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Ladies Wyder - Saturday tee-off at Deux-Montagnes
Ladies who are playing 18 holes will tee-off at 10:52 and 11:00am
those playing only 9 holes will tee-off just after the men at around 1:00pm
Supper will be served at the Golf Deux-Montagnes Clubhouse and will be cocktail style*
* Pasta Bar, Deli Corner, Sushi Bar, Dessert Table

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Wyder Cup Men's Competition

Tee-off times start at 6:54am on Friday August 15 at le Cardinal
Tee-off times for Saturday start 11:08 at Deux-Montagnes

Due to the lower number of 'real' Americans available this year
and the result of the last year's landslide victory, Uncle Bob Cole (and Wobbit)
may want you to cross over to the other side.

"We need good healthy low-handicappers to come and join US
to compete against the mighty Canucks.

Than you Volunteers

The line-up will appear shortly


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Pre-Irish round
Monday June 16th - Golf Deux-Montagnes

8:52 Paul Goyetche Mike McKeown Gary Nixon ??  
9:00 Robert Wall Ron Rose Dave Pendergast Frank Hutchison  
9:08 Fred Wall Maurice Beaudin Ron Fitzmorris Rick Hoger  
9:16 Fran Wall Fred Beaudoin Earl Macdonald Bill Gill  
9:24 Bob Coll Stan Rose Eddy Macdonald Glenn Hogan