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I Make it to the Tartan Despite Year's First Major Snowstorm (Friday Dec. 10, 2004)

Saturday Morning December 11

It's Back to 11-12-2004

Things seem to be ironed out finally with my web site. I now own both domains and for a year now but I will let the expire in a year. If you type either one in the next year it will work. I don't recommend registerfly (my host) as they never return any e-mails sent to their support staff. They're cheap and that's it. I will give them a chance for a while (I have a three months pre-paid) so we will see.

One of the features of my redesign is supposed to be easy navigation. You will notice that the top banner has many 'hot points'. For example, if you click on the Deux-Montagnes logo on top you will be directed to the official Two Mountains web site. I will be sneaking these hot points in some pictures as surprises. The way to find out is to move your mouse over a picture and see if your pointer turns into a hand. Sometimes the whole picture is a link but sometimes it is only certain portions. The crest on my LTHC page is an example. Also check out my Tartan page for an recent update and redesign.

The Saga of my New Website. 09-12-2004 10:00pm

If you are reading this, it might be good news. If you got in by typing, you are one of the lucky few people in this area (Montreal) that can access my home page. You will then notice that my banner page says This is my new name because I suspect that some of the routers in our area are having a hard time dealing with a domain name that starts with a number. This is just my theory.

My new hosts at say that it is probably my ISP (Internet Service Provider), sympatico but the problem was also at work and my website wasn't available through Videotron. Everybody was pointing at everybody else. So I went back in to register a second domain name in case the number theory was correct. I now have two domains that point to the same pages. Since 2mopaul has given so much trouble I have decided to drop it and use from now on. I am almost at the end of my patience and close to saying that I will continue to use Yahoo and Sympatico and live with the limited space and bandwidth. Hope everything is solved soon cause I'm going out of my mind.

Still Working on the Broken Links

Hi, I hope you enjoy the new format. I am still tweaking it somewhat. The right margin should be fixed so let me know if you still have to scroll sideways. If you are using 800X600 resolution, I can't help you. Change your resolution to 1024X768 which is used by 72% of my visitors. If the writing is too small for you at a higher resolution, go to Dollarama and buy reading glasses. ($1.15 with tax). There may be a few problems with older links but in the next few days, I will be redesigning some pages for easier navigation.

Welcome to my New Look 06-12-2004

I finally gave in and bought by own domain name ( and I am paying a monthly fee to have my website hosted. What does this mean to you, my avid readers? Firstly it means no pop-up ads. Secondly I have 50 times more space. This means that I will be able to post more pictures of the activities around Two Mountains. Thirdly, the download limit is very high, so you won't get the message to try later as you probably got in my geocities page.

The other improvements will gradually show up as I have just started to use Microsoft FrontPage. That's why you see the push buttons now. I have only had about 4 hours to fool around with FP but it looks like it will be a lot better than using Netscape Composer. The manual has 1196 pages, so it may take me a while to learn it well.

Now, all I have to do is work on content. Be patient and soon it will get much better. Some links may not work and I am restructuring daily.

The LTM May 2005 Reunion Committee Officially Formed 30-11-2004
Here is the Executive Committee for the Reunion:
President:  Glenn Story
Treasurer:  Sue Spencer
Co-Treasurer:  Jenny Lewis
Acitivities Coordinator:  Harvey Mapleston
Media/Publicity Coordinator - Jeannette Shadwell
Grad Year Coordinator - Fran Gallotti
Head Coordinator/Secretary - Paula Kay

We're BACK!!

Back from a week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

All was great, weather, golf, ocean, parasailing and sunsets.Nuevo

More news later. Click on the picture it bigger and to see a couple more with descriptions.




LTMHS Reunion Planned for Victoria Day Weekend 09-11-2004
I just heard wind of an all grads LTM reunion planned for May 20-23, 2005. This comes out of the LTMHS Alumni group (on Yahoo).  It has nothing to do with me although I told them that I would keep everybody informed. The official announcement can be found here. You have to sign up to yahoo.groups to see the info on the LTMHS group.
When we did this for the class of 73 in 1998, we started meetings almost 2 years before. Hopefully the age of the internet will cut down that time because May comes very fast. Stay tuned here if you don't have access to yahoo.groups and if you don't have access to the internet, how come you are reading this?

SOMD Grey Cup - Whites win 13-7  Pictures here
It was the 40th annual Grey Cup for the SOMD touch football league. The day was great although the weather could have been a little better. Sorry I don't have time to write much but the 32 pictures tell 32,000 words.

It's is Now Official - Bus leaves Tartan at 9:00am05-11-2004
Everything is NOW confirmed! Here is the agenda for SOMD Grey Cup Day tomorrow. The bus will leave the Tartan Pub at 9:00am sharp to go to the Douze (Cournoyer's) for breakfast. It will then leave so that we may arrive at Molson Stadium for our 11:00am game. We have access to the showers in the dressing room, therefore you won't have to stink all day. At around 2:00pm we will head to Pointe Ste-Charles for our day of libation. There will be a trip back to Two-Mountains around 6 or 7 depending on the activities and some of us will continue the festivities in the downtown area. Possible targets of mayhem: Diana Bar, Hurley's, Cock and Bull. The bus will then retrieve us once again around midnight or when somebody cries 'uncle'.
All this for a mere $20 plus paying off last week's beer bill from my house. Please do NOT take your car to the Tartan on Saturday morning as you will not be in any shape to return to it on Saturday evening. Get a lift to the Tartan, even you Gary Mac. Also, if you want to join us as a spectator, you may. The bus will be a little cheaper for everyone. We are trying to fill Molson Stadium. Right now, we are trying fill 22,997 seats.
Since our communication channels have been questionable in the past, could you please let anyone know what's going on. Someone please tell Rollie.

SOMD Grey Cup to Be Played at Molson Stadium 03-11-2004
It is confirmed, this Saturday's SOMD Grey Cup will be played at Percival Molson Stadium at 11:00am. The game has not been played there since the Alouettes have made it their home. This 40th annual Grey Cup will be extra special and it will be televised, albeit on time-delay and only on one screen (at the Barserie Capri in Pointe-St-Charles).
Arrangements are now being made for a bus to transport players worry free. If only we could get everyone to pay for last week's beer, we will be able to afford the whole thing.

The Teams:
Glen Morris (Captain)
Dale Rose (Captain)
Brendan Brooks (Tenille)
Gary Nixon (Tenille)
Mark Larose
Stan Rose
Mark Thivierge
Bill Morris
Rollie Fiset
Gary Macmillan
Earl Macdonald
Paul Goyetche
Ray Lapointe
Bob Raymond
Ron Fitzmorris
Les Brault
Paddy Dore
Kevin Goyetche
Charles Daneault
Jamie Gibson

 Stay tuned
Tartan Gang On The Road 23-10-2004
Friday evening, the Tartan Pub sponsored a bus for 30 of its patrons for a road trip to go see Brad Denis of the Verdun Dragons fight it out with the Laval Chiefs at the Bell Centre (instead of the usual Verdun Auditorium). Unfortunately, the coach made a bad decision of not dressing Brad for the game. To put it midly, the decision was not taken very well by Brad. Needless to say, we quickly lost interest in the game. According to the coach, this game was going to be different. That, it was. With only 19:53 left in the first period. Yes 7 seconds into the period. The clock had stopped 5 times for 5 separate fights. The first two fights were entertaining but it soon became a joke. With 10 'men' in the penalty box the game went.
Then it dawned on us that instead of watching this boxing match without Brad and paying $8.75 for a
Pictures12 ounce beer at the Bell Centre, we could be paying $8.00 for a REAL beer in a downtown bar. Assured by a safe ride home on the bus at 11:00, we headed off to Hurley's Irish Pub where Bill (Hurley) himself greeted us with a smile. In case you don't know, Bill is another Two Mo native who has made it big in the world. For the next two hours, we had a grand time with the Guiness flowing 'freely' and the Irish band playing some of our favorite tunes. We felt like WE 'could walk 500 miles' instead of taking the bus home. But we did take the bus home (to the Tartan) and continued the party there. It was quite the evening and yes Chris Smith, there are pictures (15 in all). Click on the picture for more pictures. Thanks to the Tartan for providing the bus and thanks to the coach for benching Brad so that we could enjoy an 'alternate' evening without paying $8.75 a GD domestic beer. Also, kudo's to the people who managed to sneak in various beverages into the Bell Centre without the advantage of the customary winter apparel. $8,75 a beer, Garold don't get any crazy ideas. And, sorry Gary Mac for the lack of communication on our Bell Centre escape. Click on the picture for the slide show.


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