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The Green Phantom Still Ticking
Rumours of the Phantom's retirement were premature. As confirmed by Joey Fitzmorris the Green 'Machine' is ready for another match this Friday (June 3rd) in St-Eustache. This time it's on a card from the Top of the World Wrestling Federation. According to their website, there are already 440 tickets sold. For all the info, please click here.

Tartan Pub Annual Lobster Dinner - Friday June 10
Call 450 598 6998 or visit the Tartan Pub to reserve your spot.

Defi Deux-Montagnes Takes to the Streets on Sunday June 12th
The Two-Mountains Challenge, organized by Club Ventus DXM, has been happening annually since 2007. It consists of 4 different events from a 1km walk/run to a 10km run around the streets of Two Mountains. Since 2007 it has not only raised awareness of physical fitness but it has raised over $32,000 to 'help local schools provide consistent and structured after-school programmes that will keep our kids physically active and to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.' You can register online or by mail and even on race day at least 30 minutes before the start. The website is  to learn more about it. Also, you can click here for the press release. This year's honorary president is freestyle mogul skier Audrey Kingsbury. The race starts early on Sunday morning. Click here for a map of the 10k circuit, chances are it goes near your place.

Mon Chez Moi's 4th Annual Bowling Fundraiser - Saturday June 18th
Just a reminder to tell you that if you would like to bowl and have a team Ethel Stephen needs your team members’ names and the money no later than “JUNE 8TH”. If you would like to bowl and don’t have a team please let her know also by June 8th. Click here for contact details.

Deux-Montagnes 1st Annual Girls Inter-City Softball Tournament
On June 11 and 12, the Deux-Montagnes Softball Association will be hosting its first inter-city girls softball tournament at Olympia Park. There will be 15 teams from 5 cities in 3 separate categories participating over the 2 days. Come support our 3 teams from Moustique, Benjamine and Cadette divisions as all 3 teams strive for the Gold medals. We will have a full canteen all day to help raise funds. The schedule will be posted next week on our website .
DMSA beginning to sell raffle tickets to win an Apple Ipad
The DMSA has begun selling tickets to win an Apple 32GB iPad With Wi-Fi & 3G ($700 value). Tickets are 1 ticket for $10, 5 for $20 and 20 tickets for $50. The draw will be held on July 6 at our charity game at Olympia Park vs. 94.7 Hits FM. If you would like to purchase tickets, please contact Troy Ewenson at . I will reserve your tickets and make arrangements to contact you. Please send me an email with how many tickets you would like. All proceeds are being donated to the Children's Wish Foundation in the name of Eddy Ewenson.

Relay For Life - Friday June 3rd, 2011 7:00pm
Message from Jan O'Neil - Helllo to everyone,
Well it's 2011 and once again I will walk in the Relay for Life the first Friday of June 2011 along with friends, other cancer survivors and endless supporters. Without your support some of us wouldn't be doing this walk at all. This will be my 5th year and no one could be more prouder than I. New grandchildren are arriving yearly, I am alive to meet them and share their lives with them.
I have been given the gift of life through donations that money raised at these such events have led to research for cures. If there is one accomplishment in my life that I never thought I'd have , it is my fight to survive the big C and it is only been possible with drugs and medical equipment supplied by fund raisers such as this one. Statistics are now proving that 1 in 3 persons are being diagnosed with this dreadful disease. Help me by pledging me on my walk. All donations are given to the Canadian Cancer Society so that further research can be done to find more cures for this nasty disease. Thanks to people like you all things are possible. God Bless You All and I Thank You
Janice (Norton) O'Neil - Click here to visit my personal page. Click here to view the team page for The Dreaming Lamplighters
he Lamplighters' team includes: Melanie Hutchison - Colleen Baxter - Linda Cooke - Nancy Doucet - Darlene Hutchison - Lorraine Hutchison - Gail Lang - Bunny Mason - Janice Norton-O'Neil - Wendy O'Brien - Pamela Pierre - Bronwyn Rice.

Advise Column
I was thinking of starting an advise column on my website until I read this.

Come Celebrate Cal Atkin's 80th Birthday

A message from Wendy Atkin: It’s my dad’s Cal Atkin’s 80th Birthday and we are celebrating it at the Community Centre in Two Mo on Saturday June 4th 2011 between the hours of 2:00 – 5:00 pm. We would like to invite family & friends to come by and have coffee/tea, cake and a good old chat to help celebrate Dad’s birthday. Best Wishes Only. My parents have lived in Two Mountains since 1967. We, Wendy, Dorothy & Brian still call Two Mountains home although we all live elsewhere now. For more info please contact me, Wendy Morris (Atkin) at . Happy birthday Cal and many more.

Pedal for the Cure - Edition 4
Once again, for the fourth year, Carla Hoger and her dad, Rick will be pedaling their way from Ottawa to Two Mountains to raise money and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Montreal. Carla was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2006 while attending university. She is determined to fight this disease and wants to help find a cure. This year she will be putting her new bike to the test along with herself. The date of the ride is Friday July 15th but it's not too early to show your support by donating now. As usual, a BBQ will be awaiting the riders and supporters when they arrive in Two Mountains around 6pm. All the info can be found here

We Are Back From A Great Trip
As you probably saw on entry page, we have been away. The picture is from April 29th in Amsterdam in the Heineken Brewery. It was taken about 45 minutes before the Royal Wedding which did not seem to be much of an event in Amsterdam. Of course, they were planning a celebration of their own as the next day was their largest feast of the year, the Queen's Birthday. Over 1,000,000 visitors would crowd the streets and canals on Saturday. It was wild and kicked off what was to become one of our favourite trips. The next day we boarded a ship for 15 days to cruise down (or I should say up) the Rhine, Main and Danube river to Budapest. Unlike back home, all we saw for the first 14 days, was blue sky. A drought they called it, but as a tourist, it was the best it could be. A little cool in the morning, but the sun warmed things up beautifully. We pushed our luck by stretching our European trip for 3 days in Prague. It rained for the bus trip there and cooled down a bit there but it was still better than home. A full trip description and many pictures and videos can be found by clicking on the globe in the above or going to this link. Now that we are home, I hope for everyone that the weather improves.

Two Mountains Events Past and Future
The Agape Jeudi show held on May 5th was a real success this year as it helped showcase some local talent as well as raise money for a good cause. A total of $5,500 was raised to help local needy families. The full press communiqué can be found here. Also, this year there is a small change in Horticultural Day. The event will be held on Saturday May 28 and will only last that one day as opposed to two days of previous years. It's time to go pickup some gardening tips as well as get you free flowers and compost from the city.

Deer in St-Jude Schoolyard
Thanks to Guy Francoeur for sending me pictures of 2 deer in the school yard of St-Jude School on the morning of May 16th at 7:00am. Deer are getting more and more abundant but it is certainly a mystery how they manage to get this far into town. The pictures are here.

Heritage Club Events - Karaoke and Softball
Karaoke - Friday May 27th, 2011 - Karaoke Night - 8:00 p.m. - Come out have some good fun
Saturday - June 18th, 2011 - Mixed Softball Tournament - Approx. 6 to 8 teams - this is to raise money for additional repairs to the hall ( like the failed Thermo Pump) - Olympia Park - Guy Street - expected time to start - 9.00 a.m. - refreshments will be available at the park, followed by a supper at the Heritage Social Club - Tickets for supper are $12.00 this is for players or guests, please contact the hall for additional information from Thursday to Sunday at 450-473-5429. All are invited to participate should like to volunteer, please come forward. Hope to see you there.

Christopher 'Tito' Curtis Gets His First Article Published on the Gazette
Tito Curtis, Mike and Christine's son, had an article of his published in the Gazette on Thursday May 11th on page A6. It's well written and insightful. Congrats to Tito and keep up the good work. Here is a link to the article on the Gazette site.

Tomorrow is Astronomy Day
Saturday May 7th is astronomy day. Whether you are a novice or an expert, it's time to look up at the skies. The weather has to turn around to finally allow some clear skies. To help you along, this website has some one day free software offers to enjoy this day (or should I say night) even more. Thanks to Jamie for pointing this out.

Good News - I Am Back Online - Bad News - Nothing to Report
Ok, I
need some action on my site. For the next 2 weeks, send me news and I will post it as not much is happening.

Having a little trouble updating my site. - Please stand by while the problem is fixed.
For now enjoy the planet a little more without Osama bin Laden and the Bloc Quebecois. The weather is getting better so you should waste your time on the internet or in Facebook.

The Canadiens Ship Has Been Sunk.
Today is the official start of the golf season for our Habs. The lowly Bruins managed to squeak by on an overtime goal in Game 7 and now will be facing players their own size in Philly. Good luck Bruins, you are in for a Brusin'.  Now that many of us have nothing to do, it's time for us to think golf. Two tournament come to mind. The Tartan is reinstating the Spring Classic on Saturday May 21st at the Oka golf course. Details will follow. As well, the Holy Family Golf Tournament also at Oka is slated for Saturday June 25th, details to follow. So mark your calendars for these 2 events.
NOTE - The Tartan Pub Mother's day dinner has been cancelled.

Anthony Kavanagh 1932 - 2011
From the Calgary Sun -Anthony Kavanagh - May 6, 1932 - March 23, 2011 Anthony Thomas Kavanagh (Tony) of Calgary passed away on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 and will be greatly missed by his children, Mark (Karen), Teri and Lori; grandchildren, Shayne, Christopher, Kimberley, Molly and Keenan. Tony's cards, calls and humour will be missed by his five sisters and extended family as well as his very good friends at the 289 Millennium Branch Legion. Tony served with the PPCLI in Korea and was the recipient of the Korea Medal, the UN Service Medal and the Peacekeeping Service Medal. He was a life-time member of the Royal Canadian Legion and helped start two branches. He also volunteered for the Poppy Fund and the Korea Veterans Association. Born in Montreal May 6, 1932, Tony, his wife, Ann and three children moved to Calgary in 1968. His contagious sense of adventure helped his whole family develop a love for Alberta and the Rockies in particular. Tony was an outdoorsman, fisherman and camper who loved exploring. He was a huge Alouettes fan who also never stopped loving the Habs.  Click here for the full online obituary.

The Endless Dredge ...
Last summer I had posted a couple of articles and pictures of the project at the rapids between the lake and river at the train bridge. This was an 'urgent' project needed to divert some water flow in order to assure North Shore residents to get enough water. Originally, it was supposed to be completed in September but it was plagued with problems and delays including an unusual rise in water in August that disrupted operations for some time. Of course this winter the project remained dormant due to the ice but it doesn't seem to be waking up. The residents and our mayor are questioning the fact that a project deemed urgent by the government is being dragged on for so long. A TVA crew was on site last week and filed this video report about the 'chantier de la colere' or the, not literally translated, construction site from hell. In case you didn't see the pictures from last year, here is the link. Thanks to Guy for pointing out the TVA report to me.

Jeudi Agapé Show Unveils Its May 5th Showcase Line-up
Deux-Montagnes, April 18, 2011 – The City of Deux-Montagnes and Agapé association unveiled their 2011 Jeudi Agapé Show production: the emerging artist contest. A total of sixteen singers, musicians and dancers will be part of the production and will showcase their talent, on stage, Thursday, May 5th at 7 p.m. at Deux-Montagnes’ Olympia theatre.
Proceeds from the Jeudi Show will go to Agapé Deux-Montagnes, an ecumenical agency whose mission is to help underprivileged people in the area. Thanks to the 2010 fundraising campaign, 455 families benefited from the money raised in the campaign.
Tickets are on sale at $10 for adults and $5 for those 18 and under. Tickets are available at city hall, the library, the recreation department and churches. This is an ideal opportunity to discover emerging talent and to support an outstanding cause! For more information: 450-473-2796. Click here for the full press release.

Bogus E-mails From People You Know
The following has happened to me 3 times in the last week and 6 times since the beginning of the year. I receive an e-mail from one of my regular contacts. Sometimes it's just a link to a website (usually selling meds) but the last one I got from someone I know stranded in Nigeria (many of you might have gotten this one). How can someone be sending e-mails using my account? you say. It is very easy as people are trying to hack into into e-mail systems all the time. Whether it is Hotmail, Yahoo or gmail (the most popular free e-mail sites) there are despicable people out there constantly trying to get into these systems. E-mail systems such as Videotron, Rogers or Sympatico are too specific for hackers and are usually left alone. There are robots (software robots not the kind from Lost In Space) that try different combinations of passwords and if they stumble upon your password, they will actually log in to your account, extract your full contact list, send an email to all your contacts and keep all your contact information for future e-mails. Of course, your security software on your PC cannot do anything about it because your PC doesn't even have to be on. When someone tells you that they received a strange e-mail from you, check your Sent folder, and there's 9 out of 10 chance that it will contain that e-mail. Of course, hackers will eventually think of erasing these entries, but what if they decided to delete your saved email folders. Bottom line is that your password was 'guessed' by something or someone and that passwords should never be easy and should never contain words. Take a look at the 500 most used (and worst password you could use in systems. I know people who have had one of these passwords on their account. You can also test the strength of a password by going to this Microsoft Safety and Security site here. Don't worry, your tests will not be transmitted. It's may be longer to type a more secure password, but the stronger it is, the better. I thought my passwords were pretty good but they all rated Weak or Medium on the chart. I will be changing those today.

Well Were Weren't As Ready As We Thought
The Boston team came out firing on all cylinders and took the L.T.H.C. by surprise with a rampage of shots in the first period. By the close of the second period, the score was 6-0. With only one period of 20 minutes left, coming back to make the score respectable was all the LTHC was looking for. They finally broke the ice with less than 13 minutes left on the clock with with a short handed goal by Gary Campbell. About 4 minutes later, Paul Goyetche scored from an impossible angle as the puck deflected on a defenceman's skate. Gary Campbell added a third making the score a now respectable 6-3. With less than 3 minutes left if we could manage to score one more, the last 2 minutes would be stop time giving us a chance at a full comeback. That's when Bernie Goyetche flipped a pass to Paul Goyetche who deflected it into the net. The clock would now stop and and would have a full 2 minutes to try to get 2 more. Well, Mike Nabozniak took a shot from the point that found the back of the net and now the game was finally within reach. With less than one minute left in the game, Mike took another shot from the point that was deflected by Jean Dufour and as you can see by the score below the result was a 6-6 tie that could not go into overtime as the ice was not available. It was one of the best Boston games and the greatest comeback ever in the 35 year history of of this game. The Canadiens also held up their end of the bargain too by trouncing The Bruins in their home and coming back to Montreal with a 2 zip lead in the series. There are pictures if you click the picture below and there will be a video of the highlights of the game later this week.
There were 2 other winners at this game. We held a 50/50 draw for Mon Chez Moi and we collected $570 half of which went to the MCM and the winner of the draw was Tracy Stephen who also received $285. Thanks to everyone for attending and hope none of you left while we were losing 6 to nothing. 


Bring On Boston, We Are Ready!
The Boston Bruins will host our Canadiens tonight to begin the road to the Stanley Cup. A great place to watch it is the Tartan Pub where Molson pitchers are only $10 during the playoff games and the 120 screen is almost like being there. The Bruins have had the Habs number most of the year but anything can happen in the playoffs as we saw last year. If game 1 does not go well for the bleu-blanc-rouge, Saturday will be our revenge day on 2 counts. Firstly, at 1:30pm at the old arena the Laval Teachers Hockey Club will be defending their North American Cup title. After the game, we will be heading to the Tartan to see if we can make it 2 for 2 for Saturday when the Canadiens and Boston clash in Game 2. Many of the Boston (not the Bruins) players will be coming back to the Tartan as they heard there will be burgers served before the game. Also since their dollar will not take them as far as it used to, the $10 pitchers will be welcomed. Don't forget to come and cheer on the LTHC (or Boston if you must) at the patinoire Deux-Montagnes. You could end up winning the 50/50 draw which will definitely make watching oldtimers worthwhile. See you there.......

One Night With You - A Tribute to Elvis Presley Comes to the Legion
Mark your calendars for Saturday June 11th, as a Slice Of Vegas Productions comes to town to present a fine tribute to Elvis. The show stars Peter Fox and includes the Melotonz and True North, who are very talented musicians. Tickets are $20 and are available at the Legion (450 472 6530) or by going to the website where you can also view some videos and pictures of the show. It promises to be a 'grand spectacle'. Tickets are limited, so buy them soon. Click here for the details of the show.

Petition to rename Diamond #1 at Olympia to Terrain Edwin Thomas Ewenson
Troy Ewenson plans to make a request to Ville de Deux-Montagnes to name Diamond #1 at Olympia Park to Terrain Edwin Thomas Ewenson. To support his request, he is asking all Deux-Montagnes residents or DMSA (Softball Association) members to sign a petition that he has created online on a website site. Simply click here to sign it. You must be a resident or a DMSA member only!!! It will take less than a minute. It asks if you are 18 or over but you don't need to be.

Wednesday Night Dart League Caps Its 25th Season
For the 25th year in a row, the WNDL converted to the SADL to finish its playoffs and present its annual awards. The Raptors pull off a rare double win by sweeping the finals 3 to 0 and adding the playoff championship crown to their regular season top finish. It is only the 4th time in 25  years that the favorites have also captured the playoff honours. The Raptors team is made up of captain Robert Michaud and players Andy and Paddy. Click here for pictures.

Three Blind Mice Production Presents Luann at the Centaur Theatre
Saturday April 30th - Anne-Marie Pierre is putting on a play again, this time at the Centaur. Its script is from the comic strip, Luann. It's hilarious....good for adults, teen agers, young adults and even young kids. It's a musical comedy, lots of singing, dancing and music. It's a real feel-good play. The show will have one performance only, April 30th, so call for tickets. You'll enjoy it.
Here's a description of the play:
LUANN speaks to the heart and funny bone of everyone who is, ever was, or will be, an adolescent. All of Luann's fun-loving buddies are on board. There's best friend Bernice, whose lack of musical talent does not prevent her from playing in the school band; wise-cracking Delta; ever-annoying big brother Brad; Gunther the nerd and heart-throb Aaron Hill. LUANN is convinced her horoscope means that Aaron is going to ask her to the school dance. The problem is, he doesn't even know she exists! In order to get Aaron to notice her, Luann tries out for cheerleader... but with Miss Allison's help and encouragement, she becomes the team's mascot instead, with surprising results. In the complicated, hilarious process, Luann learns the value of being herself.  Price is $8.00 For Adults and $6.00 for children. Click here to see the poster and the contact details.

Looney Soars As We Prepare For North American Cup
On Saturday April 16 at 1:30pm, the Boston Boys will coming to the Patinoire Deux-Montagnes to try a recapture the N/A Cup. Other than fighting for the LTHC cup, our guests will also be fighting the mighty Loonie as it closes in on one the beaver ahead at $1.044 (April 6). Gone are the days when the Boston boys used to come up to Canada with $500US and go back home with $500CAD. This year, we will be doing a half and half draw with the proceeds going to a local cause, the Mom Chez Moi House. Come support your team and a worthwhile cause. Click the LTHC link on the left to see pictures of previous year's action.

Click Here for Pictures of Carole Kesseler's Birthday Party

Everybody Warned Me About This
When I retired on January 1st, 2010, 15 months ago, many people warned me about retiring at such an early age. Many said that unless my retirement was planned properly that I would get bored and eventually start looking for job to pass the time. In 2010, I did everything to prove all those people wrong. I travelled a lot. I played a lot of golf. I tried to play hockey more than my usual twice a week. Well it worked. 2010 flew by like the wind and I could say that all those people were wrong. The only problem is that 2010 was planned so well that I forgot the longer term effect of retirement. It started about 2 months ago. I started feeling restless and sitting around the house either moping or aimlessly looking for something to do . I hate to say it, but all those people may have been right.
About a month ago, I dusted off my old CV, and updated it my the last 27 years of my last job and sent it to Workopolis. Within 2 days, to my surprise, I had jobs offers from 3 companies. So alas, as of next Monday, my retirement plans are on hold for at least 3 years as I signed a contract for 36 months. It will be a challenge but after a 15 month 'rest', I think I am ready to get back to the grindstone. I can't really mention the company by name, but click here to find out what it is.

Train Schedule
If you are like me, I can never find the printed train schedule when I am looking for it. Also, the printed version is quite large and is not convenient for me as I don't carry a man purse. So I am always going online and searching for the AMT site and digging my way to the schedule. I have had a link to the a condensed train schedule on the top left for a while but I cleaned it up quite a bit. It also contains a link to the full AMT website (mostly in French) and a link to a pdf I made so that you can print off a schedule that will fit well in your wallet (after you cut the 8 1/2 by 11 paper you printed it on).

Water - The Source of Life
I have spent the last few days looking at some pictures we have taken since we got our first digital camera way back in 2003. Like many others, I have always been drawn to water. My ancestors are from the Atlantic coast in Bayonne, France and my great great great grandfather moved to and settled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1795 (not 1975). We moved to Two Mountains, in 1964 probably due to the fact that my father got waterfront land on Grand Moulin to build his dream home. Water, whether it be a small creek or a vast ocean, is our life line. Without it, there would be nothing. Two molecules of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen, that's it. If you want to relax for few minutes, take a look at the slide show I have been putting together. It was one of those projects I have been putting off, but with the cold weather, I decided to finally publish it. I might add more pictures but here is what it looks like now. All the pictures were taken by me or Myrna but I had to borrow the music.

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