Two Mountains - Guess Who 2
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Jo-Ann Hall (coach) Brenda Watkins ? LoriAnn Johnstone Lorraine Allen Lynn Normoyle Girl 10 Louise Foisy (coach) Betty Ann Hynes Darlene Normoyle or Patricia Purcell Carolyn Smith Tricia Riddle Deidre Getty Danny McCarthy
                                                                                                                                            Picture courtesy of Jo-Ann Hall

Can you name the people in this picture? Hint: It was taken at Olympia Park circa 1975. If so, click on the person you can identify and I will post the results below. Put your cursor over the person to see if she's been identified. A question mark means not sure.

 Back row - Jo-Ann Hall (coach), Brendan Watkins, LoriAnn Johnstone***, Lorraine Allen?**, Lynn Normoyle, Girl 10, Louise Foisy (coach)
 Front row - Betty Ann Hynes, Patricia Purcell**, Carolyn Smith***, Tricia Riddle, Deirdre Getty**
Bonus - the kid on the bike (Danny McCarthy)

*Betty Ann Hynes is a guess from Rick Fougere confirmed by Fran
Tricia Riddle confirmed by Tricia (Riddle) Salburg
**Melanie Hutchison confirmed Patricia and Deirdre (Other two ? need to be confirmed)
Lynn Normoyle confirmed by Lynn Rosenzweig (Normoyle)
*** Identified by Carolyn (Smith) Mackesy

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