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2002W y d e r Cup
Friday, August 16, 2002

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Results Team USA
Team 7    Wobbit Wall/Rob Nicolini                           (1 Point - Quota)
Team 6    Phil Jepson/Nick Lambert                        (0 Points)
Team 5    Bill McGillis/Art Abdelahad                        (2 Points - Both)
Team 4    Fran Wall/Mike Wall                                    (1 Point - Quota)
Team 3    Fred Wall/Matt Wall                                    (1/2 Point* - Quota)
Team 2    Rick Neely/Anthony Abdelahad               (1 Point - Quota)
Team 1    John Blakeney/Dave Pendergast             (2 Points - Both)
Team CanadaClick on flag to see a Canada team picture
Team 7    Paul Goyetche/Frank Hutchison (1 point - Scramble)
Team 6    Gary Campbell/Ron Fitzmorris     (2 points - Both) 
Team 5    Mike Goyetche/Roger Hoger        (0 Points)
Team 4    Mike Nabozniak/EarlMacdonald   (1 Point - Scramble)
Team 3    Bernie Goyetche/Don White         (1 1/2 Points)
Team 2    Serge Larin/Richard Allard           (1 Point - Scramble)
Team 1    Stan Rose/Paddy Dore                   (0 Points)
Newsflash: Team USA claims victory. The USA has appealed the 'penetration' rule and has captured the first annual Wyder cup.

Controversy Reigns at the 2002 Wider Cup
Oka-August 17,2002 - UPI
In the quota round, Team USA crushed Team Canada in what appear to be a 5 1/2 point to 1 1/2 point advantage. The half point of team would later become the controversial point.More to follow. In the second half of the competition, the Scramble Match, Team Canada picked up the slack. Team 1 came in without the win leaving Team USA within a point of victory. Canada Team 2 then turned it around by coming in with a point followed by Team 3 and 4. Canada had sneaked back into contention. Canada's Team 5 lost it on the 7th hole while Team 6 dominated USA in both matches. Finally Canada's Team 7 came back from behind to win hole 7 and 8 and also came in with the point that proved to be the equalizer.
The initial scoreboard read this score until officials reviewed the 8th hole cup and established the inner lining of the cup had been improperly installed causing the Team Canada ball to fully penetrate the hole and return to the putting surface. Unaware of the RCGA rule that differs from the USGA rule stating that the ball must come to rest at the bottom of the hole, Team 3 counted the putt as missed. This gave Team USA the 1/2 point that would eventually be taken away from them.
The RCGA rule differs from the USGA rule in that the holes in the Tundra cannot be dug as deep because of the permafrost. Therefore any full penetration is considered good. The view from the 8th tee, proved that the ball disappeared for a split second therefore establishing full penetration. This resulted in a full point being awarded to Team 3 (Canada) and a 7-7 tie.
Team 7 had a chance to get that half point back on 9, but Wobbit's putt clearly jumped over the hole and did not even penetrate the plane on the top of the hole.
This year's tie will certainly make the next Wider cup a great spectacle.
Shot of the DAY!
Fred Wall's eagle chip-in on 9, although his team was down by 2 at the time, the 70 yard shot was heard around the course, since many teams were sitting around the green.

 Competition Format

First round (white tees) - Two Man Quota - 7 points available
Teams of two players accumulate points. Most points win the match.
8 - points for Eagle
4 - points for Birdie
2 - points for a Par
1 - point for Bogey

Second round (blue tees) - Two Man Scramble Match - 7 points available
Teams of two players best shot (Vegas). (9 hole match game).

If there is a tie after 14 points, the host team wins?

 The world famous Oka Golf Club in Kanesatake, Quebec
Click on the picture above for directions to the golf course. Follow the arrows.
The first tee-off time is 10:23am

Celebrations and B.B.Q. for both teams will be held at Glenn's around 5:30pm.