January - February 2007

We Are Heading for the Hills
For the next 10 days or so, my updates will be coming directly from California. I have confirmed that I have internet access in each of the three places we are staying. The first update will probably tomorrow evening (don't forget the time difference). Our first goal is to beat the Los Angeles exodus and head for the hills. We should be in checked in to our 'resort' in Temecula by (7pm eastern time). I hope to have enough 'free' time to update the site every day. If not you know I am having fun.
Our first highlight is a Saturday morning golf game with Scott Martin at Redhawk golf course about 5 minutes from our hotel. Scott certainly knows golf, so we will see what we can unlearn him. He's in for a treat to be playing with two hackers when he's been surrounded by pros for the last 6 or 7 years. Stay tuned to the full trip by pressing the golf ball in the COM above. You can send me e-mails and I will answer them through these pages if I can. See you in a week or so......

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I modified one answer on my 'Where are you from?' survey (I had forgotten to put Alberta in with BC) and the polling tool reset all the votes. If you don't mind could you please answer again. I had 51 votes just today including the Australia one. Sorry and thanks for redoing it. Click here or on the green button above.

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The North American Cup Lives
Yes folks, it's official the 33rd edition of the North American Cup will occur on Canadian ice for the first time ever. Mark your calendar for April 14th 2007. The game will take place at the Bonaventure Arena on Cote de Liesse in Montreal. As a result, the final Friday night game will be moved ahead to Good Friday (April 6th) instead of April 13th.
The LTHC team will consist of players that have supported the Boston trip over the last 32 years. This game also replaces the annual invitational tournament will held its final event in 2006.
The spirit of the Boston trip lives on.....

Ron And Paddy's Early Birthdays
Last evening, we had an early celebration of Ron Rose and Paddy Dore's birthdays. I was glad to be around since on their real birthdays, I will be losing golf balls at various courses (See article below). Anyway a good time was had by all and today is recovery day and a day to get recharged for Super Bowl (If you haven't make a Super Bowl prediction there is still time here). Click on Ron's picture to see a collage of the evening and early morning.

California (Golf) Dreaming
Many of you know this already, but on Friday February 8th myself and Ronnie Potter are going west to play a few rounds of golf as well as going to the Nissan Open at Riviera Golf Club. Obviously, we will be hooking up with Scott Martin and probably even getting a game in with him on Saturday. As I did on my last California trip, I will try to update our progress with pictures and stories. You simply have to click on the golf ball in my 2mopaul.com logo and you will be virtually transported to California. Once there, clicking on the date in the calendar, will give you a day by day blow of the voyage. Obviously this is contingent to having proper internet access in the three places we will be staying over the 10 days. Most hotels we stayed at last year in CA had free internet access except for Pebble Beach which is a joke considering the price of the room. Hope you can visit but don't forget the 3 hour difference. I will probably be only updating late in the day.

Click Here for a 2mopaul Super Bowl Prediction Poll

Tartan Pub Goes HD
Just in time for Super Bowl XLI (41), the Garold has upgraded the bar with a large 42 inch flat screen with an HD feed from Videotron. When tuning into TSN-HD channel 660 (not 60) last evening, even the Leafs looked good. Only immediate problem with the setup is there is only 1 HD TV instead of the two that used to be behind the bar. Let the fights begin. Last night's fight, "I want to watch figure skating" anonymous. "No, I want to watch HD poker.". The big Tartan Super Bowl party will start with food at 4pm and the game starts around 6pm. There is a Texas Hold'em game starting at noon sharp.

Need Break in the Action?
Many of you know Hannes Lamothe from almost 2mo. He owns a little Inn-Spa-Restaurant called Beaux-Reves (Nice Dreams) in Ste-Adele in the Laurentains. There are currently some specials at the Inn. Check out their web site by clicking at the top left. It might just be the break you have been looking for.

Mark Tonks Passes Away
Long time Two Mountains resident and avid softball/Baseball player passed away last Monday at the much too young age of 50. Mark had moved to Airdrie Alberta many years ago. The picture on the right is from the 1998 LTM reunion. My sincere condolences go out to his family. He will be missed by many. To view his Calgary
Herald obituary click here. From here, you be able to view or sign his guestbook.

Still Nothing Much Going On Here
So here's a couple of more links to pass the time. Want to know how long you should expect to live? Click here to find out. Since I have first posted this site, it has changed somewhat, It used to ask many pertinent questions, now it's short and sweet.. And here is a scary site that been feature on TV lately. It's a place where you can rate your doctor. It's like Trip Advisor for doctors. It has been really popular lately with lots of Quebec entries in the last few days. I don't know who screens these reviews but you can just imagine how things will end up. It's worth a look anyway but I think this is getting a little much. If you have ever read Trip Advisor reviews you will know what I mean. One's paradise is another man's dive. Here is the link: http://ratemds.com/canada/index.jsp

Here's a Couple of Links You Can Enjoy
Since there's not much going on in 2 mo these days, here are a couple of links that you might get a kick out of. The first is apparently from Dutch talk show where the host is trying to talk seriously to a couple about sexuality and drug abuse. He just can't seem to get over the man's voice. Here is the link. There is another version that is subtitled but with a made up story. The second video is probably the shortest appearance of someone on a game show, Watch this.
Finally, for you people who are not retired yet. I have a little spreadsheet that will tell how many work days you have left until you do retire. Save this link and try out the calculation. Warning: You may be depressed.

Happy 2007 to Everyone!
Just got back from the GTA (Toronto for people that don't know). Had a great 3 days. Went to the musical Wicked, which is sort of a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. Its last performance in Toronto is today December 31st. It was a great show in a great venue, the Canon Theatre. Also celebrated ex Two-Mountainer Chris Wood's big 6-0 birthday on December 29. Happy birthday Chris and many more. It was the first time taking the train instead of driving or flying to TO. Not a bad mode of transportation especially Via One class. They don't give the tickets away during the festive season but it's a fine way to travel. You can relax unless you have someone blasting an I-Pod in the next seat. Compared to a plane, the train is very quiet so you can easily hear people in other seats. If you have your own headphones on, you can survive. There is still no snow to speak of in TO and I guess the little we have here will be melted with the upcoming weather.

Also welcome an addition to the Goyetche family -
Harrison Joseph Cartman born on December 29, 2006. Congrats to the proud parents Lynn Goyetche and Stewart, as well as the equally proud 'new' grandparents Bernie and Jackie Goyetche. PICTURES

Wednesday - 19th Annual Mixed Fun Dart Tournament
This Wednesday December 27 will be the 19th annual WDNL mixed fun dart tournament at the Tartan Pub. This tournament has been going on since 1988 when we decided to have a unofficial dart night because some people could not attend the regular league because of the holidays. The tradition has continued. Everyone is invited to attend this fun evening of music and darts. The evening usually kicks off with a supper at the bring your own wine Coin D'Asie (the old Two Mountains restaurant) at around 5:30pm then we head off to the TP to start at 7:30ish. Entry fee is $6. See you there! - Update - Results - Paddy Dore and Paul Goyetche defeated Casey and Stan Rose in the final. Thanks to all who attended.

For all you people who were dreaming of a White Christmas, it came a day late. Check out my picture of the month by clicking on the POM logo above.

Need a Break From the Christmas Rush?
Help Santa drink his eggnog. Click on the link and use your arrow keys to get Santa drunk. The link is now working
Don't touch the train track! Oh what the hay touch the track it is hilarious! Santa's Eggnog Hunt. My score was 1004.

New Two Mountains Landmark is Raised
Holy Family Church will now stand a little higher in the community as the new steeple was raised this week. The old wooden one had been down for some time as it became dangerous to its surroundings. The new one is metal and much taller than its predecessor. How can HF afford such a prominent structure you ask? Technology is the answer. Rogers Telecommunications is behind the whole project as this mast will not only contain a new set of speakers for the church bell sounds (bells are a maintenance nightmare and expensive) but will hold many antennae for the cellular network. Since church steeple are among the highest structures in smaller towns across Canada, it's not uncommon to see telecom equipment on existing steeple. The equipment on the church steeple in St-Eustache is not noticeable at a quick glance but take a look at this picture. If you click the picture on the right, you will notice another strange thing. Green grass on December 15th. Yes, people were playing golf yesterday as the temperature reach 13 degrees Celsius. It might be a green Christmas once again like 1979. It is certainly a green Christmas for the snow removal contractors. It sure is hard getting into the Christmas spirit. Tree vendors still have lot's of trees when usually they run out on the weekend before. The original forecast for Sunday was 13. It's now at 9. You can see the latest one by clicking on the Environment Canada logo at the top right.

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