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Men are so loving and patient. It actually brings a tear to my eye. For all the golfers out there and their patient loving wives...

A man and his wife walked into a dentist's office. The man said to the dentist, "Doctor, I'm in one hell of a big hurry! I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf. So forget about the aesthetic and just pull the tooth and be done with it, I don't have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!"
The dentist thought to himself, "My goodness, this sure is a very brave man, asking me to pull his tooth without using anything to kill the pain." So the dentist asked him, "Which tooth is it, sir?"

The man turned to his wife and said, "Open your mouth, Honey, and show the dentist."


Stories (all true)
Below will be some golf stories and/or events going on in my world of golf.

Here is the link to a golf web site that is great for avid PGA fans. it has unbelievable content.

In these links you will find my last game played and any other games worth mentioning. The stats in each score card belong to the guy with the lowest score of the round (hopefully me). When only my name appears on a score card, it is because I don't know the people in my foursome enough to ask How many putts?
 I use Intelligolf software on (version 6.50) on my Sony Clié PDA and hot sync all games to my pc. Unfortunately, Intelligolf has gotten greedy now that's it a big company. Unless you upgrade (at a cost), their database of golf courses is no longer accessible to me. I don't need their upgrade because I don't plan to use GPS technology to tell how far I am from the pin. GPS is only accurate to 5 yards in the best of cases. Imagine being 5 yards off on every measurement on a golf course. Your GPS would soon be in the water with the balls it has made you hit there.

Another simple product and concept corrupted by money.
June 5   Mike's Hole-in-One Card - Manitou
June 4   Le diable 80
June 24 The Falcon
July 1    Atlantide
July 8    Lachute
July 19  Tartan Hot Dog
July 29  Montebello
October 4 Shawbridge (with Slide Show)
It looks like my first game of golf will May 5th - weather permitting. This will be my latest start in the last 7 years.
Here are my starting round date (excluding vacation):

May 4, 2005   (87) Quatre Domaines 2
April 19, 2004 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 20, 2003 (91) Quatre Domaines 2
April 07, 2002 (91) UFO Duvernay
April 29, 2001 (90) Glendale Elite
May 12, 2000 (83) Owl Head*
May 1, 1999   (84) Glendale Elite
April 22, 1998 (85) Cardinal

*Owl's Head - I had actually played for a week just before that in the Dom. Rep.

The Season is coming to an end (10-08-2005)
And what a season it was. I played twice this week (October 4th and 5th). Two days where the weather was perfect. The temperature was record breaking on both days (26.6Ēc) and barely any wind. No reason to shoot 87 and 88 but it really didn't matter.

My Game is South Again (08-08-2005)
Just in time for the Wyder Cup, my game has taken a turn for the worse. The New Paul is scoring in the 90's with back to back 93's at Montebello and 4 Domaines #1. Something is gone and I think I might have to phone David Leadbetter to get back on track. Now it looks like I phoned David Letterman for advice. I have 10 days to turn it around before we take on the Americans. I will update my status after the practice round on Friday.
Golf Signature goes belly up
. Read the sad news here or at the bottom of this page,
As predicted by me in June of 2004, Steve Janveau Brennan has pounded the last nail in the Golf Signature coffin. In his words; because of insurmountable financial difficulties Golf Signature will be shutting down operations on July 15, 2005 at 12:59 PM. (Why 12:59 pm? This is my question)
GS was doomed from the start as the management (Steve) did not see past the green stuff coming in. His business model was based on people NOT using his services and therefore making a handful of members enjoy the benefits of unlimited golf on a many courses. Deception, half truths, greed and broken promises all contributed to the demise of an idea that could not possibly lose money based on the success of 2004. I told him last year that his business would never survive because of his greed and impatience in trying to build up a business slowly and soundly. The quick buck and squeezing the most out of good idea killed GS. Last year's Flexigolf disaster proved just how far Steve is willing to go to make more money while completely ignoring his clientele. I am sorry for the 2005 members but that is a chance you take when dealing with people like Steve. Steve is a professional salesman. He will probably be starting something new very shortly and it might have something to do with golf since he is an avid golfer. My advice is just remember his name and stay as far away as possible from anything he is involved with.

July 1 - A new low score for the year (78), That's with a double bogey on a par 3 (4 shots from 15 feet). Atlantide greens are true and receptive but the yardage markers are all wrong, so it's hard to make some approach shots. Certainly not worth the $65 weekend fee. Our alacarte price $32.

June 21 - Came in second in the United Irish Societies benefit Golf at Bellevue on a fairly windy day. Winning score 78, my score 79.

It's going to be a busy week for me with 4 rounds of golf in 5 days:
  • Lachute #2 Monday (Wobbit comes in from Boston)
  • Bellevue Tuesday - Montreal Irish Society Tournament
  • Caughnawaga Wednesday - The Mason's Tournament
  • The Falcon Friday - Our regular weekly round

June 18 - Won my company's Vegas on June 17 with a -6 beating two teams at -5 a La Bete in Gray Rocks

June 11 - The New Paul is here to stay (hopefully). I finally broke 80. 9 gir's again. Now I gotta to work on the 85 to 115 yard shot.

June 5 - The New Paul is now playing golf. With an 80 from the blue tees at le Diable, my game has turned back around. Even with pathetic putting, I had 9 GIR's which is high for me and I missed some short putts. With 9 fairways (of 13), it helps to stay out of the waste bunkers. I am also driving about 40 yards further than I have been in the last 15 games. I am back playing decent golf. Breaking 80 is my next goal for the year.

June 2 - My Game Has Gone South. I am not posting any more games until I break 85. I have played 8 times this year and my best game is 85 and I have had two 92's. I had two 92's all of last year which was my two worst scores. Today, I may have found something I was doing wrong. We'll see on the weekend. If this continues, I might take up photography as my new hobby.

My Latest Score Card (Always available by clicking on the spinning ball at the top)

Statistics of the players I often play with can be looked at on the statistics page (Link on top of this page)


Below is the integral text of Steve's message to his members on July 15th 2005. The reason I am putting it here is that I am sure he will remove it from the web site and remove the entire web site. If you read between the lines, especially the last paragraph, you will notice that Steve was probably trying to ditch the company to unsuspecting suckers in order to get the most money possible.

Dear Golf Signature member, It is with great sorrow that I must advise you that because of insurmountable financial difficulties, Golf Signature will be shutting down operations on July 15, 2005 at 12:59 PM.

The office and Internet site will be closed and all games scheduled after this date will be cancelled.

Associate clubs have been advised and they should honour your tee times but you will be charged full price at the course as the Golf Signature agreements with the clubs have been cancelled.

We regret having to take this decision but we have tried everything to save your golf season with Golf Signature but ongoing discussions with potential buyers did not resolve the financial issues.

Regretably, Steve Janveau Brennan President