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Saturday March 13th, 2010 9:00pm
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Here is the scoop on the Tartan Staff.

You might see a pattern here. First it was KKK. Kelly D left and long time ago and Kelly T. left some time ago and Kim went back to Winnipeg but may be back. Then was JJJ. Jamie left a week ago as she is just finishing her medical studies and needs to start working in her field. Julie will probably leave soon she is starting a job at Hurley's Irish Pub. Jane remains to server the day time crowd.

So now the new bartending staff is AJKL. Amanda has been working for a while now. Jane does daytime. Kat started on May 5 as well as Lesley.

Wishing all the girls who have left the Tartan all the luck in their new endeavors and welcome to the new crew.

Sean Magill Memorial Golf Tournament - Results here

Tartan Spring Open A Success Despite Worst Weather Ever
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Karaoke Strikes Again at the Tartan Saturday January 15 2005
Another Friday night at the Tartan. Oh NOOOOOO!. Paul pulls something out of his pocket Oh NOOOOOO!. It's the On-Key Karaoke Mike. Oh Noooooooo. the Fitzmorris's are there. It's all downhill from there. Check out the  slide show of the evening. For Tartanites that like a quiet Friday evening, I promise not to bring my thing out more than once a month and that goes for the Karaoke mike too.

Impromptu Karaoke Strikes Up a Chord Thursday December 23, 2004

Was the Thursday before Christmas and all though the Tartan, all the creatures were stirring... and trying to sing. The Tartan was rocking last night. It started with a pre Christmas super supper. Then someone brought out a small deadly device called On-Key Karaoke and plug it in to the bar TV. The rest of the evening was everything BUT On-Key. A good time was had by all as we quickly ran through the 35 song repertoire than only included 2 Xmas songs. In an ironic twist, the movie, the Sound of Music was playing in the other TV. Watch out Bar Billiards, the Tartan stars may win the 2 mo idol contest.


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Garold Turns the BIG 6 0h No 12-12-2004

It happens to everyone eventually. Today it's happening to Garold Nixon, owner of the Tartan Pub. Many friends 'surprised' him last night and helped make the transition into old age a little easier on him. As usual, with any parties that involve this crew of party animals, the party was a success. The food was fantastic although I don't remember seeing any birthday cake. Ooops.

The party got started at Brian and Melanie's so everyone could gather and descend onto the the Nixon household in one flash mob . The parade down the street to Garold and Dianne's was adorned with balloons, glow sticks and the odd unfinished beverage.

Unfortunately, we left the party early (2am) because of 'church' in the morning, but I wouldn't be surprised if the party was still going on now.

Happy Birthday Garold!