Two Mountains - Guess Who 3


1- Debbie Cochelin (Walker)  2-Nancy Snell 3-Nancy Houston  4-Cynthia Bahen 5-Cathy Coleman 6-Joanie? 7-Arlene Carson (Jennifer Johnson?) 8-Louise Cloutier 9 10-Claudia Bambrick (Theresa Barth?) 11-Jo-Ann Hall 12-Pat Ansell 13-Lorraine Watkins 14-Dale McQuaig
15 16 17-Carol Aubert 18 19-Rosy Schreiner 20-Gail Duff 21-Connie Basan? 22 23-Karen Cosgrove 24-Kathleen Heffman 25-Diana Avon 26 27-Lorraine McLeod 28-Patty Laverty
29-Dorothy Schmidt 30 31-Cathy Reid 32-Janet Niven 33 34-Elaine Burke 35 36-Linda Getty? Goyer 37 38 39-Tina Ercolanese 40-Bronwyn Rice
41-Louise Foisy 42 43 44 45 46 - Celine Sauvé 47-Linda Getty 48 Carol Rasmussen

Linda Getty is there twice 36 and 47 which one is it?

Click here to send your guesses. For this one, I don't' want I think girl 5 is _____
Although there is a ? following name if not quite sure
Jo-Ann hall identified 17 of these.
Brian Snell guessed 46 and 48

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