Archived News - January 2003 - March 2003

Wider Cup 2003 Dates Confirmed 15-03-2003
Canada will once again host the second annual Wider Cup. This year's the battle will be held on Friday August 15, 2003. There will also be an individual tournament on the Saturday. Although not official yet, the Friday venue will probably be the same as last year. The Saturday location will be announced after the golf season opens. Stay tuned......

Dance Saint-Patrick's Weekend Under Way 13-03-2003
The wait is over! St-Patrick's weekend is here at last. The weatherman seems to be in agreement this year. Although the revised forecast does not look as good as it did. Click Here for the weather.
See you at the Legion on Saturday night and in the parades on Sunday and Monday. Monday will also mark the end of an active year for the Queen and King of 2002. Wait to see who gets to carry the torch this year.

I Need Cruise News 07-03-2003
Anyone reading this that went on the LTM Class of 73 Reunion Cruise. Please e-mail with details and/or a story and pictures. Mal me at Yahoo or Sympatico.

March Madness 07-03-2003
No, I am not talking the Final Four . I am talking about the annual slew of parties and excursions that seem to start now and don't seem to end. Here is the upcoming social calendar.

  • Sunday March 9 - Mass of Anticipation - St-Gabriel's in the Pointe.
  • Saturday March 15 - Two Options - Legion Branch 185 St-Patricks dance (after potato pancakes) or  Know Your Enemies - The choice depend on which Fitz you are. ps. The Legion Link points to another Legion Branch 185.
  • Sunday March 16 - Parade Saint-Patrick's Day Parade - Montreal
  • Monday March 17 - The real thing in Two Mountains (almost) 
  • Friday March 21 - 30th Annual Boston Hockey Trip (see below)
  • Monday March 24 - Vacation day for me
  • Friday March 28 - LTHC Year-end Banquet (Tartan Pub)
  • Monday March 31 - Monday night Year-end Banquet (Arena Deux-Montagnes)
  • Friday April 4 - Last Friday Game (Boston people arrive)
  • Saturday April 5 - 7th Annual LTHC Invitational Hockey Tournament
  • Saturday April 12 - WDNL Finals and Banquet
  • Friday April 18 - TGIGF - Thank God It's Good Friday
  • Every Wednesday until April 9 - Dart finals
The one thing I am thankful for is that none of the above events include the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

I Finally Gave In 27-02-2003
After many years of answering the question how come you don't have a PC at home? I finally caved in and bought a computer for my own personal use. I had a work computer to provide support but it was old and slow and useless. A couple of weeks ago, I got on the website and configured myself a nifty little package in order to experience the latest in technological wonders: Windows XP. I will pass my judgement in a few weeks about XP.
The main reason I bought the machine was for video editing. Gone are the days of two VCR's and pause/re
cord/play. I used to spend countless hours with remotes in hand and trying to do things just right. I have only worked a couple of days trying to familiarize myself with all the tools. It will be a long time before I put out any decent productions. Good news Vicki , I will be an expert by the wedding.
I will try to post some of my multimedia experiences on this site but the size of these files will use up my Yahoo web space quickly.

Glory Days of Boston Trip Returning 27-02-2003
The LTHC (Laval Teachers Hockey Club) is heading down to Boston for its 29th or 30th Annual North American Cup. Some say this will be the final journey to Boston although this has been said many times before. Why then are we talking glory days? Because about 6 years ago, our flailing Looney was not going very far and we had to cut the trip down to one night.
This year, we are back to the glory days for the following reasons (not in order of importance):
  • Reason 1 - No women are coming - Some of the wives and girl friends came to celebrate our 25th year but they just wanted to see what we had been doing for the last 24 years. Some did not even believe that we played hockey. Problem was that they kept coming after that. Problem now solved.
  • Reason - 2 - Two nights in Boston - Our new 'money saving' schedule of leaving at 4:00am on Saturday morning to save on the bus and hotel is over. We are departing at noon on Friday and checking in (drunk) at around 5:30 at a hotel we haven't been to a many years.
  • Reason 3 - The 57 Hotel - Thank 9/11 for this one, this hotel is now affordable again which brings on reason 4
  • Reason 4 - The Tam or Clam - The best damn bar in Boston.
  • Reason 5 - Mel Stiller - The Piano Man. Still playing every Friday at Jacob Wirth Restaurant. - Please don't wear your LTHC jacket.
  • Reason 6 - Beer on the Bus - Need I say more. We finally don't have to play hockey just after getting off the bus.
  • Reason 7 - The Plough & Stars - Bag Boys - Bag Boys
  • Reason 8 - Did I mention no women?
  • Reason 9 - The bus leaves the Two Mountains Arena
  • Reason 10 - The Looney is worth over  68 cents.
  • Reason 11 - Horse Races..... 
  • Reason 12 - Mike's making a comeback.
  • Reason 13 - The Dockside has our picture hung on the wall
  • Reason 14 - We are not looking for players this year. We are looking for fans, drinking buddies and guys that can pick us up out of the gutter.
So if you need a weekend away for around $325 cdn, join us and the price will go down. Not if your a woman though.

Sorry I forgot to mention when. The bus leaves ToMo Friday March 21st at noon and departs Boston around 4:00pm Sunday the 23rd.

Need a Good Bath? - Click Here

Goyetche Family Website Wins Two Awards 11-02-2003
Darryl Goyetche of St-John NB, has been interested in the Goyetche family, especially his own, and he has put together quite an impressive web site. The web site recently received a genealogy excellence award from They Live Again and an excellence in genealogy award presented by Whispers From The Past. 'The awards are now proudly displayed on the site's home page. This can be accessed by clicking the Goyetche coat of arms on the top.

My web site is also up for an award from the PCPWBA (Plagiarized by Cut and Paste Web Builders Association). It is among about 4000 entries in the running just on Wish me luck.


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