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Archived News - April 2002 - December 2002

The Bucs don't stop here - 28-01-2003
They did it!! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got their Super Bowl Championship rings. Poor Oakland Raiders getting trounced by one of their ex's. It was an entertaining game and there must have been many people who thought they had won the 'squares' pool at 1-1 until the Bucs scored again late. All I have to say is there is no HDTV broadcast clear enough for Shania, but Shania, lose the gloves.
 Hats off to ABC (and ExpressVu for carrying it) for the first real HDTV broadcast of the Super Bowl. Almost all cameras were HD including the replay camera's AND the sound was in AC-3 (Dolby Digital 5.1). This game itself doesn't really require 5.1 sound although you really only heard the crowd in the back speakers. This year, the movie industry must have known that many people were watching in full surround. The trailers for movie such as T3, Charlie's Angels 2 and the new Matrix to name a few, really took advantage of the HD and 5.1 technology and kicked butt. They also probably boosted the db's to add to the punch. 
As far as the ads were concerned, they were not exceptional as they have been in the past years. Check out Pat Hickey's column in the Tuesday's Gazette. He doesn't mention the movie trailers, so he must have watching on regular TV. He's right about the Jackie Chan ads. They were lame. The Bud Lite adds were ok but I miss the Bud Bowl.
Anyway, the next big HDTV event is the Masters (April 10-13) and we won't be watching that for the ads.

ELS does it again. 20-01-2003
It's way too early to tell, but while the Tiger is hibernating, the big easy money is adding up. Don't get better Tiger. Speaking of animals. I guess Eagles aren't very good at catching balls and how bout that wimpy QB who finally removed his fruity gloves to throw some better passes, all in vain since they kept dropping them. Go Tampa Bay!!!
As predicted the hockey pool was won on the weekend by Dallas and Philly. Columbus busted by one, sorry Stan and Washington fizzled after their 12 goal game. Click on the right for all the details.

LTM Logo 50th Anniversary at LTM May Not be Big Bash After All 12-12-2002
Here is the latest news on the 50th. This is an extract from a letter I received from Fran:

The LTM PPO (Parent Participation Organization) was approached regarding a 50th anniversary party for LTM.
It will be on a very small scale, just an afternoon get together thing, leading into a spaghetti dinner/dance at night, sometime in May or June. We're looking for people to help organize. Like I said, small scale...just a chance to commemorate 50 years of the school.

What do mean small scale? The PPO (Party Pooper Oldtimers) may want something small, but some of us like BIG. (See LTM Cruise below). I say we do something better than what they are planning. How about spaghetti AND meatballs? Now that would knock the socks of the PPO, maybe even a 'big salad'. Big LTMHS 50th Anniversary Bash in May 2003 06-12-2002
I heard a rumour last night that a huge 50th anniversary bash was being planned for the last weekend in May of 2003. Stay tuned here for details and links to official bash websites

S.O.M.D. Grey Cup Almost a Bust 04-11-2002
The captainship combo of Paddy and Jamie strikes again. A controversial last minute trade may have been all that was needed to tip the scales in the favour of the Red team. Although the final score was 27-18 for the Red team, the game was never really in question. For more click on the right. 

6th Annual Thanksgiving Team Skins Game 15-10-2002
Mother Nature dealt us another fine day for the year's event. Although the thermometer barely reached 7 degrees Celcius, the sun did its part to keep us warm. 20 players braved the cold and scored some decent scores. From a 77, by Mike O. Clary, our most mature golfer scored a respectable 98. Paul G and Mike McK. got closest to the pin prizes. A complete score list and skins list will be posted shortly.
Foursome defends Tartan Fall Classic Title 03-09-2002
The foursome of Paul, Stan, Rob and Ron successfully defended their 2001 title by fighting back on the back nine of the Patriotes golf course to shoot a 7 under 29. After a disappointing -2 on the front nine partly due to a bogie on the 6th hole, the defending champions fought back to birdie 7 of the last 9 holes to squeeze Team Gorilla out of the championship. Team Gorilla, Mike, Don, Dale and Brad 3 putted # 16 to drop the shot that cost earned them 2nd place. For for info, click on the Tartan link on the right.

Controversy at the 2002 Wider Cup 19-08-2002
On Friday August 16, 2002, Team Canada hosted Team USA in a pre-nuptial golf challenge. The result was a close fought and controversial 7-7 tie. Why controversial? Because there was some question about a ruling in which, contrary to the USGA rule of a ball coming to rest at the bottom of the cup, the RCGA rules simply states that the ball must enter the hole.
A complete report of the tournament will be available shortly on the right.

Chapeau loses beloved son. 04-08-2002
This was the front page headline on Friday's Pembroke Observer as a whole community mourned the sudden passing of Rollie Meilleur at the young age of 48. The Chapeau Hotel, (Fred's) will never be the same without Rollie's watchful eye,  thoughtful conversations and always cheerful reception. The whole town stopped to pay respect to Rollie on the weekend.  Happy Trails Rollie........ 

LTM '73 30th Cruise August 1st deadline for booking. 24-07-2002
This is your last chance to get on board at the special rates that we have arranged for this reunion cruise. The deadline for booking your cabin is August 1st. After that you MAY be able to still get in on this same cruise, but not at this same special low rate. Click over there >>> for more info.

After twenty games, I finally break 80 in 2002 25-06-2002
On Sunday June 23, at the Golf Quatres Domaines #2, I finally managed to get into the seventies for the first time in 2002. My very first experience on the newer of the 2 courses was very good despite having to stop for 45 minutes in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. The people at 4Domaines have forgotten to build storm shelters on their course, so we (Bert, Stan, and I) literally spent 45 minutes exposed to the mercy of the worst storm to hit us in a few years. Despite drenched clubs and clothing we persevered and finished our round. Check out the scorecard clicking here. When I break 80, I really break 80. It ties my best round at Bluff Point in August 98. The only thing in common: Stan was a witness to both rounds. I should play with him more often.

LTM '73 30th Cruise (February 2003).
Kevin Deschamps has been hard at work with travel agents preparing the 30th Class of 73 reunion cruise. An information session has been set up for Wednesday April 17, 2002 at the senior men's club (the old Masonic Temple on Cedar). Please click  here or on the right for more info and please come back here to stay posted on the progress of the major event of 2003.

LTHC backs into 3rd Invitational Hockey Title 
The Laval Teachers Hockey Club grabbed their 3 title On Saturday April 13, 2002 by squeezing by Two Mountains 2-1 in the opening game, tying Chapeau 2-2 in their second game and beating the Boston team 4-1 in the closer. Chapeau needed to beat Two Mountains by 4 goals in order to capture their fourth title. Those plans were twarthed by an outstanding game by goalie Mark Thivierge and a late third period goal by Peter Fogg as he scored with 5 seconds left to keep Chapeau's point spread to only 2 goals. This gave LTHC the advantage by one goal and propelled them to their second victory in as many years. More info will be available soon on the link on the right side of this page.

Golf season officially open
On Sunday April 7, 2002, the golf season was officially opened by myself, Serpant and Rubber Boot. Believe it or not, Serpant convinced us to grab our clubs and head off to the UFO (Duvernay) golf club for a 11:08 starting time. After paying a hefty $36.00 green fee, yes $36, we managed to play on a course with unbelievable conditions for this time of year and weather was really very good. My game started well but reality quickly set in with a quintuple bogey - triple bogey finish to the front nine. All and all the $36 was well worth it for a early start.
Tartan Pub Spring Tournament is scheduled for May 19, 2002.