Gone but not forgotten........
Alan Olney, Alan Poplett, Allan Fraser, Alen Campbell,

 Al Kieran, Andy Sharpe, Annette and Don Greet, Ann Klimas,

Armand Laderoute, Arnold Leblanc, Barbara Bedard, Barbara Grant,

Barry Greenberg, Barry Lees, Barry Williams, Betty Sheppard,

Bill (Bird) Goyer, Bill Coleman, Billy Gaffney, Billy Lacombe,

Bob Ward, Bob Wilkinson, Bobby Bambrick, Bonnie Smith,

Bonnie (Bird) Truman, Brenda LaMarquand Monahan,

Brian Greenlees, Brian Powell, Cameron Cook, Cappy McKnight

Carlo DiDonato, Carmel Cosgrove, Carol Brown, Carol Paquette,

  Carolyn Mills, Cathy Geary, Charlie Cosgrove, Charlie Osborne,

Charlie Roy, Chris (Henry) Robinson, Chuck, Clarence Potter,

Claude Delisle, Cliff Beaven, Cyril Smith, Dan Bentley

Daphne Roseby, Dave Bresee,  Dave "Animal" Gallaher

 Dave Harding, Dave Norris, David Saliba,

 David Waddilove, Deirdre Martin, Denis Charbonneau,

Denis Skrastins, Diane Kit Prickett, Diane Smith,

 Donald Brown, Don Brydges, Donald Heron, Don Snell Sr., Don Powers

 Dorothy Mattson, Doug Gouldson, Doug Ward, Eddy Ewenson,

Eddy Leitham, Edward Croke, Elayne Stevenson,

Ella and Rod Legault, Ed and Margaret (Beech) Watkins,

Edmond St-Laurent, Elisabeth (Miket) Phillips,

Florence Bisonnette, Elizabeth Main, siblings and Mom

Frank McKnight, Freddy Fraser, Gail Isabelle Erickson,

Gail (Lunny) Hughes, Gail Waters, Gary McCuaig, George Goyetche,

George Kalogeropulos, George Shadwell, Glen Heron,

Glenn Goyer,  Glenn Hogan, Gloria Cooke,

Gordon Cormack, Guy Deschatelets, Harry Linnington, Harry Wexler,

 Ian Trainor, Ina Van Aperloo, James Bruce Thornton, James Westcott,

Janet MartinJanet Sullivan, Janice MacHaffie, Jean Kaczkowski

Jean Veronica Baxter, Jeff Griffiths, Jessie Waldie, Jim Walsh

Jimmy Gibson, Jimmy Luther, Jimmy Graine,

Jimmy Shields, Joanne Van Tienen,

 Joey Smith, John Nicholson, John Rudzats, Johnnie Nichol

Johnny Pierre, Johnny Quesnel, John Waldie, Joy Curran,

Judy Rose, Judy Scuris-Brown, Kay Fiset, Keith (Curly) MacRae,

Ken Paulich, Kevin Cosgrove, Larry Griggs, Larry MacDonald

Lars Rowland, Laura Lea Fillion, Leigh Austin Blackman,

Leo (Lionel) Slovick, Lin Walsh, Lina Pilon, Linda (Cooke) Jarand,

Linda Mitchell, Linda White, Lois Taylor Caron

Lorna (Thornton) Goyer,  Louise Foisy Skrastins, Louise (Griffis) Lussier,

Louise McDougall, Lynn Dimitruk, Madeleine Galley,  Marcus Londei,

Mark Littzen, Mark MacDonald, Mark Rowland, Mark Tonks,

Marian Bentley, Marina Andrews, Mary Aspin Beaudoin, Mary Keery

Mary Lock, Michael Collins, Michel Dion, Mickey Lalonde

Mike Abbott, Mike Avon, Mike Dillon, Mike Launey,

Monica Mae Hughes, Monica Millaire, Monique Ethier, Nancy Scott,

 Nat Granzotto, Neil Buckley, Nelson Lavallee, Norma Barnebei DeBonis

Patrick O'Brien, Patricia LeGresley, Paul Lacourse, Peter R. Blunt

 Peter Johanson, Peter Moore, Peter Williamson, Ray Woods,

Richard Patterson, Rick Brebner,  Rick Harding, Rick Macdonald,

Ricky Finn, Ricky Hunt, Ricky McCarten, Robert Martell, Robert Sayers,

'Rocky' Holt, Rod Heinz, Roger Newell, Rollie Meilleur, Rosaire Richer,

Ron Capanna, Ron Legault, Ron Morrison, Ron Maranda, Ross Mc Quaig

Sally Warren, Sandy Allen, Sandy Gibson, Sandy Huddy,

Sandy Tomkins Johnson, Sandra Renaud,  Sandra Susan (Dyball) Newell,

Sean Magill, Shane Smith, Shirley Roy, Sonny Gleeson,

Stephen Scully, Susan Fiset, Sue Martin,

Sparkle Stevenson, Sylvia Batley, Sylvia Holt Raby, Ted Duff,

Terry Collins, Theresa Dunphy

Thomas Austin Blackman, Tina Harris, Tom Everett,

Tom Wilson, Tommy Timmons, Tony DeBonis, Wayne Gray,

Wayne Greenberg, Wayne Heavens, Wayne Lunny,

Wayne Rowland, William (Bill) Barnabei, William (Bill) Livesey,

William (Bill) MacKenzie, Winnie O'Neil


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