while on his journey.

Canada Retains the Cup
Team Canada didn't give up too much of their lead on Saturday to hold on the the Wyder Cup for one more year. The score was unofficial set at 45 to 35 but will be revised once everything is tallied. I will also have to go through the hundreds of picture to post a slide show, but that could take a while. Stay posted! The final results may take a while since all the scorecards were not handed in but Canada has 49 points for sure therefore win the Cup. Here are the results and if you can fill in some of the blanks let me know. The pictures will follow shortly however there are almost 600 pictures taken by Jaclyn, Kevin, Paddy, myself and a few more people. It will take me a while to post a slide show. I will give it a try tomorrow as today was a day of rest and relaxation after a few hectic days. Although drained of all my powers, I enjoyed version 6 of the WC and looking forward to another another year.

Canada Takes Big Lead in Wyder After Day One

The first day at the Wyder Cup went Canada's way for a second year in a row. With an unofficial score of 22 to 10 Team USA has its work cut of it. The battle continues today at high noon. With 48 points still in play, anything can happen. To see the results and  tee-times click here.

LTHC Monday and Friday Hockey
For you guys that think summer is just too long, click on the LTHC link on the left to see when the first games are.

Bob Normoyle's Scrapbook to Become a Regular Feature
Darlene (Normoyle) Morrissette found these scrapbooks dating from the late 60's and early 70's in the attic at Bob's house. She had an idea to somehow preserve them and I volunteered to get the pages in digital format. I will put them all on a CD for Bob but I will post many of them on this site. There are some very interesting articles and pictures mostly about Lake Youth hockey and Two Mountains football. The files are fairly large but you will be able to zoom in quite closely to see more detail. I have started to post a few and I will continue as I digitally restore more every week. Go to this link to see them.

A Message from Lea Anne Hogan
The Journey is just around the corner....just 18 more days.....
I cannot believe that the Weekend to End Breast cancer is almost here. I am extremely looking forward to this wonderful and emotional weekend. Everyday at work I see the effects that this illness has on women who are battling this disease and on their families... it only makes me want to help more...So on August 25th my laces will be securely fastened , my water pack in place, my voice rested , ready to cheer as we try to make a difference.
To all of you who have already supported me, THANK YOU! I appreciate everyone's generosity. To those of you who are planning to support me, please do it now. The Jewish General Hospital actually gets the funds as we raise them, so the sooner the better.
My goal this year is $3000..I am almost there. So far I have raised $2500. Click here to pledge.
Thank you everyone for cheering me on!  Lea Anne.

Drama Camp Coming Soon
The 3 Blind Mice Company is holding its Drama Camp again this year. It goes from August 13th to 24th. It's not too late to register. Click here for all the info.

Legion 185 Softball 1st Road Trip - Pointe Ste Charles

Legion Branch 185 played their first 'road' game of the season on Saturday by visiting the Pointe St Charles Legion Br 127. The home team waited for the final inning to come back from a 12 to 6 score to tie the game. We all went to Legion following the game where we were treated to great hamburgers and hot dogs. To see my pictures of the game click on the picture above, however George McRea beat me to the punch and already has posted 35 pictures and 17 video segments on The Point's own website. Go to and you will see all the 'action'. If you can't find them there, click here. Thanks PSC Legion for the hospitality.

You May Have Noticed...
That the visit counter has been removed from the left side. This little counter has caused many problems including not being able to display the pages at all. It's gone and I will be posting some visit stats separately if you are interested. You will notice a lot faster load time on my front page as a result. This site averages about 100 visits a day. By clicking on these graphs, you will notice that it is fairly constant. A thing that worries me is that the peak hour of visits is 6am. This is typically when I am screwing it up during the week.

I Have Been Asked.....
by a few people to repost my workday calculator. This calculator post the number of workdays you have left until retirement. It can be both depressing and encouraging. You decide. Many of my readers are not concerned about this calculation because they have arrived at this ultimate goal. Anyway, it's just below the weather link on top and it will remain there until it no longer concerns me. It's an Excel spreadsheet so don't worry if you get prompted to open it. If you don't have the Microsoft Office Suite, did you know that you can get compatible programs for free? The Open Office Suite is free with no strings attached and the tools are very reliable and they do everything the Microsoft Tools do and they open all Microsoft documents. If you are interested click here to find out more and download the full package. Let me know if you like it.

Hystar Day Camp Fund Raising Spaghetti Supper
This Wednesday, at All Saints Church on 18th avenue, a spaghetti supper will be served to raise money for the Hystar Day Camp. Click here for all the info.

How Can You Ever Trust Your Eyes Again?
I visit the APOD (astronomy picture of the day) every day. Sometimes it's just a picture of the sky and sometimes it's a little different. It's a must visit website for anybody who ever looks up at the sky. Last Tuesday's post was especially interesting as it featured an optical illusion that blew everyone away that I showed it to. It really showed you that you can really not trust your eyes. You probably won't believe it even after seeing it. I printed both pictures to make sure that it wasn't a screen trick. If you still don't believe it when you click on the first picture, put you thumb on the band between the two squares on the second picture and it will prove it. Check it out yourselves here.

Legion 185 Makes It Two In A Row Against Verdun Branch 4
The Legion Branch 185 kept their winning streak going by coming back from behind and clipping the visiting Verdun team 14 to 11 in the final innings. A week earlier in the season opener, 185 had trounced Laval West 216 with a 17 to 6 victory after the first 4 scoreless innings. 185 team leader, Mike Neville, who celebrated his birthday on Friday the 13th, has lined up quite a series of games for the team. Next weekend is off but they are traveling to Point St-Charles on Saturday July 28th to take on the Legion there. I will post a full schedule on the Legion page that you can get to by clicking the logo on top. Here are some pictures from the Verdun game and the festivities following.

Like Technology? Click here for a computer enhancement that may make your life easier. Thanks for the link KD.

Finally A Non Golf Related Event
The Deux-Montagnes Softball Association will be hosting a softball game against the 94.7 HITS team. This game at Olympia Park on Wednesday July 11th is to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Click here for all the info.

Also getting back to golf....The DMSA is proud to be hosting the 1st Annual Mark MacDonald Charity Golf Tournament. All profits from this special event will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of our friend Mark MacDonald. Although the tournament is sold out you can still visit this web site and support the H&S Foundation. Together we can raise awareness and help fight disease that has likely touched so many of us throughout the years.

Annual Hot Dog golf Tournament
I know I know, Too much golf on 2mopaul. Unfortunately, the activity
of summer here is golf. If you like interesting Jigsaw puzzles instead go here or here for a bigger challenge (don't bother with the second one if you don't have high speed internet). You may also have to load the latest plug-in from Macromedia.
Anyway, the Annual Hot Dog has been a tradition for years. It is always played on the first Tuesday of the Canadair/Bombardier/Construction holiday. This year's venue was Cardinal and Hot Dogs were served at the Tartan after the 9 o'clock tee-offs. Please register at the Tartan Pub. Click here for the history of the Hot Dog Tournament. Stay tuned for more info on the venue and price if it is not Deux-Montagnes.

Click on the above picture for 19 more pictures of Canada Day festivities

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