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Grey cup 2002
Saturday November 2, 2002

Controversy Mars 2002 Grey Cup
A last minute trade may have been a key factor in strengthening  the Red team just enough to blow away the White team in this year's edition of the Grey Cup. Paddy, the Red Team captain, on advice from God, complained to Jamie (white team captain) that we needed someone to make up our loss of the injured Roses. Jamie complied and Stephane was acquired and imported into the Red team line-up.
Although the game started right for White with a touchdown (unconverted) to Gary N. on the first sequence, it was on the ensuing kick-off that the inbalance started to show. Mark T. & Maurice combined for an 80 yard kick-off touchdown (converted). The White team had held the lead for about 30 seconds and would never have it again. The Red team executed almost every play while the White struggled with their defence. In the end, the Red team dominated and Mark T. edged out Maurice 6 to 5 in MVP votes. This was Mark's first Grey Cup Game MVP award.


The John David Goyetche Memorial Cup

Click here Grey Cup 2002 Details

Click here Grey Cup 2001 Details