2017 Wyder Cup Pairings

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2017 Friday Pairings
1st 9 holes Quota total - 2nd 9 Holes
Number in brackets is quota score
Boomers   Gen-X Quota Bramble
Mike Nabozniak Rich Stratton 12:00 Matt Wall Kevin Valorz    
George Giles Bill Walsh 12:08 Mike Wall Cookie Rebecchi    
Paul Goyetche Art Abdelahad 12:16 Danny Kesseler Ryan O'Grady B B
Fran Wall Bernie Goyetche 12:24 Tim Page Robbie Nicolini    
Robert Wall Stan Rose 12:32 Brandyn Griffin Mike Goumas    
Fred Wall Jim Timpano 12:40 Justin Timpano Andrew Hatch    
Randy Emerson Pete Comeau 12:48 Tank LeSaffre Stoof Miranda    
Ron Kesseler Bob Coll 12:56 Anthony Abdelahad Pete Frey    
  John Blakeney Paddy Dore 13:04 Greg Kanarian Bill Barnes    
Boomers ( 10  ) Day one Score Gen-X ( 8 )
Quota is combined team score - 8 points for eagle / 4 points for birdie / 2 points for par / 1 point for bogey
Bramble match - both players tee-off and play their own ball from the best drive - Format: Combined score match play

Saturday Pairings
1st 9 holes Scramble Match Play - 2nd 9 holes Man on Man Match Play

Boomers Tee-Time Gen-X Scramble Result Mano-Mano Result
Bill Walsh 9:40 Bill Barnes    
Peter Comeau Andrew Hatch  
Paddy Dore 9:48 Stoof Miranda    
Bob Coll Pete Frey  
Rich Stratton 9:56 Cookie Rebecchi    
Jim Timpano Kevin Valorz  
Artie Abdelahad 10:04 Anthony Abdelahad    
John Blakeney Greg Kanarian  
George Giles 10:12 Tim Page      
Mike Nabozniak Justin Timpano  
Stan Rose 10:20 Ryan O'Grady    
Randy Emerson Mike Goumas  
Paul Goyetche 10:28 Brandyn Griffin X AS
Bernie Goyetche Tank LeSaffre B
Ron Kesseler 10:36 Danny Kesseler    
Robert Wall Robbie Nicolini  
Fran Wall 10:44 Matt Wall    
Fred Wall Mike Wall  
Team Scramble matches  Boomers vs. GenX Man on man matches Boomers vs. GenX
Boomers (  23 ) Gen-X ( 21 )