Two Mountains Nostalgia quiz
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Larry Hutchison Gerald Wensley Murray Mattson Art Beavis Gerry Southwell Keith Savage ? Don Waterson Bobby Fordham Michael McLaughlin Don Garnider
                                                                                                                                            Picture: by: Peter Gerretsen

Can you name the people in this picture? Hint: It was taken at May's field on August 23 1958. If so, click on the person you can identify and I will post the results below. Put your cursor over the person to see if he's been identified.
Some people are guessing, so let me know if they are wrong.

 Back row - Larry Hutchison (coach), Gerald Wensley, Kid 2, Murray Mattson, Art Beavis (umpire), Gerry Southwell? - NOT, Keith Savage?, Don Waterson
 Front row - Don Gardiner, Kid 2,
Michael McLaughlin, Eric Holden, Bobby Fordham

Murray and Bobby - identified by everybody
Don Garnider, Gerry Southwell,
Keith Savage? and Gerald Wensley - Identified Stan and Casey
Michael McLaughlin - Identified Wendy Gallagher Meadowcroft
Larry Hutchison -
Identified by Carole Alderson
Eric Holden - a guess by Darlene (Delaere) Gaffney - Confirmed by Murray Mattson
Art Beavis and Don Waterson identified by Frank Hutchison