May 2005

Montreal Gas Prices In the High 90's Thursday June 2, 2005
I hit a new high yesterday (let's call it a new low) when it cost me $56.50 to fill up my car. It was only the second time ever that I had put more than $50 in and I eclipsed the old mark by $4. My low gas light wasn't even on. I do take premium but it was 'cheapie' Thursday only 98.6 cents. A good thing I have a little stock in Esso (by chance). Last weekend, in Lachute gas was only 84.6 cents. The fluctuation is obviously all contrived and calculated and has absolutely nothing to do with oil barrel prices. I won't drive to Lachute to get gas but take a look at this idiot. There is no logic in his crusade.

My Golf Game Has Gone South - Click on My Golf Page for more - Mont-Tremblant Weather for this weekend

New Weight Loss Challenge Start June 1st - That's Today
A few people asked me about the weight loss charts I have been keeping up since February. It was just a couple of personal challenges that were documented weekly. This provided me with enough incentive to drop about 20 pounds and a couple of people dropped it along with me. Lots of people told me that it easy to lose it (especially for a guy) but that keeping it off would be harder. So I came up with an idea. On the first of every month, starting June 1, I will monitor to make sure my pounds are not coming back plus instead of my original 199 goal I will attempt to lower that even more to something more akin to a 5 foot 10 frame. As with my last challenge, I invite anyone to join in and I will chart the progress for the next year. It will be anonymous (give me a nick name) and instead of being actual weight, the June 1st weigh-in will be considered ground zero. So everyone starts at 0, On July 1st, send me another e-mail with the deviation from 0 (hopefully minus something). Join in, what have you got to lose? Except having to go shop for new clothes. I have a couple of takers already. Tweety, Slim and I are the plotted on the chart. Don't forget it's anonymous and no one's gonna know your actual weight and your target could be 0, In other words no weight gain over the year.
For anyone who hasn't figured it out, you click on the scale at the top to get there. The chart is now updated.

Holy Family Car Rally
Today (May 28th) the second annual Holy Family Car Rally will be held. Last year's event was a big success and was very well run. This year promises to be the same. One thing to remember though: the driver should drive (and watch the road) and the navigator should do the rest. Good luck to all the entrants.

Tartan Spring Open - Worst Weather Ever? Sunday May 22,2005
Don't look for pictures. It was way too cold to take any. Some guys even braved the weather in shorts. It was a three club wind sometimes and the ball felt like rocks. Despite all of that, almost everybody showed up and played 18 holes. Mike O'Neil's 80 captured the 58th Annual Spring Open title by one stroke over Darren Johnson. Click here for (indoor) pictures and story.

The Latest in Reunion News with Many Pictures (more to be added Monday. Still working on it)
Click on the LTM Crest Above or the picture below

LTMHS Reunion (Party's On!)

LTM Golf Tournament moves to St Andrew's. Click here for details. will be updated daily with pictures from the reunion activities. Tune in Saturday morning for pictures from the Golf and the Meet & Greet and maybe a few from the
Tartan Pub. The Tartan Pub looks like it will be the unofficial underground headquarters for people who didn't get their tickets for the Meet & Greet and the Dance. Don't forget, doors open to the non ticket holders at 9:00pm at the Sheraton Laval. The cost is $20. Remember the breakfast on Sunday at the Senior Men's Club (the old Masonic Temple on Cedar).

Click here for the pictures of the Grand Opening of the Guzzo Cinemas - Deux-Montagnes - Mega Plex 14  on May 18, 2005

The Silver Screen Makes a Two-Mountains Comeback Saturday May 14, 2005
After well over 30 years of absence (except in some select homes), the Cinema is back in town. On May 18, 2005, Cinemas Guzzo will be opening it's massive entrance to the public. Surely of the 14 showing rooms, we will should have an ample share of English movies (unlike the Mathers 16 Complex). I imagine a few people will not find time to go during its first weekend but it's a nice thing to see an investment of this type so close to home. Clicking on the Guzzo logo will bring back memories of days gone by. If someone has a picture of the original theatre in St-Eustache-sur-le-lac that eventually turned into the Luna bar, send me a scan and I will post it. Just in case you didn't know the Guzzo was built in the old Zeller's store in Promenade Deux-Montagnes which is not beside the Canadian Tire in St-Eustache.

Slideshows Page Sunday May 8, 2005
Steve's Birthday pics have been 'developed'. All my pictures can be found on the left Slide Shows link including Behildamule's coming out party. Don't even go to that page if you don't have high speed internet unless your are patient or you have vacuuming to do.


Oh noooo!!!! Vacation and American Food Takes Its Toll Monday May 2, 2005
This Monday's weigh in was a disaster for me. Last week, we spent some time in Washington DC which means American food in American portions. I actually weighed myself on the scale at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. It wasn't air and space and I didn't think I should get undressed in the exhibit to reduce the load. The good news was that I would weigh 552 lbs on Jupiter where my knees couldn't take it. Anyway, check out the progress by clicking the scale. Do it now because it could be gone soon. Here are pictures of our Washington trip.

Steve Deschamps Finally Gets His Goat Saturday April 30, 2005
Steve Deschamps finally got his wish on Saturday at his surprise
25th birthday party. His gift was a 45 kilogram goat which he quickly named Behildamule. Mike Fitzmorris presented him with his prized possession when he arrived at the party and they were instant buddies. It was only later that Steve was delivered the disappointing news that the goat was actually only rented and that the money collected for him was not to feed the goat but to help pay for his NFLD trip this summer. Happy birthday Steve and may you and Behildamule be forever friends and may the smell leave Mike and Emma's house before Steve 26th birthday. More pictures of the goat and other stuff tomorrow morning.


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