July - September 2005

Want to Learn More About Some of the Candidates in the 2MO Election?
As you know, the big election is coming up on November 6th. Two Mountains will get a new mayor as Benoit has retired. Stephane Plante is running for mayor and he is presenting 3 brand new aspiring councilors to run on his slate. Two of these three candidates are women which has not been common in Two Mountains politics. To read more about the new candidates simply click here and stay posted for more news from the campaign.  

Summer Is Over? Tuesday September 6, 2005
All the signs are there. The first big traffic day in 2 months (thank God I am taking the train). Canadian Idol has only a week left. Friday hockey starts this week. Touch football starts Saturday. Monday hockey starts Monday. Summer, as we know it, is done. There is actually 16 days left but boy this one went fast. It seems I was taking out the lawn furniture not that long ago. Anyway the weather is supposed to be good until late October because of global warning or El Niņo. If you are playing hockey on Monday or Friday go to the LTHC link. The SOMD touch football league celebrates its 40 years of existence with two of its original members still playing. Look for some special events this year to celebrate this milestone.

Sean Magill Tournament Tomorrow
On Sunday September 4th, will see the 2nd (or 3rd by some people) Annual Sean Magill Fall Classic. It's a 4 man Vegas (Best-Ball) format. Sixty golfers have signed up for this tournament which is now in it's 58th edition (since 1948). As usual, we will retreated to the Tartan Pub afterwards to celebrate and have a toast to the late Sean Magill who passed away during this tournament in 2003. Good luck to everyone and here are the teams and tee-off times and results.
On another note, the answer to what happens when your lift supposedly arrives early to pick you up for a golf game. This picture is from Friday morning on the way to Golf Montcalm. Click to enlarge.

OK, I drive in this morning and the gas is an exorbitant 104.9 a litre. Tonight on the way home it's 134.9. WTF.
So I manage to get an Esso station with gas at 'just' 115.9. I top up the gas and at every pump there is a poster of a case of 24 of Molson Dry and Budweiser and underneath in huge numbers is 15.99. I naturally go in to take advantage of this great offer only to be told that it was a case of 12 for $15.99. That's only a bargain in Newfoundland, Couche-Tard stores currently have 12 packs of Dry and Bud for $9.99. So I tell the cashier that it is false advertising since I came in just for that case. Here is her actual quote: it's not Esso that is doing false advertising, it's Molson's fault because they used a picture of a case of 24. I was so stunned by that answer that I left without saying a word. If anyone goes by the Esso on Autoroute 13 go in there. At least you will be prepared for that answer. Don't forget, the numbers underneath these posters are put in by Esso. If you have a digital camera, take a picture of the posters and price and send it to me please.

Anne-Marie Pierre Directs Her First Stage Production

Anne-Marie has opened her own production company with 2 collaborators, Sarah Accarion and Stephanie McKenna. It’s called Three Blind Mice Productions. The first play, See How They Run, will be showing at McGill University’s Players Theatre, at  3480 McTavish, from September 6th through September 11th.  It will also run the following weekend from September 16th through September 18th at Christ Church on 14th Avenue in Deux-Montagnes. Click here for a bio of the ladies behind this production company. Click the poster to enlarge.
Regular ticket prices are $20.00, Seniors (60 years old and over) and Students are $15.00, Groups of 15 or more are $13.00
. Call Pam at 450-473-8881 for tickets.

Team USA Captures Wyder Cup Sunday August 21, 2005
The USA team sneaked to victory by taking the last two points in the final pairings. The final score (25-23) has allowed the Boston Boys to put the last jewel in the Boston/LTHC Triple Crown. After defeating us in hockey at the North American Cup in March and our LTHC Invitational Tournament, they now own all the bragging rights including the World Series and the Super Bowl. The USA ladies got their Wyder cup by defeating the Canadians 295 to 307. The weather somewhat co-operated on both days although the umbrellas had to be used a few times.

You can view the picture above and the one on the right by clicking on it as usual and you can see the slide show on the Wyder Cup link on the left. Click the picture on the right

On the right is what I came home to on Thursday night . I'll explain now. The city was flushing out the fire hydrants in the area because I had complained that my water was yellowish. After they flush the water out, I was supposed to leave my water running to flush out the water in our pipes. Sometimes I come home and pour my a glass of water without turning on the lights. Fortunately, it wasn't one of those nights. You should have seen what was left in the sink when I drained it.

Team Canada Now Complete and match ups are announced Thursday August 18, 2005
A last minute addition to the team has been announced. Robert Raymond (or Bobby Ray) will be playing on Saturday, replacing Ron F who cannot play that day. Mimi will be joining the  ladies team as both teams are now finalized with 10 a side after a few had to be sent to the dark side in order to play 10 on 10. This happens to be Bob and Mimi's first wedding anniversary which is appropriate as this tournament was started 3 years ago at the Adryth / Wobbit Wall Wedding, the start of A WWW 3. The Team Canada match ups will probably be finalized some time during heavy discussions at the Tartan Pub on Thursday evening. Stay tuned to the Wyder link. Welcome Bob and Mimi.
After this weekend, I promise to have some news on other events going on in 2mo. Like the Production Company that Anne-Marie Pierre has started and the plays that will be performed in Montreal and Two Mountains.

Team U.S.A Announces Final Wider % Line Up Monday August 16, 2005
Captain Wobbit has finalized his team for the 4th annual Wyder Cup to be held at the Victorien and St Andrews East golf Course. Captain Paul will follow shortly has he still has a few last minute shuffles to be done. Each team conprises of 20 players although team Canada currently has 20.5 players as Ron Fitz will only be able to play Friday. Click on the Wyder link for more info.

Captains Announce Preliminary Wyder Cup Teams Monday August 8, 2005
Only 10 days remain until we tee-off in the 4th annual Wyder Cup. Captain Wobbit has announced his team and Captain me is ready to counter attack with my team. Last year, the teams consisted of 22 players each, however this year the teams have been reduced to 20 players a side. This was due to the salary cap imposed by the WCA president. Since we have reduced the numbers, we have very little room for rookies this year. On the other hand, the women's Wyder seems to be expanding and they will be assigned their own golf course on Saturday where they will be allowed to play at their own pace. A practice round at St-Andrew's is being held on Friday August 12 at 9:00am. Click on the Wyder link on the left for more about the practice round and the teams for 2005.

Café Lola Opens Its Doors Friday August 5th Thursday August 4, 2005

Two Mountains' newest venture opens its doors tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Café Lola, a partnership of Cathy Rickert and Kate Baldwin, will start serving up coffee and pastries in the former florist shop at 1300 Oka Road. Remember the Rose Bowl. The all new decor is very appealing and you will be able to enjoy fine coffees and various other indulgences that you can eat there or bring home or the office to share.

The summer hours will be from 6:30am to 8:30pm, 7 days a week with a later closing on Friday's and Saturdays. Apart from freshly baked goods, light lunches will be served daily.
Click on the sign for pictures of the opening and the proud entrepreneurs who got this all started. Good luck Cath and Kate. Check them out. You won't regret it. 


Mike Fitzmorris' Stag Saturday July 30, 2005
  Let the pictures tell the story.

New Candidate for Mayor of Two-Mountains Wednesday July 27, 2005
On July 27th, Stephane Plante announced his candidacy for mayor as Benoit Forget hangs up his skates as mayor of our fine city in November of 2005.Until Friday July 22, Stephane has been working at the city in various functions and is very familiar with the activities and developments in
Two Mountains. Of course, the 41 year old candidate had to quit his job to run for this position. Daniel Boivin was originally supposed to run for this position but, following advice from his doctor, will be resigning from politics in November.

The press conference was held at the Senior's Men's club with about 75 people attending. Daniel first announced his withdrawal from the race, which had been reported in the local papers earlier and presented Stephane. Stephane expressed his enthusiasm at taking on this new challenge. He addressed the people in French and English and articulated his intentions very well. The rest of the candidates for city councillors for the Citizen's party have been chosen but will only be announced in August as the campaign starts in earnest. As usual, click on the picture for pictures. I will try to keep abreast of the race and will be posting developments and obviously results come November.    

Wallpapers Wednesday July 20, 2005
Sorry I haven't had much time to update the site. I have been busy catching up on things. My slide show of NFLD isn't ready yet but I have a new wallpaper page that you might like. There is a link on top but you can click here.

Back from Grand Falls-Windsor Centennial Celebrations -  Wednesday July 20, 2005
As most of you know, I just returned from a last-minute vacation to my wife's birth place in Newfoundland. The town was rocking as it was celebrating its 100th anniversary, as well as renaming its art and culture centre to the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts
in honour of his 75th birthday. Top that with the 21st Annual Salmon Festival and the countless school and family reunions going on in Grand Falls and you've got yourself a party. One of the highlights of the vacation was meeting the Canadian legend in the picture, Gordon Pinsent the day after his birthday. The Rowdy Man had just spent 4 days at various suppers and events that Grand Falls was putting on for their native son. Another highlight, other than meeting tons of people that I am associated to by marriage, was the Friday concert featuring the Stampeders. Yes, you read right. The Sweet City Woman band from my high school daze. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as it should have been so the Splash 2005 concert featuring the Tragically Hip was appropriately named as it rained on the Saturday of the outdoor concert.     

I'm Back -  Wednesday July 20, 2005
We just got back from an impromptu vacation
in Newfoundland which explains the 10 day gap in updating my website. Unfortunately, I have to return to work this morning but I am planning a big update tonight. I will have some pictures of the rock and it's people, yesterday's hot dog tournament, Wyder Cup news and more. Come back for a visit later and you will finally see some action on my site. I have to catch up on the news around here although other than the heat I don't think anything much happened.  

5th Annual Kalina Mitchell Tournament Sunday July 10,2005

The weather didn't co-operate yesterday as 72 golfers set out to raise funds for the Montreal's Children Hospital Oncology/Hematology unit. The final total is not in yet but in the last five years, the total is close (or over) to $25,000. It was raining too much to take out my camera but I have a picture of the two winners and some of the people enjoying the 'apres' golf.

More Canada Day Pictures Sunday July 10,2005
Fran Harris sent me some pictures of people attending the Canada day festivities at LTM. Click on the thumbnail to see it larger. From now on, I will be using more thumbnail pictures on my first because people without high speed internet access, although generally patient people (as they have to be), are experiencing too load times. So when you see little pictures like the one on the left, you will have to click to see them in their full glory. This will also allow me to post bigger pictures when need be. Sometimes, I will even have surprises when you click. Also from now on, I will no longer write instructions about clicking on things. Everyone that is familiar with my website knows that it's clickylicious. Someone asked me to put this link back on. Press the red button when it appears.


Alouettes Squeeze By Eskimos Friday July 8,2005
I don't usually report sports stories that aren't related to 2mo but I was at the game.

Although the Als offence was very erratic they squeezed by with a 48 yard field goal with 0.2 seconds left on the clock to win 32-29. Ezra Landry was the star (and almost the goat) with a couple of touchdowns including a 125 yards kickoff runback (an Als record). The amazing thing is that he is listed at 5'4", 160 lbs. I took the picture of him during warm up. There must be some good pictures somewhere of big guys chasing down the field.

My 10,000 Visit Has Arrived Friday July 8,2005
No one has yet claimed the prize yet, but an investigation is under way to see why the number climbed so fast in the last minutes before the milestone. Meanwhile the 1000th visitor prize is there to be viewed.




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