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Venue for Wyder Cup Confirmed

This year's task of finding a venue for both days at the Wyder was not an easy one. Firstly, we were surprised that St-Andrews had gotten another tournament for that day. Although it was not a huge tournament, they needed to use the banquet facilities and I don't think we would have mixed well with people that wanted their own party. Then the search started for another venue. The criteria was pretty strict. We needed a golf course that could accommodate both our golf and our antics. Obviously we have outgrown a 9 hole course just with our numbers (we are anticipating 84 golfers for Saturday). St-Andrew's was the best course because of the extra 9 holes for the ladies' Wyder as is presented a relaxed atmosphere where the pace of play did not matter as the 9 holes were basically sole property of the women for the day. There are no other golf courses in the area that offer this set up. That's when the search for the Saturday venue started to heat up. Now we had a little problem of finding a course that was not booked. We finally came to Cardinal that could accommodate us by providing a more 'relaxed'  venue for the ladies' Wyder in the 18 hole par three course and a great place to hold the party with good food. All this within a 10 minute drive of both the hotel and 2-Mountains. There is also a plan in action for the ladies who would like to play a 'real' course to cross over and play the front nine following their 'warm-up' on the par 3 course. This has now become an option. Talk to your captain.

For Friday, Day One of competition, the story was a little different. Through CanAm golf, we had a wonderful course booked. The Green Valley golf course was the perfect venue for us. With its great layout, pristine conditions, amazing clubhouse and an unbeatable price ($59), it was a no-brainer to pick this place. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago during my St-Andrews' Friday round, I got the bad news from Charles Bourque, president of CanAm Golf), who told me that with the pending sale of Green Valley, they could no longer guarantee our tee-off times and price. Plan B was activated and Deux-Montagnes looked like our place of choice. This was our original choice back in May but the lure of Green Valley had taken it away from the radar. Now that Deux-Montagnes has fallen through because of late tee-off times, the venue is Cardinal for both days.  This year team Canada is repatriating some of our players as their stint on the American side was only temporary.


Thursday Final Practice round at Cardinal 9:00am - Contact Ron Fitz to book one of the final spots

Thursday 7pm - Team Canada Meeting - Tartan Pub

Friday round at Le Cardinal - 14 consecutive tee-offs from 7:00am (Every 8 Minutes)
Friday 2pm - Tartan Pub Post Game Analysis (and PGA championship on TV)
Saturday round at Le Cardinal - 14 consecutive tee-offs from noon (Every 8 Minutes)
Ladies of Saturday also start at noon on the 18 hole par 3
They can then play a 9 on the front 9 of the regular course - details to follow

Friday pairing and tee-times (subject to change)


Team USA Lineup

Round 1
Round 2
Alternate Shot

Team CANADA Lineup

7:00 Dave Pendergast 8 - John Blakeney 6 (elder) Can 11 USA 15  Can 2 up Brian Rose 7 - Gary MacMillan 4
7:08 D.J. Pendergast 7 - Mark Blakeney 5 Can 10 USA 16  Can 4 and 2 Ron Fitzmorris 7 - Robert Raymond 3
7:16 Matt Wall 8 - Anthony Nicolini 7 Can 17 USA 15  USA 1 up Richard Allard 10 - Fred Beaudoin 7
7:24 Dan Kesseler 9 - Rob Nicolini 5 Can 19 USA 14  Can 1 up Ron Kesseler 15 - Don White 4
7:32 Mike Wall 9  - Peter Frye 8 Can 27 USA 17 Can 3 and 2 Mike Goyetche 11 - Serge Larin 16
7:40 Fran Wall 14 - Alex Miller 6 Can 16 USA 20 Can 1 up Mike Nabozniak 12 - Roger Hoger 4
7:48 Bob Coll 11 - Matt Svetkovich 8 Can ?? USA 19  USA 5 and 4 Ron Rose - Tom Edge
7:56 Fred Wall 5 - Glenn Hogan 3 Can 9 USA 8 Can one up Bernie Goyetche 8 - Earl Macdonald 1
8:04 Bill McGillis 12 - Ron Potter 5 Can 21 USA 17  USA 2 and 1 Maurice Beaudin 11 - Paddy Dore 10
8:12 Stephan Ayotte - Tom Kane Can 22 USA ? All Square Gary Campbell 12 - Stan Rose 10
8:20 Brandyn Griffin 14 - Kevin Deschamps 5 Can 17 USA 19 Can 3 and 2 Gary Nixon 10 - Garold Nixon 7
8:28 Robert Wall 10 - Gino Nicolini 6 Can 24 USA 16  Can 3 and 1 Paul Goyetche 14 - Jamie McKeown 10
8:36 Randy Emerson 13 - Peter Comeau 3 Can 15 USA 16 Can 2 and 1 Mike McKeown 14 - Frank Hutchison 1
8:44 Brian Sutton 11 - John Blakeney 1 Can 16 USA 12 Can 2 and 1 Vic Black 12 - Dale Rose 4
    Can 8  USA 6 Can 10 1/2 USA 3 1/2 Canada leads 18 1/2 to 9 1/2

Saturday pairings and tee-times


Team USA Lineup

Round 3
Best ball
Round 4
Man On Man

Team CANADA Lineup

12:00 Peter Comeau
John Blakeney
All Square USA Wins
Can Wins
Frank Hutchison
Earl Macdonald
12:08 Gino Nicolini
Kevin Deschamps
USA Wins  Can Wins
Can Wins
Fred Beaudoin
Don White
12:16  Ron Potter
Tom Kane
Can Wins Can Wins
Can Wins
Garold Nixon
Gary MacMillan
12:24 Matt Svetkovich
Glenn Hogan
USA Wins  USA Wins
Can Wins
Tom Edge
Roger Hoger
12:32 Peter Frye
Alex Miller
USA Wins  USA Wins
USA Wins
Ron Fitzmorris
Robert Raymond
12:40 Rob Nicolini
Anthony Nicolini
USA Wins  Can Wins
USA Wins
Paddy Dore
Maurice Beaudin
12:48 John Blakeney(elder)
Mark Blakeney
Can Wins USA Wins
All Square
Brian Rose
Ron Rose
12:56 Dave Pendergast
D.J. Pendergast
USA Wins USA Wins
USA Wins
Stan Rose
 Dale Rose
1:04 Dan Kesseler
Matt Wall
USA Wins USA Wins
Can Wins
Jamie McKeown
Richard Allard
1:12 Mike Wall
Fran Wall
Can Wins Can Wins
Can Wins
Mike Nabozniak
Mike Goyetche
1:20 Bob Coll
Fred Wall
Can Wins USA Wins
Can Wins
Serge Larin
Bernie Goyetche
1:28 Brandyn Griffin
Stephan Ayotte
USA Wins USA Wins
Can Wins
Ron Kesseler
Gary Campbell
1:36 Randy Emerson
Brian Sutton
Can Wins All Square
Can Wins
Mike McKeown
Vic Black
1:44 Bill McGillis
Robert Wall
USA Wins Can Wins
Can Wins
Gary Nixon
Paul Goyetche
    USA 8 1/2 - Can 5 1/2 Can 16 USA 13 Canada wins 40 to 30

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