'Advanced' Computer Course for Seniors
presented by Paul and Myrna Goyetche
The Basic Parts of A Computer

Every computer needs these parts to function

A processor or CPU - The 'brain'
Memory - the 'desk'
Disk Storage - the 'filling cabinet'
A Display Unit - What you see
A keyboard and or a mouse - How you tell the computer what to do
A CD/DVD Drive - This is getting to be optional - I'll explain later
USB Ports - To plug in your accessories

Other things you will probably need*
A Printer - Unless you ask your neighbour to print things off for you
An External Hard Drive - To back up your stuff in case your computer explodes
A WebCam* - to see your grandchildren on Skype. Actually for them to see you.
Speakers* - To hear their wonderful voices
A microphone* - So they can hear you
Access to the internet - If you want any of the things above to work
Memory Card Reader* - To copy your pictures and videos to your computer
A Scanner - Hopefully if you wanted a scanner, you bought a printer that can scan too
* if you have a laptop, you may have these built in.

Programs you need on your computer

An Operating System - In our case, Windows Something - Unless I can convince to buy an iPad
A Browser - We will use Internet Explorer but there are others like Google Chrome
Acrobat Reader - It's free and it reads some e-mail attachments.
A Security Program - A must for travelling the internet

Other software you will probably need
A Word Processor - If you want to type letters on paper instead of e-mail
A Spreadsheet - If you want to do your budget
A Presentation Maker - If you plan on making presentation
Photo editing software - You may have it and don't know it
Video editing software - Now you really are advanced
Skype - If you want to see your grandkids while you are in Florida
Games - When there is nothing else to do and you need to practice your mousing skills

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