Tartan Gang On The Road 23-10-2004
Friday evening, the Tartan Pub sponsored a bus for 30 of its patrons for a road trip to go see Brad Denis of the Verdun Dragons fight it out with the Laval Chiefs at the Bell Centre (instead of the usual Verdun Auditorium). Unfortunately, the coach made a bad decision of not dressing Brad for the game. To put it mildly, the decision was not taken very well by Brad. Needless to say, we quickly lost interest in the game. According to the coach, this game was going to be different. That, it was. With only 19:53 left in the first period. Yes 7 seconds into the period. The clock had stopped 5 times for 5 separate fights. The first two fights were entertaining but it soon became a joke. With 10 'men' in the penalty box the game went on on as 'normal' for a while.
Then it dawned on us that instead of watching this boxing match without Brad and paying $8.75 for a
12 ounce beer at the Bell Centre, we could be paying $8.00 for a REAL beer in a downtown bar. Assured by a safe ride home on the bus at 11:00, we headed off to Hurley's Irish Pub where Bill (Hurley) himself greeted us with a smile. In case you don't know, Bill is another Two Mo native who has made it big in the world. For the next two hours, we had a grand time with the Guinness flowing 'freely' and the Irish band playing some of our favourite tunes. We felt like WE 'could walk 500 miles' instead of taking the bus home. But we did take the bus home (to the Tartan) and continued the party there. It was quite the evening and yes Chris Smith, there are pictures (15 in all). Click on the picture for more pictures. Thanks to the Tartan for providing the bus and thanks to the coach for benching Brad so that we could enjoy an 'alternate' evening without paying $8.75 a GD domestic beer. Also, kudo's to the people who managed to sneak in various beverages into the Bell Centre without the advantage of the customary winter apparel. $8,75 a beer, Garold don't get any crazy ideas. And, sorry Gary Mac for the lack of communication on our Bell Centre escape. Below is the full slide show of the trip


I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out

I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out This is the fourth of five fights in the first 7 seconds of the game. If you look closely, there are already 8 players in the penalty box